Losing Votes, Pelosi Turns On Democrats

Congressional Republicans are winning numerous procedural votes, and Nancy Pelosi is not happy about it.

The House Speaker seems to be most recently triggered by an amendment that Republicans made to a bill requiring background checks on all gun sales. Now the bill will also serve to notify ICE agents anytime an illegal alien attempts to purchase a firearm.

Pelosi was livid. In a closed door meeting she blasted Democrats for voting with Republicans in favor or the common sense legislation. 

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According to Politico Pelosi ranted that “this is not a day at the beach,” but instead, “this is the Congress of the United States.”

While Democrats tear into each other, Republican Michael McAdams had the best outlook on the situation.

“Buckle up and grab your popcorn because Democratic infighting is already reaching a breaking point and it’s only month two of Democrats’ House majority,” McAdams advised.

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