Man Runs Car Into Trump Motorcade

Less than 24 hours after a deranged liberal activist opened fire on congressional Republicans at a baseball practice session in Virginia, a driver in Washington, D.C., reportedly veered into a motorcade for President Donald Trump Wednesday, striking a Secret Service agent in the process.

Trump was on his way back to the White House from a visit to the hospital treating House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the Louisiana Republican who was critically wounded in Wednesday morning’s ballfield attack in Alexandria, Virginia.

According to CNN, the Secret Service “had blocked a street for the President’s return to the White House” when the unnamed driver attempted to enter the motorcade route despite verbal and visual commands to stop.

When one agent tried to block the vehicle’s progress into the route, the unnamed driver struck him, causing the agent to land on the hood of the driver’s Mazda SUV. Thankfully, he only suffered minor injuries.

The unidentified driver was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and failure to obey.

He was then taken to a nearby police station for processing, and it was there that he revealed that he was a driver for Uber and that “he was not paying attention to the Secret Service officer but rather ‘another vehicle,’” according to CNN.


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  • Ron C

    You will believe what CNN tells you…AT ALL TIMES! And not to worry a liberal democrat judge will sentence the unnamed man to time severed, according to an unnamed source…

    • HCUA

      He should be severed from some free time.

  • ConservativeMe

    LIBERALS are the most racist, divisive, intolerant hateful & violent people ON EARTH!…


    -violent plays depicting STABBING of a sitting potus

    -holding the bloody head of a sitting potus

    -music praising shooting a sitting potus

    – physical attacks on conservatives

    -rioting & burning cities down

    -Trump supporters dragged from the cars & beaten in broad day light

    -police officers being EXECUTED trying to protect not only the right but the left too

    And the LIBERAL msm & politicians continue to add fuel to this fire which I BELIEVE will turn into a major civil war !

    • Joan Freda

      Welcome to Dystopia……………………..

    • ward

      You are soooo right & they have proven they are bo support for hiswannabe dictatorship which has created the socialistic dem muslim party a #1 ENEMY AGAINST the US. Constitution … !

    • Mary

      But don’t you know, according to them, it is OUR fault that they act this way? We are to blame because we DARE to believe differently than they do. And, of course, THEIR way is the right way and they have to “teach” us the truth.

      • Joan Freda

        I am currently watching ‘ A Handmaids Tale’ on Hulu. It is a chilling first person narrative that parallels what is occurring today. An ominous prophesy of our future unless these left wing radicals are dealt with NOW! The young kids today will be entering a world we never knew could exist in this country.

      • Millard Huff

        Liberals it’s there way or the highway.

      • ConservativeMe


  • regulus30

    the left is fueling a civil war and it is not going to turn out well when “we the people” start returning fire. All the left wingers are making their last attempt to over throw our Constitutional Republic for some failed retro form of ANARCHY.

    • pappy450

      Lock and load…. it is not “if”, it is “when”, so be prepared. If you don’t have a GUN get one, ammo up, get PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED, head to a range, and PRACTICE!

      • regulus30

        thanks; already have done all that [ actually grew up hunting] and own many “large caliber” weapons.

        • pappy450

          Likewise…Still hunting and “target shooting” to stay in focus. Stay safe my friend!

          • regulus30

            would that be a Weatherby 450 or a Sig?

          • pappy450

            I deer hunt with a .358 Winchester. (200 grain silvertips) I carry a .45 ACP Ruger loaded with my 230 grain +P XTP hollow points reloads. ( like American express. never leave home without it.) 12 gauge auto 5 loaded with 00 magnum buck by my bed.
            Wife has .357 magnum with 158Grain +P’s on her bed stand. I guess you could say we are “prepared” (as many should be)

          • regulus30

            sounds very similar to my arsenal; good hunting patriot.

          • ward


          • HCUA

            Why are you telling the BATFE about everything you have?

          • pappy450

            I didn’t…THAT is just a SMIDGEN. Don’t worry though, the “government” knows when you took a CRAP last. Every time you purchase a weapon, there is a little piece of paper you make out, a NICS check is done and is recorded and kept.
            Don’t let them BS you that it is SUPPOSEDLY “destroyed” after a certain amount of time.

          • GomeznSA

            The latest word is that the records that they don’t have are so messed up that the most incompetent defense attorney (gloriaalred perhaps?) could get a case dismissed due to the poor info.
            You are correct that they have a long record of what you have based on 4473s. The federal bureaucracy never ‘loses’ anything, unless they do so intentionally (like wiping servers).

          • Wolf Ironhead

            You really don’t think they already know? You got an FFL you have to keep a record of every purchase. And BATFE can come look at your books anytime they want to. Don’t believe that 90 days bullshit, it’s not true. This is why you should buy your guns used from private persons.

          • ward


          • regulus30

            I personally never throw less than 180 grains.

          • ward

            Good black powder 50 CAL MUZZLE load or MINI HAND GRENADE …. !

    • ward

      These are not the old school democrats of 50 years ago that are now the socialistic, marxist, muslim party of a bo wannabe dictator in 8 years of abused power treason ! The dems have created themselves as a #1 enemy against U.S. Patriots Constitutional Freedom and Rights ! They had better get their libtard heads out & “change” to U.S. Patriots or will, get their own created & deserved demise .. ! No tolerance for traitors,” Hang ’em High in puplic view …. !

      • regulus30

        yip; better get their heads right.

  • TheRaghead

    NEVER had such when Obama was in there. The loonies are on the left!!

  • William Merrell

    It would be nice if the media would tell the truth. When the ass shot the congressman the other day the report on abc was that “it was a white man” They did not immediately say that it was another lame assed liberal that supported the other brain dead liberal during the last election. It would be interesting to see what this clowns liberal background is.

    • Fred Friedman

      He was a Democrat; that’s all we need to know. And a union thug too.

      • CaptTurbo

        This was in DC where they are ALL democrats.

    • Terry Butts

      The media (or their lawyers) are to terrified of lawsuits over telling the truth and offending some “protected class” than in providing actual facts. That or they are pushing the liberal agenda so hard they can not bring themselves to admit to any actual facts that might harm that agenda.

      One of the biggest lies they spout is that people are either black (having dark skin) or white (having light skin) ignoring actual race designations of the people they speak of there are far more racial designations than just black or white. The fact is we can not tell someones actual legally designated (by their genetic ancestry) race just by their looks and we certainly can not tell what their beliefs are by their looks.

      All we really needed to know is he was a criminal who hurt people who opposed his political agenda and he was stopped by ALREADY PRESENT armed people instead of being allowed to run rampant while they waited for police to arrive.

      His actions were a direct result of the constant “keep resiting” liberal mantra being pushed as if Trump’s legal election was someone a foreign takeover of this nation that must be stopped.

      The media has placed into the mind of those who can not look at actual facts and think for themselves that somehow all the destruction of American rights and freedom obama did must be protected at any cost.

      obama actually IMPOSED several actions based on FOREIGN laws and dictates without congress or the people having a say in the matter through REGULATORY agencies etc. and the liberals can not stand the fact we have someone in office that has promised to end these unconstitutional actions destroying their “progress” towards the socialist police state they think would be a Utopia.

  • pappy450

    That moron was damn lucky the secret service didn’t open up and blow his ass away.
    (I am wondering why they didn’t, they had every right to do it in this situation, and SHOULD HAVE!) Hesitation and “second guessing” makes you a “casualty”.
    President Trump would have been ok if it was just a CAR, BUT this individual’s car COULD have been strapped with explosives.

    • Mary

      They didn’t because I have a feeling they have an “agenda” like everybody else that is trying to ruin him.

      • pappy450

        You and I seem to have the same “opinion” perhaps it is time for PRESIDENT TRUMP to “screen” the “secret service detail” that SUPPOSED to be protecting him.
        It isn’t the first time someone has already said they would not take a bullet for him, and I believe she was FIRED for saying so.

  • ch

    they should have just shot the SOB as someone trying to assassinate the President. Save us taxpayers a lot of money. I am sick and tired of the Bullishit and it all started with the ILLEGAL muslime obama

  • ward

    Doesn’t say any good for uber drivers when they can’t even see a federal motorcade with the POTUS ! Not paying attention sounds like a phony excuse for the intentional act of defiance against Trump ! Throw the book at him to make a prime example of libtard stupidity against government laws & U.S Citizens safety !


    …well Hillary said this will be the Summer of Resistance… she and anyone else that espouses resistance to a legitimately elected government administration should be thrown in jail !!

  • mrbillga

    Guns don’t kill people…. Uber drivers kill people…. and must be outlawed. Just Kidding!!!!

  • donl

    These “acts” are intended to scare us into submission, it’s not working, We Real Americans will stand our ground and defend our country, no matter what they do. Freedom is worth fighting for!!

    • ward

      Guess the libtard asses trying to scare U.S. Patriots haven’t seen on the spot justice yet … !

  • Martin Fee

    One day it will dawn on them, that those they hate, despite not hating them back have for the most part spent time in the business of killing people and breaking their sh!t.
    Keep pushing your luck, trust me when i say if it was one of us sending 50+ rounds down range we would have done more than cause 1 fairly serious wound and scratch three others .
    Stick to your strong suit, chanting stupid rhymes and wearing pink vagina hats. Aside from making us laugh hysterically, its the only thing your partly good at. Quit trying to play at violence, your not good enough to pull it off

  • Terry Butts

    “He was then taken to a nearby police station for processing, and it was there that he revealed that he was a driver for Uber and that “he was not paying attention to the Secret Service officer but rather ‘another vehicle,’” according to CNN.”

    What other vehicle would he have been seeing?

    “According to CNN, the Secret Service “had blocked a street for the President’s return to the White House” when the unnamed driver attempted to enter the motorcade route despite verbal and visual commands to stop.”

    This indicates there would not have been any other vehicle for him to pay attention to at least not in front of his where he should have been looking if paying attention to his driving as he should have been. Further more why claim to be a driver for Uber ones employment does not change the traffic laws they must obey.

  • HCUA

    Presidential motorcades are a dime a dozen in Washington. After eight years of them by the usurper, who would notice another one?


    Bull$h1t! Uber drivers, of all people, know not to mess with a black limo/SUV caravan. That said, we were in DC in late March and the amount of recently arrived, moronic, foreign Uber drivers was staggering!

  • Delmar


  • CaptTurbo

    I guess at best the take-away from this is to never employ an uber driver and at worst it’s just another melting snowflake in a country that for some reason is tolerating them.

  • ReaperHD

    Civil War isn’t far off and you need to start thinking about which side your gonna be on. When it does start then that should be the perfect time for TEXAS to declare it’s INDEPENDENCE from this COMMIE LEFTIST attempt to over throw the CONSTITUTION and grow our own CONSERVATIVE COUNTRY where people work and build their own life and not depend on a COMMIE LEFTIST GOVERNMENT.


    The Secret Service should have LIT his Dumb A * * UP ! He presented a Clear n Present DANGER ! UBER Drivers are LOSER IDIOTS ! They should have put about 100 Rounds into his car !

  • jim jones

    Uber drivers against Trump? Ya think?