Meghan McCain Slams The Clintons

Hosts of ABC’s “The View,” got into a heated argument over Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss recently.

Sara Haines commented, “I think her whole answer was also looking backward. That was in 2016. Why are we still talking about the campaign? She wrote the book. It gave a bit of catharsis, like her side of what went down and that’s great. I think part of what people discovered in that election if you lean democratic is that the party didn’t have messaging. it missed a lot of things.”

Meghan McCain responded, “She ran one of the worst campaigns ever. She didn’t do the ground game in Wisconsin and North Carolina she should have. I think at this point, if you can’t stop making this about virtue signaling and race, a lot of it was about poverty, a lot of it was about the economy, a lot of it was just this Anti-Washington sentiment, anti-establishment sentiment we should have seen growing with the Tea Party. Honestly, I have to tell you. It’s one thing to lose to President Obama. It’s an entirely other thing to pull off losing to President Trump. And you gotta come up with a better excuse than this.”

Joy Behar jumped in saying, “All those things are true but don’t forget Comey interfered in the election, and the Russians were interfering 100% in the election…And you don’t like to hear me say this, but she did win by 3 million more votes.”

McCain responded, “Is that the commentary of someone who feels good about themselves in their lives and their future? We had Chelsea Clinton on last week. The Clintons are very omnipresent in politics still right now. If your messaging is that you want to go back in time, that women can’t think for ourselves, that our husbands, bosses, and sons tell us what to do, that’s quite the message going forward into midterms and general elections.”

Whoopi Goldberg stated, “This was the best poop storm you could have. This last election was a poop storm. You got the Russians involved. You got this involved. I think everybody needs to stop talking. I don’t know why she was answering these questions. I don’t know why she was there. And — yeah, we have to stop looking back. But, it’s impossible not to look back because you have to look back to see where we stumbled.”

McCain ended it saying, “The Clintons are a virus in the Democratic Party. You have to move on.”

“Politics is a street fight. You want to win. This message is losing. You just lost an important election to a reality television star.”