Meghan McCain Slams The Clintons

Hosts of ABC’s “The View,” got into a heated argument over Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss recently.

Sara Haines commented, “I think her whole answer was also looking backward. That was in 2016. Why are we still talking about the campaign? She wrote the book. It gave a bit of catharsis, like her side of what went down and that’s great. I think part of what people discovered in that election if you lean democratic is that the party didn’t have messaging. it missed a lot of things.”

Meghan McCain responded, “She ran one of the worst campaigns ever. She didn’t do the ground game in Wisconsin and North Carolina she should have. I think at this point, if you can’t stop making this about virtue signaling and race, a lot of it was about poverty, a lot of it was about the economy, a lot of it was just this Anti-Washington sentiment, anti-establishment sentiment we should have seen growing with the Tea Party. Honestly, I have to tell you. It’s one thing to lose to President Obama. It’s an entirely other thing to pull off losing to President Trump. And you gotta come up with a better excuse than this.”

Joy Behar jumped in saying, “All those things are true but don’t forget Comey interfered in the election, and the Russians were interfering 100% in the election…And you don’t like to hear me say this, but she did win by 3 million more votes.”

McCain responded, “Is that the commentary of someone who feels good about themselves in their lives and their future? We had Chelsea Clinton on last week. The Clintons are very omnipresent in politics still right now. If your messaging is that you want to go back in time, that women can’t think for ourselves, that our husbands, bosses, and sons tell us what to do, that’s quite the message going forward into midterms and general elections.”

Whoopi Goldberg stated, “This was the best poop storm you could have. This last election was a poop storm. You got the Russians involved. You got this involved. I think everybody needs to stop talking. I don’t know why she was answering these questions. I don’t know why she was there. And — yeah, we have to stop looking back. But, it’s impossible not to look back because you have to look back to see where we stumbled.”

McCain ended it saying, “The Clintons are a virus in the Democratic Party. You have to move on.”

“Politics is a street fight. You want to win. This message is losing. You just lost an important election to a reality television star.”

  • Capn Jack

    Passing, “The Eyeball around the cauldron”.

  • Rick Field

    I haven’t heard anyone speak about what Bill might have had planned in the White House when Hillary was away. If he was doing what he was doing in The Peoples House when he had the most responsible job in the world, what would he have had planned with no job !!

    • robert


      • rs1123

        Read that book by the former Secret Service agent who was responsible for guarding Clinton – it was like a revolving door with women calling and coming by the Oval Office.

        • robert

          I remember there were parts of it on the news and also a SS agent also agreed to it! So, I am surprised there aren’t more women coming out and saying something about that.

    • Medic RN

      Getting a blow job in the oval office in window view of Arlington National Cemetery…..I’m soooo pissed at billy’s failure to realize he was head of state. His presidency was nothing more to him than his ability to control the news cycle and sit himself criminally, above the law; America was nothing more than his carnival ride on our national clock and dime. And we let him.

      • EC

        If anyone ever deserved AIDS, it’s Bill Clinton. I can only retain my sanity by believing that the Clintons’ time is coming (and that includes Chelsea).

  • Gerry Costa

    I have news for Meghan McCain — that “reality television star” will be the best President we have had in the last 50 years. He is not some pop-star who stumbled into the Oval office or someone who the elite “put” in the Oval office like the last fraud. I would rather watch dog poop go moldy than watch that worthless, pathetic television program you are on.

    • Ann Tisher

      Gerry Costa: Very well said!!

    • mac12sam12

      Ditto Gerry!

    • robert


    • rs1123

      Calling Trump a ‘reality TV star’ is like calling Hillary Clinton ‘author of several books’. It totally ignores the bulk of the history. I haven’t agreed 100% with Trump but I’ve learned one thing, never underestimate him. The Democrats and his opponents still have not learned he’s playing the game several moves ahead of them.

      • Gerry Costa

        You are exactly right -rs.

      • RightWriter

        You’re right, rs1123 — Trump IS ahead of the game. I’ve been following (and involved in) politics for almost 50 years, and I’ve NEVER seen a candidate who had a better sense of where the American PEOPLE are or how to speak to them….Hillary says Trump is “looking backward,” but he’s NOT — it’s Hillary herself who can’t get out of the past and focus on tomorrow. Ironic, ‘cuz her hubby’s campaign theme song was “Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow!” But Hillary CAN’T stop thinkin’ about YESTERDAY.

        BTW, someone really should tell her SHE is a MARRIED WHiTE WOMAN (that is, one of those people she thinks cost her the election!). Of course, she COULD be getting ready to DUMP BILL — now that he’s no longer any use to her in winning elections!

    • A. Jay

      Excellent comment! Gerry For President!!!!

  • Medic RN

    Hey? Next time, run a candidate instead of a lying, cunning, theaving, murderous, self possessed criminal.

    • robert


      • Brian Hogan

        Feel the same way about his gal Hillary too. LOL

  • Rick Field

    We know that ,I just wanted someone else to say it . The guy gets $500,000 to give a speech at The State Univ. of Albany using student activity proceeds. Don’t you wish you had a kid at that school. So at graduation you could listen to the sage words of Chuckie Schumer !

  • DG

    Wow — Meghan McClown Daughter of a real POS congressman – John Mc Clown– A pos Naval orficer – A POS Naval aviator that Killed over 100 men, on the USS Forestal doing a wet start on a jet – when told not to -But his Father and Grandfather were both Admirals in the Navy and covered up everything -POS POW Songbird sang in the Hanoi Hilton telling them the bombing targets and routes , the altitudes, the turn around points, the type of aircraft – so they could reposition their anti aircraft batteries -killing a lot more Aviators – he got shot down because he decided to hang around after dropping his bombs on target and broke his leg and shoulder because he refused to go thru the ejection seat training-

    When first running for Congress , he divorced his first wife – Carol- because she came down with a serious disease – and would be in a wheel chair – and he didn’t think that would look good for him – Pres. Reagan refused to endorse him because he did that – All From what I have read about him

    • tdg54

      I’m no fan of McCain’s, but wikipedia says the following about the genesis of USS Forrestal’s fire:
      At about 10:50 (local time) on 29 July, while preparing for the second strike of the day, an unguided 5.0 in (127.0 mm) Mk-32 “Zuni” rocket, one of four contained in an LAU-10 underwing rocket pod mounted on an F-4B Phantom II (believed to be aircraft No. 110 from VF-11[1]), accidentally fired due to an electrical power surge during the switch from external to internal power. The surge, and a missing rocket safety pin, which would have prevented the fail surge, as well as a decision to plug in the “pigtail” system early to increase the number of takeoffs from the carrier, allowed the rocket to launch. 1 minute and 36 seconds later, all hell broke loose. Where did you read that it actually was the direct result of a wet start by McCain?

      • DG

        Remember his father and grandfather were both Admirals – you think they can’t have reports changed — like Bush saying Saddam had WMDs and it wasn’t that Saddam was selling Iraq’s oil without using US Dollars

        • tdg54

          Maybe so, but with over 130 deaths, changing the story would be a bit difficult. I can’t imagine an entire crew would be so in the dark about the incident that 2 admirals could hide the truth. Surely someone would have come clean with the facts by now. That’s why I asked where you got your information.

          • DG

            well, it was during his Presidential campaign – POWs that were in the Hanoi Hilton with him were coming out about his behavior in the camp , being a Songbird and others during that time were coming out about the forrestal

    • RightWriter

      You’re almost right about McCain’s split with Carol McCain, his first wife. It was a bit before he ran for Congress, but he was planning ahead. And it wasn’t JUST that she MIGHT have to use a wheelchair — actually it was several years before her MS got bad enough for THAT — but JOHN HAD HIS EYE ON CINDY (Mrs. McCain #2), who was an heiress. Hell, what ambitious politician would pass up a chance at total financial independence (as long as he kept Cindy happy, which he does seem to have done) for a woman who might need a wheelchair in a couple of years — never mind that Wife #1 (Carol) stood by HIM while he was a POW who might have never made it home, and worked herself silly on POW-MIA efforts the whole time he was away, as well as raising their boys (2) on her own.

  • Rick Field

    Check out Sen. Jeff Flake’s speech yesterday at the press club and see what you think. More warm and fuzzies. marshmallow , softball rhetoric that got the other 9 candidates that ran against Donald where they ended up. Losing

    • RightWriter

      Jeff Flake has the most APPROPRIATE family name of anyone I’ve ever heard of in public life. HE is a FLAKE. Pure and simple.
      Yeah, his speech yesterday (3/17) was “warm and fuzzy softball rhetoric,” mainly because that’s really all he’s capable of doing. IF he runs against President Trump for the 2020 nomination, he will get FLATTENED. Trump will probably take EVERY SINGLE PRIMARY (he did almost that well, ,but not quite, in 2016). BTW, there were 14 other candidates, not just 9. Not that anybody remembers most of their names NOW. 🙂

  • rs1123

    Joy Behar jumped in saying, “…Comey interfered in the election, and the Russians were interfering 100% in the election…And you don’t like to hear me say this, but she did win by 3 million more votes.”

    This is just one reason I cannot stand that cackling hen party for two seconds. Comey only told us what had been found (and which has yet to be explained or investigated fully IMO). How did the Russians ‘interfere 100%’ in the election? Was it any more than what Hillary did against Putin in THEIR election? And IF Hillary won the popular vote, most or all of that margin came from states where illegals were voting like everyone else. Thank God for the electoral College.

  • DG

    Thank GOD Trump won — jimmy carter, the Clintons, the Bushs, Ovommitt are ALL NWO globalists — IF the Hildabeast had won – this country would have been signed over to the UN and we would be like the European Union — Germany, France, Sweden, the UK will all be gone in 10 yrs – because they have no guns to protect themseves — they will all be Mooslime

    • rs1123

      Hillary would have already tipped the SCOTUS to the Left and the Constitution would have been down the drain. Bader Ginsberg would have retired and Hillary would have replaced her with another Leftist who has 45 years left to serve instead of 1 or 2. We’d still have TPA, that hokey climate ‘accord’, and illegals would have been pouring in to be rewarded for breaking our laws. I am equally thankful Hillary lost, and it’s obvious why the Deep State is trying to get Trump out rather than have more years of his un-doing of their globalist nonsense.

  • Bruce Kellar

    Those witches, did I spell that wrong? Whoopi would do great with those clothes in the african bush with folks of her likeness and intellectual capacity. Her venom towards those who provide for her personal welfare is atrocious.

  • Ron

    Thank God we elected Trump. I don’t have enough money to pay for Hilary’s tax increases.

  • Ron

    Joy mocked VP Prince’s religion.

    • RightWriter

      His name is PENCE, not “Prince.”

  • Name

    I thank God every day for Trump’s victory – his victory was America’s victory.

  • Donald Hufford

    Why did her father try to help Clinton with false information on Trump.

    • RightWriter

      You mean McCain? Remember, HE ran for President in 2008, he got creamed by BHO. He’d have LIKED to try again in 2016, but age was creeping up on him (he was 80) and his health was…well, uncertain (and we know is now REALLY bad). But the idea of someone coming out of the business world to run and WIN the nomination was more than he could STAND, so he helped Hillary as best he could (with false info on Trump). McCain was NEVER a loyal Republican (much less a conservative): he was only loyal to JOHN McCAIN.

  • Gy/Sgt. Lew Souder

    Forget the Clintons – Democrats – Mueller (Get rid of him) and Soros, Let Trump continue to do what he said he would – Drain the Swamp and the crooked Politicians, he’s doing a pretty good job doing it – a lot more to come…

  • bahndon

    If the truth about both Clintons ever comes out you will find they were responsible for at least 6 deaths several were called self inflicted gunshot deaths. Ross ran as spoiler to prevent Bush from winning Clinton won with less than 48% of the vote. The Clintons have blood on their hands, both by death and illegal drugs being brought in through Arkansas while Bill was Governor. not to mention how many underage girls Bill had in motels.

  • cathylovesyou

    McCain is correct (not John,he is always wrong) Debating these two thugs, Joyless and Whoopish is a waste of time. They are two old has been or never was beens. The both need a lot of soap in the mouth. Meghan has he hands full associating herself with this group of Commies. Remember liberals hate the truth and logic. Never watched the show but clips tell who they are, it is ugly out there.

  • Rolando Raudez

    There are good losers and bad losers, the good loser accepts and does not justify his defeat, the evil loser does not accept and seeks justifications and his followers invent more!

    • RightWriter

      I assume you’re talking about Hillary — very apt description!

  • Bob

    The clintons are a virus to the American people.

  • mike

    The average IQ of the ladies on the view is lower than Rep. Watters.

    • RightWriter

      Mike — Oh, I’m not sure about THAT — remember, we’re talking about BARELY READABLE numbers here! And Maxine Waters is pretty dense, too. Let’s say they’re ALL in the “idiot” range.
      The difference is “The View” gals are in ENTERTAINMENT, while Maxine Waters is
      POSING as a LEADER. What’s stunning to contemplate is that most of the people in her district actually VOTED for her, meaning there are 700,000 or so CERTIFIABLE MORONS in her district. Not sure how many similar regularly watch “The View.”

  • RightWriter

    Someone really should tell Whoopi that it was the DEMOCRATS — specifically the DNC and Hillary’s campaign — who “got the Russians involved” in the campaign. Various members of the Trump team might have had lunch with a Russian now and then, but HILLARY AND THE DNC PAiD PUTIN TO HELP THEM OUT! Republicans did NOTHING like that!

  • Cindi Weller Turchik

    Meghan McCain, of course is a RINO just like her ailing father. If he had any integrity he would just join the Dem/Socialist party. But he has no integrity. So McCain slams President Trump because she is daddy’s BIG girl. President Trump is a self made billionaire..He is an amazing human, who has been successful in many endeavors. He certainly knows what it means to meet payroll and run a streamlined company to turn a profit..That;s a hell of a lot more than Hillbilly Clintons know. They have been on the public dole for 40 years. They are takers and crooks and worst of all Elites who don’t give a damn about anything but POWER & MONEY..Just like McCain’s daddy-McStain..He should retire. We are paying his salary and all his perks and he is not well enough to be in Washington DC since December. Does this man have no pride? I can’t stand Meghan or John, they are RINOS posing as conservatives.

  • Cindi Weller Turchik

    President Trump has an uncanny way of being in touch with the common people. And we love him. He has made all of our lives better. He reminds me of Sir Winston Churchill. He has integrity, flaws and a driving desire to make America great again. He has helped wake up the masses who are taking our country back and PROUD of it. I don’t want to live in a shit hole 3rd world country EVER. The dems will do anything for a vote Illegal or not. They don’t give a damn about this country and are a true threat to our Constitution.

  • Bobcat1960

    Give em the back of your hand Gerry…. remember to follow thru the swing..