Mika Brzezinski Believes Trump Will Put Us In Danger

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski believes President Trump “will probably do something in the foreign policy realm that’s a little risky” and “will do some nutso deflection” that could put the nation in danger.

Brzezinski stated, “I would probably think that he’s spinning, and will probably do something in the foreign policy realm that’s a little risky about right now. I’m concerned about a deflection.”

“I will predict that he will sit down, sooner rather than later, like in a matter of moments, even, with his friends at Fox, in his most comfortable place, and he will do some nutso deflection that possibly could put our country in danger in some way, shape, or form, that will cause lots of ripple effects on Capitol Hill, that will try and deflect.”

  • Jim

    dear mika, when you have your head up your arse, like you do, then you are in danger (of suffocating).

    • jim

      This person needs to get a working brain and use it she is nothing but paid idiot that most likely needs a good one niter

      • william couch

        What would anyone expect.. Look @ who’s she’s dating!! JOE the SCHMOE PUTO!!!!!

    • Americans Wake Up

      To her the air is better up there.

  • Bennie Cochran

    Baloney. Mika is a looney liberal with a pea sized brain. She is as full of it as the Christmas Turkey ..and sounds almost as intelligent!

    • Ron

      Hey…I love Christmas Turkey…please don’t insult it by comparing it to Ms. Brzezinski!

      • Anne

        Just another stuffed bird.

    • Concerned

      Mika is the danger to America. She has a bully pulpit that condones nearly all actions and claims of the democrats (she and Joe are part of the echo-chamber), encourages antifa, spreads fake news to 100’s of thousands viewers every day. Also she never comments on the good things that Trump has done for America. What is she good for?
      Clearly Mika (and Joe) have different value sets than middle America. The more that people hear what she says, the stronger and resolve of true conservatives become.

      • John

        I am fed up with these radical leftists who selectively use the U.S. Constitution when they can use it to protect their lies, propaganda, slanders and so on, freedom of press, speech, and then claim that it doesn’t apply to those they don’t like, freedom of speech doesn’t protect “hate speech”, freedom of press doesn’t biased reporting, bigoted books, posters and signs. They claim the Constitution is a “living document” (not law to be obeyed) that has no limits on government, no freedom of religion and free exercise thereof (in context, Christian), but, instead freedom “from” religion, except for Islam, atheism, paganism, no right to bear arms, ad nausium.

  • Ron C

    Well Mika said Trump was going to get us into world III with North Korea…and she was absolutely wrong….so I wouldn’t put any stock on what she says….actually I think her & Joe are deranged…period!

    • Philip fabiano

      Korea? Seriously? This is what he tweeted: “Everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office,” said Trump. “There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for the future!”
      The reality is anything but.
      The North Koreans have canceled follow-up meetings, demanded more money and failed to maintain basic communications.

      Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Pyongyang for the third time to continue talks about dismantling North Korea’s nuclear program. Pompeo went, in part, because North Korea promised him a meeting with Kim. But Kim never showed — and opted to visit a potato farm instead.
      U.S. intelligence officials –the Trump crew– claim North Korea has yet to stop producing new ballistic missiles. Their report also showed satellite imagery suggesting Pyongyang was continuing to develop develop intercontinental ballistic missiles. Arms control experts confirmed that both satellite photos and U.S. intelligence assessments show that the rogue regime is sprinting to add more missiles to its budding arsenal.
      The problem here is that 45 lacks negotiation skills. He is easily taken advantage of.

      • Kenny Albert

        As compared to which former presidents?

      • Ron C

        Right…and all the previous administration since the armistice did such a wonderful job with NoKo…Trump told you this won’t be done overnight…and if you don’t think Mattis doesn’t have rocket man in his sights…then you haven’t been paying attention!

        • Philip fabiano

          Take time? What do you mean take time? According to 45 he did it. They are disarming. Sleep well he says, it’s over. If he says they are no longer a threat I guess he is right, the facts notwithstanding!

          • Ron C

            Non-sense…he said we will see how it works out.

          • Philip fabiano

            “we will see how it works out” is really reassuring–putting aside he has said the threat is over. The problem with 45 is that he lacks negotiation skills. He is unprepared and does not know how to negotiate. Would you have accepted “we will see how it works out” with regard to a Korean nuclear threat from anyone else??

          • Anne

            Would you prefer him to roll over and give up the store like obama did with iran?

          • Ron C

            You are deranged….Trump is the best thing that has ever happened for you & this nation…You should breath a sigh of relief you are NOT living under Hillary’s socialist police state!

  • No daddy ball 1

    Ignorant sheep following Soros… Enough said!

  • willy91137

    I believe by this time next year Trump will just walk out of the White House

    because if he doesn’t he will lose his business I think he owes the Russians a lot of money

    • Americans Wake Up

      Is that you, Slick Willy?

    • Barbara

      and you know this how??

    • Kenny Albert

      You also thought Hillary was going to be your president didn’t you Einstein?

    • Anne

      Wow, you to know a lot about his personal business, cnn must be your source.
      What will you do if he is re elected?

  • Americans Wake Up

    Mika is a low intelligence idiot at best.

  • william couch

    She needs to change her “Poise” brand overnight!!!!!

  • Rodney

    And of course Mika is the expert on stupidity. Do something that would put the USA at risk? Like creating a mess in Libya, then sending our ambassador and three others on a mission to Benghazi with inadequate protection then lie about what happened? How about bowing to every dictator and potentate in appeasement? Let’s not forget about the weak rules of engagement for our military then announcing when he plans to pull out of Afghanistan allowing the immediate growth of ISIS? Was Mika crying then?

    • Yorgi1950

      Speaking of appeasement, this is for #44:

      If you think appeasement,
      Is quite an achievement,
      You might be dumber,
      Than President “Obummer”!


      • Rodney


  • notalib

    Mika is always “fretting” about anything concerning Trump. TDS–she has it bad. She fears Trump and we fear Democrats and liberals. That group are the real nut jobs and are a total danger to the U.S. and our way of life. Take a few Valium Mika. You are a liberal and it shows daily.

    • Anne

      She never hid that fact, she’s just another paid talking head with good hair.

  • She has done too many squat thrusts on Joe’s face and it’s driven them both insane.

  • Billy Joe Galloway

    Why would any news people even print what this dumb ass thinks anyway?????

  • Lori

    Can anyone tell me why this homewrecking,adultress is on anywhere ?

  • Ron

    Ms. Brzezinski and her ilk are who are putting the nation in danger.

  • John Flynn

    I doubt Trump would ever put us in any trouble, certainly not the kind of trouble her father, Zbigniew, and his immediate boss, President Jimmy Carter, did with Iran. They took those Americans hostage at the US embassy after Khomeini took over the Iranian govt. Thank God for Pres Reagan, at the time

  • ebenezeer

    What the hell does Mika know? She is a talking head, if it’s not on the prompter it doesn’t exist.

  • Kenny Albert

    She should run to Russia if she wants to be safe.

  • nokabosh

    The real danger is from people like her.

  • madmemere

    Mouthy mikie and her “joe blow” (and their libnut propaganda cohorts) are the ones who put our nation in “mortal danger”!

  • Dwimby

    You have to be a left-wing zonked-out moron to even listen to this fool.

  • Ken Beccue

    Hey M.Brzezinski. We have to conclude that you are speaking from your Ultra Liberal destroy the Middle Class of America point of view so you and your hero George Sorels can brag about destroying the GREATEST COUNTRY on EARTH. You and your old man Zebiginew, who brain washed you into thinking that the American Experiment has to go in order to achieve the “NEW WORLD ORDER” that he envisioned when he wrote the thesis for the TRI LATERAL COMMISSION for David Rockefeller. Z.B’s vision for Rockefeller was to expand his (Rockefeller’s) vision of World dominance through stripping the wealth from America and spreading it to South East Asia and Western Europe. Entrance President Donald Trump who understood this destructive “SCHEME” for the United States and set out to reveal just how dangerous his Thesis was and is for the American Way of Life. Why, Mika, don’t you and your CONSERVATIVE spouse ever report about how China got so powerful in such a short period of time. Thank God for President Trump and we hope and pray that God will eventually deal with the likes of you and your warped vision of America…

  • Yorgi1950

    I knew her when her name was “Mika Commie-zezinski”! Her IQ never has climbed out of the negative numbers.

  • Gr8dane

    LMAO – this coming from the daughter of one of the biggest commies to grace our nation! Mika is your typical liberal anti-American communist/socialist – who will say anything and do anything to bring this nation down. She (like her father) did everything they could to destroy our Constitution and Rights and freedoms – guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in that family

  • Ronald Hagler

    Trump will probably do something stupid like having that arrogant Napoleonic dictator from North Korea meet and discuss future test and nuclear destruction. Oh, and we must not forget the miscues Trump has made with the European Common Market: you know, the meetings, which produced lower tariffs on U.S. imports and more orders for U.S. agricultural products. Yep Mika, everything President Trump does offends the left, the socialist and the anarchists in the United States.

    Perhaps President Trump will enter into an agreement with Iran where we give them Billions of dollars and access to nuclear material, no that has already been done by your savior, Barack Obama. O.K., maybe President Trump will sign a treaty with the U.N. that circumvents our Constitution and takes away our Second Amendment rights: no. wait, your savior, Barack Obama, has already done that! Damn, I guess your favorite president, Obama, left Trump with very few opportunities to destroy Democracy and bring this nation to its knees.

  • FEDUP6

    So MSNBC has whackos working for them, and spouting off. Anyone not already know this??? Anyone????

  • Ron C

    And why would anyone listen to her…??? She is a looney toon.