Miley Cyrus Attacks White Men

Irrelevant pop star Miley Cyrus decided to chime in on the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting. She decided to go after White American Men.

Cyrus took to instgram and wrote the following:

My dreams have become nightmares and those nightmares, reality. This isn’t fair. This is a TERRORIST act by a WHITE AMERICAN MAN! I am heartbroken and embarrassed. Mortified by our country and its shitty system, lack of control/laws! This does NOT HAVE or NEED to happen!

After catching a lot of criticism she decided to respond back:

I am aghast by the reaction of my latest post. It is completely amazing to me how defensive and in denial this country really is! You are not focused on the horrific tragedy I addressed but more angered that I am putting a BIG bright spotlight on the fact it was a ‘WHITE AMERICAN MALE’ terrorist that walked in and killed 26 people (including children) leaving 20 severely injured!


  • Robert

    Why does anyone bother with whatever this little piglet has to mutter?

    • Terry Butts

      My guess is it was a slow news day for them.

      • James Agans

        For who Terry? There has not been one iota of actual truthful news out of the news media for decades, ever since they sold out to the MIC in about 1966. Actually well before that
        ” Remember the Maine ” Bullshit. Remember the Lusitania” Bullshit “Remember Pearl Harbor” Bullshit. ” Remember the Tonkin Gulf” All lies, All Bulshit to get US families to spill the blood of their sons, and feed the MIC Meatgrinder. SOrry for going so far adrift, Im just a pissed off VN veteran.

        • Terry Butts

          Basically “a slow news day” at least in today’s terms means they had space to fill and could not find anything else to manipulate to suit their agenda so they grasp at any comment made by anyone even remotely thought of as famous to use.

          I actually think it was far earlier than that. It has been a very long time since we had actual news that was not somehow twisted to suit some political agenda at least they used to have some factual information we could filter out of the stories now they just make up whatever they feel will manipulate the people emotionally into going along with their agenda.

          It only got worse when a judge upheld the firing of a reporter several years ago who fact checked a “BREAKING” news story about a school shooting the station owner wanted aired shortly before the vote on an anti gun bill in an effort to BLATANTLY manipulate people emotionally to pressure congress into voting the way he wanted instead of using logic and intelligence when the reporter checked with their police source they found out no such crime was happening and refused to air a fake story that might cause panic and even possible injuries as parents would rush to the scene to find out about their children’s safety. The judge showing total ignorance declared that NEWS (blatantly claimed as true facts by media) was just another form of entertainment that it was not the reporters job to ensure the story was true or not they were to just air whatever the BOSS told them to true or not.

    • JB

      Yup, I love the Voice, now , I cannot stand to see her face.
      Went from child actress, to porn pop, now trying to change her image …hypocrisy

      • Heidie-lyn Depper twin lol

        I agree. The only thing sleazy Miley is good at is her love of giving herself frontal wedgies while little girls look on in horror!!!!! Sleazy Miley promised to leave our country. Why is she still here. We don’t want her. GET OUT SLEAZY MILEY

  • Terry Butts

    First does she not understand that to the RACISTS that spout against white like she just did that she is one regardless of what her race actually is since they go by LOOKS and stereo-types instead of reality.

    Apparently she is ignorant of even the the smallest facts concerning the incident for example that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT failed to comply with its own existing restrictions by reporting his past actions AS REQUIRED by law to the system background checks are ran through thus allowing him access. Not that it matters when in that other church shooting they FAILED TO RUN THE CHECK when it was submitted allowing the PROTECTION clause put into the law to keep ANTI GUN ACTIVIST working at the place from denying LEGAL gun purchases by refusing to run the checks kicked in a clause that gives them DAYS or even WEEKS to run the check that takes less than an hour once started unless there is a computer malfunction.

    The attack would have been far worse if

    1) He had been the only one armed other than police as it was another armed civilian that stopped him (they were just to far away due to the no gun policy of the church to prevent more victims than they did by stopping him).

    2) Had done as other CRIMINALS who have gone as far as MANUFACTURING their own guns when they could not legally get them or just using something far more devastating like a VEHICLE, a BOMB or even a combination of the two to commit their crimes.

    The only thing the type of TYRANNICAL CONTROL over who is allowed to protect themselves and the others has ever done is provide criminals like this with defenseless victims.

    “This is a TERRORIST act by a WHITE AMERICAN MAN!” This statement also shows her ignorance as the church was FULL of WHITE AMERICANS as well as other races race had nothing to do with the attack in fact according to the survivors he LECTURED THEM on his HATRED OF RELIGION indicating this was just another ANTI RELIGIOUS attack like all the others that have been going on against Christians or other religions that refuse to be PC and HIDE their beliefs to satisfy the ATHEISTS that want to remove religion from existence with such prejudice they even INVENTED the false SEPARATION of Church and state doctrine that has been used to even attack BENIGN aspects that do not support one religion over another simply because they were visible to the public even a PRIVATE MONUMENT ON PRIVATE PROPERTY PAID FOR BY PRIVATE FUNDS claiming because the PUBLIC could see it and the STATE did not spend thousands to CONCEAL it from view (thus actually restricting the free practice of religion) that it VIOLATED the separation of CHURCH and state.

    Other than the sections that declare that ONLY ONE OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH could hold certain offices with not RELIGIOUS TEST to determine what denomination they are the only thing the constitution states is that CONGRESS can make no LAW establishing religion (which means forcing people to be a specific religion or denomination thereof not prohibiting them from allowing people to practice their religion publicly) or RESTRICTING THE FREE PRACTICE THEREOF (which includes any law that requires them to HIDE THEIR FAITH and act like an atheist while in public).

    People like this criminal are created by the ANTI CHRISTIAN push by judges, media, and those who are offended that their choice of lifestyle violates one or more of the many things considered sin according to the Bible and is taught as such by Christians and mistakenly think they have a right to SILENCE anything or anyone that OFFENDS them by simply DISAGREEING with them.

    Anyone that actually wants to see how much worse it could have been if CIVILIANS were disarmed and the criminal had ILLEGALLY acquired one or made his own gun like the MAJORITY of criminals who do these things have done can calculate how many victims there was before the CIVILIAN was able to react and stop the crime and calculate how many more could have been victims in the time between his action that stopped the criminal and the arrival of the police who would have had to do the same thing to stop him.

    • geraldinedebeer

      Isn’t it noteworthy that EVERY MASS SHOOTER HAS BEEN A WHITE AMERICAN MALE. Miley Cyrus states a fact that white men are ashamed to face. HAS ANYONE SEEN A BLACK AMERICAN MALE EXECUTE A MASS SHOOTING? She is stating a FACT.
      She would not have made this statement if even ONE BLACK AMERICAN had committed a mass shooting. White American MALES, NOT MEN, have made a shameful history in mass murder. Interesting considering the population of black males in America and the population of black males in prison.

      • Phoebe Isley

        Interesting and the black on black killings in Chicago isn’t considered mass shootings which happen daily? Yep another liberal racist idiot!

      • Bob Meck

        @geraldinedebeer – it’s very convenient for you to overlook the assassin who was a BLACK American Male and killed the 5 police officers in Dallas, TX. I bet you think that only black lives matter and that BLUE lives don’t matter (but real Americans salute the service and protection that police officers give us everyday!)

      • bitterclinger

        Really? no black men were mass shooters??? I guess you forgot about:

        Colin Ferguson – 1993- killed 6, wounded 19 on a train in NY
        Omar S. Thornton – 2010 – killed 8 at a beer distributor in Hartford CT
        Maurice Clemons – 2009 – killed 4 police officers in WA
        Nathan Dunlop – 1993 – killed 4 in Aurora CO
        John Allen Muhammed – 2003 “DC sniper” – Killed 10 in DC
        Lee Boyd Malvo – 2003 – accomplice to “DC sniper” – killed 10 in DC
        Christopher Dorner – 2013 – killed 4 including 3 police officers, wounded 3 in Los Angeles
        Aaron Alexis – 2013 – “DC Navy Yard shooter” – killed 12, wounded 3

        There is a short list, by no means all of them.

        • Mrseddies

          Most are called “drive bys”.

        • Craig Lummus

          Hey bitter, hope you don’t mind that I shared your info with that left wing, dumber than a box of hair bastard below.

      • Terry Butts

        This post shows you only pay attention to propaganda not actual facts.

        The post below names just a few of the shootings that PROVE the propaganda you spouted about white males incorrect.

        Criminals come in ALL RACES and always have it is not ones RACE that determines if they are a criminal it is their actual actions.

        For the media and POLITICIANS to try and conceal that fact because they feel that no one of a CERTAIN RACE should be punished for their crimes while everyone of ANOTHER RACE is automatically guilty is pure racism.

      • Deplorable Robert

        Most all have been LIBERAL LOONS and have another thing in common besides being Liberal DemoncRats. They take medicine for mental illness ( or stopped taking their meds). None have been NRA members or Concealed Carry Permit holders. And none have been believers in God. Go smoke that in your crack pipe😎

      • Reverend1

        Problem here is that geraldinedebeer is a black racist piece of crap…

    • geraldinedebeer

      Let me take Miley Cyrus’ factual statement one step further. Can anyone recall a black American male who committed an assasination in America? No? I didn’t think so. White American Males have a corner on that market too. Why is it that ONLY WHITE AMERICAN MALES COMMIT MASS SHOOTINGS AND ASSASSINATIONS IN AMERICA????

      • Mrseddies

        Not any white male but liberal white males. Think if you can Miley, the same people that want to take our guns are the ones shooting us.

      • Deplorable Robert

        Lee Boyd Malvo? And that Muslem fellow that was his mentor? Do you remember that name? And that Los Angeles cop that killed several people then blamed “discrimination” and racism? There are TWO EXAMPLES for you. Guess you didn’t THINK!😎

      • cochise1

        That’s patently false. Here is a link to black serial killers. One manged to kill over 100 white women by various means.

        Just one example of a mass shooter who was black was the Navy Yard contractor who shot 12 people dead in one day.

        There are others (Beltway snipers, etc.) if you take the time to do a little research before posting false information.

      • Glenn Newton

        99% are Liberal loons just like you!

      • Kenny Albert

        Those police officers in Texas just fell over dead?

      • Kenny Albert

        The malvo guy that was shooting people out of a hole in the trunk of his car.

      • Deplorable Robert

        Care to apologise for being a racist?

      • Stu Siglain

        Oh, I guess that black male who murdered ONLY white people on the LIRR (on Long Island) several years ago doesn’t count. Get your facts straight before posting. Try googling black mass murderers, and see what you find, moron.

      • Craig Lummus

        You’re an idiot:

        Colin Ferguson – 1993- killed 6, wounded 19 on a train in NY
        Omar S. Thornton – 2010 – killed 8 at a beer distributor in Hartford CT
        Maurice Clemons – 2009 – killed 4 police officers in WA
        Nathan Dunlop – 1993 – killed 4 in Aurora CO
        John Allen Muhammed – 2003 “DC sniper” – Killed 10 in DC
        Lee Boyd Malvo – 2003 – accomplice to “DC sniper” – killed 10 in DC
        Christopher Dorner – 2013 – killed 4 including 3 police officers, wounded 3 in Los Angeles
        Aaron Alexis – 2013 – “DC Navy Yard shooter” – killed 12, wounded 3
        All black men, you know-nothing ignorant son of a bitch.
        There is a short list, by no means all of them.

        • geraldinedebeer

          Thank you for searching Google for statistics. Now learn how to post a reply without name calling which indicates a low mentality. Low mentality white American males have committed mass shootings over the last 10 yrs. Google that.

          • Craig Lummus

            I made my point: You’re left-wing stupid son of a bitch.

          • Heidie-lyn Depper twin lol

            Lol you are a idiot. Idiot hahaha

    • geraldinedebeer


      • Billy

        Oh, and the two (2) mass murderers in Florida were White, right ? YOU are as big of an idiot as the trashy little skank (Miley) you are taking up for. I’d be willing to bet that your uncle is your daddy.

      • Wumingren
      • muymalo

        You are kidding…right?

      • Deplorable Robert

        TROLL ALERT!

      • Mr Washy

        That is possibly one of the stupidest, most ill-informed statements I’ve read in a long time. The ASSertion is just plain wrong.

  • Stephen Strecker Sr.

    who cares what this bitch has to say

    • JB

      Can’t watch the Voice anymore since she’s been a Judge, she’s a crazy cracker.
      They should not have her there, ruined the show for the rest of us..

  • Mike Tanco

    If you really want to be heart broken, go to the South side of Chicago and watch Black people killing Black people daily. Just don’t mess with Texas you MORON !!

    • geraldinedebeer

      If you cannot comprehend what you read, you can’t read. MASS SHOOTINGS THAT KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE, MASS, MASS, MASS, is the key word. ASSASINATION is another key word. why bother

      • BikeIce

        What the MASS shooting/killings EVERYDAY in Chicago, Baltimore, DC, etc by blacks killing other blacks can’t be “comprehended” by you? That is not “assassination?” Where’s Miley’s outrage there? The vast majority of shootings in this country are by blacks. Why is that not a topic of discussion?

      • Heidie-lyn Depper twin lol

        Geeerz how high do you need the number to go to be called MASS…mass is “many and Chicago has “many deaths” every single day. I think that’s pretty much considered MASS killings “DAILY” don’t you idiot.

  • A. B. J.

    I am not a big fan of Miley Cyrus but in this situation I have to defend her. She clearly did not say anything racist and you puke ass snowflakes need to get over your sensitive selves. I am and always have been a WHITE AMERICAN MALE. I am not offended and when I read what Miley said, it was clear that she was only making a point that this perpetrator was a WHITE AMERICAN MALE.

  • Steven Gobble

    Who let this dog off it’s leach? She needs to live in Chicago for a day.

    • Chi Sam

      Its, dimwit. The simple, common word it’s is a contraction of the words it and is. Odd, that you didn’t notice the tell-tale apostrophe…you typed it.

      Then again, a competent man would not have used the word ‘leach’, which refers to liquids percolating out of the soil in place of ‘leash’, which is a strap commonly used to control or restrain an animal.

      • Steven Gobble

        Hey Troll, let’s talk about your fake ass. remember ” why does your think ” remember you fake bitch those are in your own words Troll. DUMBASS!!

  • Jim Gurry

    She is the one that emphasized “WHITE AMERICAN MALE”. She is the one that is pointing out the race of this killer. Would she be doing the same if he was black or latino or whatever? I doubt it. Just another white celeb pandering to minorities.

  • connie flick

    Just how dumb are you, or are you so much a follower that your jumping on the racist bandwagon. There is evil in ALL RACES, ALL COUNTRIES, ALL RELIGIONS. Take a look at Chicago and who is doing all the killing there. There is more there, than in these incidents and NO ONE is talking about that. Wise up little girl.

  • Lee

    I’m sure Billy Ray is SO proud.

  • Bandit

    Dear Miley – We notice you say nothing when the attacker is middle eastern, black, hispanic, asian . . . just sayin’ STFU No one with even a half a brain cares what you think.

    • Glenn Newton

      Hey Bandit there must be a lot of people with less than half!

      • Mr Washy

        Ah yes, our liberal friends.

        • ARJAY

          NOT “friends” though!!

        • Heidie-lyn Depper twin lol

          Lol lol lol

      • Bandit

        Yep Glenn – They are called liberals.

  • Brandy

    I needed a good laugh, My nightmares begin everytime I see this little trashy skank !

    • Chuck M

      Amazing how sluts suddenly become ambassadors. This idiot is about as irrelevant as her Dad.
      To think that anyone alive gives a damn what this POS thinks, is ludicrous! !

      • Kenneth Fichtl

        Billie Ray got more tail than Santa had Reindeers with Breakee Heart

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Guess what Miley, YOU are white.
    Attacks from ANYONE are terrible.
    How many are actually perpetrated by Muslims?
    I would venture to say many, many more shout Allahu Akbar
    before the torture/rape/maim/kill innocent men, women and yes
    children and babies! Radical Islamic Jihadists are the main killers
    around this globe. They are the scumbags who should be erased
    from this planet. What do you think of that truth, Miley?


    The culture of hating White men is acceptable in areas that need us to survive… money for lousy entertainment, welfare for the lazy and inventions for everybody. Ethnic cleansing has started and continues endlessly by lumping all White man together by color and not by their ethnicity. Irish, Italian, German, Polish…ect.

  • Chuck

    Miley; your dad should give you a good spanking. You have not been a good example, reflecting your dad’s good character!

    • Maria Sciarrino

      she would like it…. really “like daddy to spanky her”…. SHE’S A LITTLE WHITE BIG-MOUTH LIBERAL WHORE

  • reginald williams

    Miley is right

  • Ken Mayton

    Just another stupid liberal bitch ! Where is her post of all blacks killed by blacks in every democratic run city…NY, LA, Philly, Detroit, Atlanta the list is long. I’m sure way over her head. Just spewing venom like most liberals

  • Dennis Anderson

    Well Miley if it hadnt been for your white father your name would be used for hog calling. Get a grip the more crazy you act your tiny bopper crouds like it. It has something to do with mental health and looking at you there might be someone missing from the looney bin. You better stick to pluggin songs and your own hole. Psychologist have often been over rated over paid with little results.Its not a science its a crap shoot. So dont stick your tongue out or your ass everyone has one.

  • she would have been happier if he was black?

  • mark

    Miley Cyrus is an idiot and is the epitome of white privilege if white privilege exist.

  • truth and facts

    miley will sleep with anything and say anything. miley is a true worthless classless know nothing.

  • Wumingren

    The tragedy stems from mental illness that was not effectively handled by both military and civilian authorities. The Air Force failed to report felony assault to the FBI and Texas law enforcement failed to pursue a rape investigation once the suspect moved out of Texas. This guy had red flags flying from every orifice and nobody paid any heed. Bring back state mental health institutes to lock dangerous people away in until they die.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    This little IGNORANT TWIT needs to go away. It is her LIBERAL IGNORANCE that allowed this event to happen. If LIBERALS would give up their WILLFUL IGNORANCE then this Evil person would have been where he belonged in a hole dead or at least locked away where he could not lie and get guns legally as he did. If LIBERALS would STOP making laws WORTHLESS LIKE THEY ARE (both the laws and LIBERALS are WORTHLESS) things like this would be stopped because people would know they will die for doing this and what got him tossed out of the Air Force. But like all LIBERAL IDIOTS you won’t allow laws to be enforced and you blame objects for the EVIL of humans. Guns do not kill people do and if they cannot get a gun they use other things ecauae they are EVIL not the weapon they use. If the law abiding GOOD people are not restricted in where they can take their legally obtained guns then before a mass shooting happened they could shoot the Wannabe mass killer before they shoot more than one or two. That and the UTTER STUPIDITY and INFINITE IGNORANCE of putting up signs that let those wanting to kill large numbers where there won’t be a gun to stop them. So little brainless Bimbo you should shut up and go away you have destroyed your few brain cells with the pot you have been smoking and are too stupid for anyone’s good.

  • R8rHunter

    EVERYBODY is missing the fact that “Terrorist” is somebody that “strikes terror – violently or otherwise” for political or religious gain only”. Killing a bunch of people for no reason or for personal reasons is NOT a terrorist act. It is an act of a broken person – period.

  • lmorgan138

    Oh Miley, it is such a shame what you have become. White men are not what is wrong with this country. It is people like you that just does not understand. The government under your precious Obummer is the one that failed this time. And if you want guns taken away, then make sure your guards do not have them as well.

    • Deplorable Robert

      As for me, I don’t give a rats butt whether she wants us to give up our guns. My right to keep and bear arms in NOT NEGOTIABLE. Not even a new passed law will force me to give up my guns. NEVER. But I do think if all these LIBERAL LEFT MENTAL MIDGETS want to make America gun free, they should set an example by passing a “LAW” that Liberals and DemoncRats are no longer able to purchase and own firearms!😎

  • AFGus

    I’m pretty sure that I could count on my fingers and toes (with a few left over) the number of Patriotic White American men who give a flying [email protected] what this Nasty, Deviant, Twerking piece of crap thinks about them. I would tell her to go impale herself on a dildo and rotate, but I’m pretty sure that she’s into and likes that anyway…, I’ll just say…..piss off Nasty Skank!

  • Sherry

    It was a Anti God democrat psycho who did the shooting in Texas. That’s where the focus needs to be. MSN is inciting violence against Trump supporters and their are enough stupid dems out there to do it. Stop the violence.

  • Gerald W. Kelly

    It is very evident that this is a snow flake. She has shamed herself. God have mercy on her Soul):

  • Paul Barton

    Would you expect anything less from this ugly, stupid, pig ?

  • Ron C

    Seriously…no one cares what Miley thinks. But being she’s at it, the white man was a liberal democrat atheist, wife beater…and I notice Miley is good with all the black on black murder in Chicago, and lets not forget Miley just loves the murdering Mu-Slim Jihadist murders…just saying…Miley can just go pound sand!

  • mike

    This waste of bio matter is the product of a mixture of arrogance and ignorance !

  • Nick Hinton

    Totally irrelevant twit who can’t keep her tongue in her mouth. I’m sure Billy Ray is REAL PROUD of the “woman” he raised.

  • jseeburger

    I think the author meant to write “ irreverent ” instead of “ irrelevant “. However, his error is

  • James Seltenreich

    Just take your liberal ass to Iraq or somewhere, your non AMERICAN and certainly not a Christian, we don’t care what you think MAGA TRUMP ALL THE WAY

  • Dan

    As was said, irrelevant madona wannabe!!!

  • Bruce Kellar

    That comes as no surprise. No self respecting man would be seen with her, and a white guy in charge of his health would avoid at all costs. What she has might penetrate a rubber.

  • Estoban

    Another slut-of-the-month club useless opinion.

  • Deplorable Robert

    Hey Miley.
    Not only are you IRRELEVANT, but you have no idea what you are talking about.If you need to lay BLAME for this “WHITE” TERRORIST ( which probably makes you cream your jeans with delight) if you would learn the facts you can blame your MESSIAH ( King Barry) and the AIR FORCE for not reporting the violence he was convicted of to the FBI to enter into the data base, which would have prevented him from purchasing the guns which he purchased to kill with. His “target” was his mother and father-in law of his former wife. This falls more into the category of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, not TERRORISM.
    You are just a racist NOTHING. Maybe you could be more “relevant” by telling your Hollyweird story of rapists and pedophilia! Go away😎

  • fbair1

    Miley, I like you, but you need to stick with singing and stfu…… You are nothing but a spoiled brat. You need a mussel on your mouth…….

  • DaveyJ

    Miley Cyrus is quickly establishing herself as a complete irrelevant fool. Who she thinks she is OK posting this trash is hard to imagine! The USA media seems to have a Death Wish and is advertising for mass murders, and every once in awhile someone decides to share their pain! The fact is most of these killings are Islamic inspired. The country is becoming very fractured. But she seems to fail to realize how fragile peace can be. John Brown was a terrorist. He was hung and a lot of his band for helping start the US Civil War. Media today though broadcasts evil for more than it does decent acts. Yellow Journalism probably started the US Civil War. Miley Cyrus seems to specialize in trying to alienate as many rural people as possible. Seems she should have stayed Hanna Montana……as she sure is looking, acting, and posting as a ideologist hell bent on stirring up hatred. Right now a lot of hatred is yes, directed at her. But she would be well advised to publish prayers for the slain and wounded, rather than to try to start a race war!

    Recently she has tried to act like a hippie harlot or whatever she thinks that look and action is…..but it is very far from pretty, decent, or insightful. I am rather color blind in my treatment of humans. It is actions and that totally includes what someone says and publicizes. I would NOT brag about putting coal miners out of work, wanting robot labor to take over our jobs, or trying to start Civil discord.
    You would NEVER see me trying to start a riot, anywhere, anytime. But Miley Cyrus seems to just want attention, good, bad or ugly!

  • Frank

    Forget Miley

  • Paul

    Interesting that she is now biting the hands that brought her wealth to her and her family.
    Just like the NFL protesters – she cannot see past her own little world.
    The gentleman that attempted to disparage white men by denying black mass shooters needs to review the facts before posting.
    True Americans need to wake up and stop ALL the lawless insanity that is going on in America!!!!

  • Rob

    Too bad you weren’t in that church bitch!

  • Rob

    Go tell Soros, and Bloomberg, to stop murdering innocent people so they have a case for gun confiscation!

  • Rob

    Hannah Montana all grown up but dumber than a sack of rocks! Little slut shaking her skank ass for the Illuminati.

  • 1josephg1

    You are such an idiot. Shut your pie hole.

  • Rob

    Bad people kill people, white or black! A gun can’t load itself, it can’t drive a car, it can’t pull its own trigger, a gun doesn’t know what color it’s owner is! There are 5 million NRA members, law-abiding, Citizens! Black and White!

  • Rob

    You have people killing republicans, two, billionaires who are spending tons of money to take away our guns, they pay people to do these shootings! Bloomberg, and Soros, both liberals! The DNC is a criminal organization they kill people all the time!

  • higgy01

    Cyrus is an empty headed hoe with no shame or self respect. What ever comes out of her mouth is not only irrelevant but babbling lunacy.

  • Lori

    So why doesn’t she get to hell out of our country ? It’s not like she’s a much needed anything, she just a loose lipped, loud mouth ,exhibitionist ,filthy ,disgusting excuse for a human. She is slowly fading out ,so like Cher, Madonna, Schumer, Fonda, Streep, Ashley Judd, and others, she desperately tries to get noticed by throwing in her two cents worth, does anyone care what this idiot says or does anymore ? She can’t even shock anyone anymore ,people just say “oh her again” when is she leaving ?Your yesterday’s news, trashy slut, go away! Or is it that no other country wants you either ?

  • Rob

    Hannah Montana has jungle fever!

  • Rob

    That nasty skank fucks niggers!

  • rick meek

    Hollywooders continue to entertain…..Show off some more skin girl and STFU…..

  • Kenny Albert

    How many unborn children do women kill every year? Millions

  • Bishop351

    Actually we are mostly amazed at what an idiot you are.

  • randolph.poole

    Another dumbass, no-nothing “entertainer” who assumes that people actually care about what they think!

  • sonnieC

    She is nothing but a whore bitch.

  • gomurr

    OK, MK-Ultra baby.


    If it was a Black America Guy, she would not say anything.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    She couldn’t get a Moslem to touch her. They would prefer a goat. in fact they would even consider a pig that’s PIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cathylovesyou

    Miley has to put on her cloths act her age and shut up on things she knows little about. A good spanking would have helped when she was younger but her parents needed on as well. This is what a screwed up family life does to one.
    No dessert for you tonight until you clean up your act, your silliness.

  • CCblogging

    Miley the bimbo has a lot of class, however, it’s all Low.

  • James W. Porter

    A moron stupid like Miley Cyrus will never understand, she can not even keep her pants on in front of a audience. The real problem is people like you that are so Hateful , Violent and Disrespectful of others. Miley Cyrus you are the one that killed those people, you bend the minds that pulled the trigger . if we fix you Liberal stupid disgraceful people tat will fix 90% of the problem

  • keith

    If you really want to be heart broken listen to achy breaky heart, that song makes me sick

  • Charlie Silvertooth

    Go spread your legs for the ISIS boys. They deserve you.

  • gatorbait88

    YAWN…..must have got tired of that gigantic plastic penis……what a ditz….wait a minute.. Isn’t she a progressive ????….

  • no dilliger

    i always get my political commentary from stoned hoes,what could go wrong ,is that a unicorn attack on cnn ???

  • jon

    drugged up miley the sex queen of the new loons on the left her values when down the crapper and her morals joined them their seconds later .what was someone to look up to is now nothing more then rich trailer trash.

  • guest

    Why do so many people act like nitwits????

    • Deplorable Robert

      Because Liberalism is a Mental disorder. They believe that if it ( whatever the subject ) does conform to their views then it’s not ALLOWED. Just like Conservatives trying to speak at Berkeley. Miley probably donates to Anti-fa, BLM, NAACP, Sierra Club, Black Panthers, All those anti gun mayors against guns, anti anything American Bloomburger/ De Blazie Hole groups.
      That is why people behave like “that”…

  • Anvil6

    Dear Miley: Evil knows no bounds – not race, religion, gender, national origin or any other discernable category.

  • southern ohio trail cam videos

    Yet another clueless spoon fed heir in the entertainment industry making an ass of themselves in front of the entire world. An individual of any race that commits a murder in any numbers for a reason other than religion is just a psycho. A terrorist kills for religious reasons.Not that it matters anyway. And I dont care what the “definition” of a terrorist might be. This is how the world views this matter.

  • Sandy white

    Who cares what color the shooter is!? Oh I forgot, morons like u Miley! Y don’t u just sit down and shut up. U r not important. U r however disgusting!

  • Paul Dragotto


  • Scott Henke

    Smelly Virus can kiss my a$$!

  • wtr

    with any luck it could happen to you

  • Eli Charlie Noseworthy


  • john

    Hey Miley. Skank much. MAGA turd

  • Cowboy

    Miley Cyrus is a disgraceful Idiot! Her own Father is probably embarrasstt by her!!!

  • Charlie

    It was a certified insane human that our government ( USAF ) let slip threw our laws by not updating his permanent record on his mental illness .
    As for Miss Cyrus it would be wise if she stopped the drugs and keep her cloths on . She is a spoiled very wealthy egotistical young woman that is in need of a bunch of self restraint . Hopefully she will not promote another nut case to go on some violent rampage . Hopefully Miss Cyrus and all others will understand that the above is constructive criticism .
    Understand mentally unstable humans with violent tendencies are prohibited by our laws to obtain , purchase , own any firearms . Guns even if fully automatic or cannons do not kill the human behind firearm does the killing , this is factual .

  • Tom

    Who cares what Miley Cyrus thinks, you know there are some deranged white men in this world, there are also some that believe in ISIS, that doesn’t mean that they are sane. It was also two white men that chased that crazed white man down and either killed him are caused him to kill himself.

  • Curtis Tricarico

    A liberal atheist did the shooting! Myley needs a brain transplant.

  • DukeFord57


  • Heidie-lyn Depper twin lol

    Miley will NEVER be taken seriously EVER !!
    N ow attacking “white men of America”. Coming from such a sleaze that loves giving herself frontal wedgies in front of a audience of little girls. Disgusting ……. the mothers that brought their little girls to see her in concert were mortified by this sleazebag and what she did on stage. She’s not a person anyone would listen to. She promised to leave our country …. why on Earth is she still here especially now attacking our white men. Just leave sleazy Miley like you said you would … just leave!!!!!


    Poor relevant SNOWFLAKE BABY!!

    Blames ALL white men as terrorists and then can’t take the heat?!?!

  • pateboo

    These people who complain about gun control, and mass killings, are the same people who have no problem with abortion. Instead of worrying about GUN control, why don’t they focus on SELF CONTROL.

  • ReaperHD

    White Trailer Trash Talking!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maggietish

    Why has Miley Cyrus been so silent about crimes that are committed by minorities and for that matter Islamic terrorists. Why is that? Every time she opens her mouth it’s a given that she is stupider than dirt but even she can’t be that dumb not to know how much violence has been perpetrated against white people, minorities killing minorities and Islamic terrorist attacks against all Americans regardless of race. Why would anyone care about Miley Cyrus’s opinion when she is just nothing but a sleazy dirt bag Who has no relevance to anyone

  • stretchman

    The real truth is, at least, according to ISIS, it does need to happen. The sad fact is that our system has become rife with people who are highly trained and yet, misguided.

    Anyone who thinks that doing a terror style attack will do anything except inspire more terror related crimes is mistaken. Yes, we are trained killers. It is not up to us to decide for ourselves when we should employ those skills. Those decisions are made at a much higher pay grade.

    We also certainly do not want to engage unarmed civilians. It is ridiculous to even think that people who are gathered at a house of worship are to be considered targets of opportunity. Or a concert. A school. Or gasp, even a gay bar. Lamer stuff is simply lame. Doing anything for ISIS losers is even more lame.

    My best advice is to conserve precious ammo, and wait until those services are actually required. More than likely, it will be a 2 way range. You’ll need everything you got then. Don’t get derailed by weak minded people who decide to join the other team. Hang in there. We can make America great again. Really.

  • Bob

    So ugly, inside out. She needs to go hide her filthy self.

  • Joecolt

    For Someone who has a Broken Moral Compass, Who Went from Disney to almost a Porn Star With Sex Tapes and all, Talking about White Men instead of just This Nut who Slipped by our Laws because someone Dropped the Ball and Never put his Insanity into our System that would have Definitely kept him from any Purchase of a Weapon you of all people attack white men. You Stupid Liberals do more Damage to Children with your sex Antics then these Killers do with Illegal Guns, It’s more of how much you don’t have on then what you do have on with your Red Carpet. Hollywood and the Now Music Madness is Completely Sex Driven. Have you Read the Headlines Lately? How Many Children have you Ruined Mentally with your Sex Antics??? You have played a Spoiled Child for way too long Grow up and Break away from your Peers while you are still young.

  • James Agans

    Miley, you poor little leftest twit, crazy comes in all colors, maybe when you grow up you will learn to put your brain in gear before you engage your mouth? Now you have gone and given me an achey breaky heart. A half assed moronic AM tune if there ever was one. Too bad your dad wasen’t Jackson Browne huh? Maybe then you could think?

  • Craig Lummus

    Hey you, POS, where was your outrage at the dirty muslim rat that ran down those innocent victims last week? Miley, you’re pathetic.

  • Mike

    Miley Cyrus should stay with twerking for all her slut friends and stay from any contact with people because we don’t need any more racist Liberals that think the world revolves around them, and to think any thing she says means something it don’t. She is not the cure for our Country she’s the part of the problem. I think shes at the top of the list with Lassie i”m not sure who has barred more bones Miley or lassie.

  • Brandy Nicole Havers

    Yeah we need more control/laws over idiots like you who spew just any old vile thing that they come up with! Gun Control does not work- look at Detroit and Chicago- once big beautiful cities- now they resemble war torn 3rd world countries- all because of strict gun laws- so there! Dumbass!

  • David Seale

    Feel free to LEAVE THE USA!!!!!!

  • sensrbtch

    hoos cares tuat this’ll tuat thinks about anything! she is 1 of the slut-sallies on the swift barbie-barge.part of the reason is she cannot go homie, it has been robbed so many times there is nothing too go 2?! God i really licked hanna montana! she is the best hollow-weenie person in the parade!

  • John Beam

    This putrescent whore has never had a cogent thought in her entire life. Back when she’d call America at its social worst, kids would take their rifles to school for safety and other weapon-related classes, and the slaughter we see nowadays was unheard of. Thanks to shitheads like Cyrus and leftists like her our society has sunk as low as it has.