MSNBC Jealous Of Trump’s Loyal Base

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called President Trump’s supporters “trained seals.”

After playing a video of Trump supporters booing the false Kavanaugh accusations, Matthews said, “The man is amazing at creating notions of these infractions. There was Benghazi — went on for years. What was Benghazi again? Yeah, there was people killed there, but what did Hillary Clinton do wrong? They never actually said that, they just said Benghazi over and over again. Like waving the bloody shirt after the Civil War. All they saw was the bloody shirt. They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“Here we have a leak? Excuse me, Washington is built every moment on leaks. The idea that it’s a crime is absurd, and yet the crowd is cheering, they’re jeering. How does he get them to act like trained seals? How does he get his crowd to react to what he says, whatever he says they either cheer or jeer according to his orders?”

  • The_Frog_Prince

    I guess Chrissy doesn’t get that thrill up his leg like Obama gave him?

  • oldwestman

    The reason for the reaction about Benghazi is because the people there asked for help to get out but Clinton felt going out to dinner was more important than saving American lives, do some research knucklehead!

  • Neil Buesch

    This is a cover up protecting ASS WIPES, from the last piece of shit Administration !!!! PERIOD. Nothing gets done because no one has any BALLS to get it done.

  • Donald Baker

    Cannot think of a more arrogant, lying fake news POS than Chris Matthews

  • KLW9008

    Well …… maybe we CHEER what he says because it’s also what we BELIEVE!!!

  • england98

    Hey! Mr. Matthews why don’t you get a real job. Oh! I forgot they don’t allow dog catchers to be hire from MSNBC.