MSNBC Mocks Republican Midterm Results

When speaking about how the midterm results in Congress getting “worse for Republicans,” Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC, doubted President Trump’s intelligence and claimed that the only the Republicans could have lost this “badly” was if they were trying to lose.

“[Y]ou have to wonder, sometimes you think is he uneducated, does the president not understand history? I almost think you have to try to lose this badly,” proclaimed Brzezinksi. “I mean, this is incredible.”

Joe Scarborough of the “Morning Joe” then stated, “You really do.”

  • cnn-826c8a7110c57a06b89f9f019970a87a

    And, who are the stupid ones here? Even they know that losing the House was bad and expected while gaining in the Senate is almost historic.

    • Lee J

      Remember who raised this ignorant bitch!

  • NeoracerX

    He lost less than Obama did, but do they mention that? NO!
    they are liars

  • GetReal4U2

    the lame stream media…pathetic…at the very best…

  • Michael Taylor

    Mika defines the reason why I call this program PMS NBC…as bad as Commie News Network…nuff said

    • Michael Taylor

      The ONLY Reason that the REP’s lost seats, was due to the Massive Voter Fraud that was allowed to occur in states, like CA, AZ, and elsewhere, because they Hate President Trump..File RECO charges against these states, especially CA…How long after a winner is called, do these POS Socialist LibTurds need to find more “Magical” ballots to count till they win..??

  • Robert E. Herbst

    Ignorant Witch !!!!!!!

  • Jorg37

    How dumb can you be if you can’t even remember the name of a burnt out city you are visiting in California?! “Pleasure” instead of Paradise! How embarrassing, – a gaff that went around the world!

    • bobg11

      Would you remember if you never had been there before

      • Jorg37

        He was standing there, in the midst of the burnt out rubble of Paradise, next to the Ca governor, calling the city “Pleasure”. How difficult can it be to remember the name of the city you are trying to honor with your visit. No, the sad fact is that Trumpy is rather dumb. That’s why he appeals to people like him: uneducated, uninformed, gullible and easily fooled, with limited language capabilities.

        • bobg11

          So you’ve never made a mistake ever?????

          • Jorg37

            Oh, my goodness! I have made so many mistakes, especially in my business adventurers. Way too optimistic, and trusting too many people to be honest! But where I haven’t made a mistake, is in picking the most wonderful, faithful and accomplished wife, giving me two absolutely fantastic children. That counts more than anything else!


          I agree Jorg 37. The point is that the world’s second ‘best pussy grabber’ would easily confuse the words paradise and pleasure as these are the mean the same thing to him when he is playing with prostitutes.

  • yellowjacket2

    When you consider that the republicans were faced with having to overcome the news medias conniving and Democrats organized vote cheating, I think it was pretty amazing that the Republicans did as well as they did. And much of the credit has to go to President Trump for his tireless campaigning. And, speaking of campaigning, did anyone in the lying news media notice that everyone that Obama campaigned for lost! Talk about coattails! Obama has replaced Hillary as the kiss of death when it comes to candidate endorsements. I can’t wait for 2020.

  • Rodney

    So let me get this right, Trump is somehow stupid and the republicans lost “badly” (is that actually a word) yet their messiah, Barack Hussein Obama lost 63 house seats in his first mid-term compared to Trump’s 37. Hypocrite much? Maybe Mika and Joe and the ones who are stupid?

  • Donald Hufford

    Who are they trying to Bullshit any time they loose they sue and cry and riot because they do not want a constitutional government you can tell by the way the take away your rights and say you don’t need free speech or the right to bare arms. Only we do and only our people can carry guns, they take an oath to defend the constitution and then break it and try to tear it apart. put history back in school. plus show me how their education system helps a high school gradate balance a checking account or fix anything around the house let alone maintain a car.

  • PatsFan78

    You mean “Low IQ Mika”?

  • Ron C

    Two of the most disgusting people on TV…and then there is Racheal Madcow who is giving Mika & Joe a run for their money in the disgusting department!

  • bobg11

    Trump actually gained Senate seat which is more important. Clinton and Obama lost twice as many