Protestors Plan to Attack FCC Chairman’s Family

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has reported to Fox that liberals have been targeting his wife and children because of his recent decision to roll back on Net Neutrality.

The protestors are walking around with Pai’s children’s names on signs and claiming that Pai is “murdering Democracy in cold blood.”

Pai said, “It certainly crosses a line with me. Families…should remain out of it and stop harassing us at our homes….It was a little nerve-racking, especially for my wife who’s not involved in this space.”

  • cardmaster1

    Shoot the punks on sight. That will take care of it. NO EXCUSE for the Liberal Nazi’s and their attempts at TERROR. NO better than ISIS!! Same cloth. Todays Liberals ARE the new Nazi party!!! “Do as I say, Not as I do”.

    • cochise1

      This is really out of bounds. Threats, intimidation and all because we are going back to the internet regs of 3 years ago. This is communist inspired terror. The left is now a real threat for violence. You can ask Rep. Scalise. My state of Georgia has a ‘stand your ground’ and ‘castle’ law. If they come on my property they will get shot.

  • Edward Beadle

    Guantanamo Bay Residences would be better. They are terrorists after all!

  • Forbin Project

    Why are so many liberals violent, immoral, unethical and/or pervs?

    • flashy0ne

      You’ve just described a “liberal”

  • Ovomit1

    …is the wife armed locked and loaded

  • Felipe Gomez Jr.

    This is what these terrorist do best! Especially! If they can’t get their way! Arrest those terrorist threatening fool’s. Under the Home Land Security Act. Or Terrorist Act! They have no Rights! Can be held indefinitely without trial they can just disappear forever! No trial no nothing! Understand since we gave up our rights to enact Bushes Home Land Security Act! . We have no Rights! The Government just let’s us still think we have rights! But. We don’t! That’s a fact! I found that out when I went before a judge. Who deprived me of my Constitutional Rights and said I had no rights! Right to my lawyers faces and laughed! So put these fool’s who wasted tax payers dollars on building FEMA camps! In those Camps! They are just a waste of money right now! They were actually meant for us. So why not use them for these loser’s? Then deport them to the Commie Socialist Globalist country of their choice! Out of sight ! Out of mind. Get them outta here! They are not American anyway. No matter what they say! Their ideals are not American nor America period! They are not going to change America to their benefit for Communism in America! They need to be spanked! Like the little tantrum throwing , sniveling , crying , pissing and crapping in their diaper’s . Like an punk who doesn’t like to be told anything or be disciplined! Lock them up like putting punk’s in Juvenile Hall. Better yet! Dump them off in a Communist country. Let them see what Communism is really like? Since they believe it to be so great! When they want to come back? Hell No! Leave them there for good! That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it,!

  • rick meek


  • Big Ed

    Leftists are totally out of control. Here we have a group of leftists making threats to a man’s family because they don’t like what he does at work. Rand Paul is attacked by a leftist neighbor and seriously injured. Many people wearing Trump caps have been attacked and injured. Antifa and BLM both need to be named and treated like domestic terrorists. When they make an attack on someone, they need to be arrested and put in jail for a long, long time. The government’s job is to protect the citizens-conservatives are perfectly capable of defending themselves, so if the government won’t do it, we will. See how fast the conservatives are labeled and treated like thugs when they begin to protect themselves. It still has to be done, because I refuse to be treated like crap because I voted for Trump.

  • Ed Gray

    I would consider it an honor to stand guard against these protestors, anytime

  • JR

    Democrats follow the “Mob Rules” and should have their as es kicked.