NY State Police Building MS-13 Unit

After several acts of violence by the El Salvadorian trans-national gang, the New York State Police have decided to create a special unit to counter MS-13.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced on Wednesday that he is deploying 25 state troopers to Long Island to combat the notoriously violent MS-13 street gang, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The announcement comes days after the gruesome murders of four teenagers there, which investigators say is related to MS-13.

“We will do everything we need to do to eliminate this criminal organization,” Cuomo said during the press conference.

The new unit is expected to share intelligence, surveillance assets, and other resources with law local enforcement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Monday that Long Island is home to more than 200 dedicated members of MS-13.

Recent Long Island area murders by MS-13 include those of Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas; as well as five other individuals by a group of mostly illegal alien MS-13 members, Breitbart Texas reported.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to visit a dangerous section of Long Island on Friday where he will speak about the violence from MS-13.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/04/27/ny-state-police-building-ms-13-unit/

  • WilliamHarrington

    Until the Liberals pull their heads out of their anal orifice and actually fight MS13 by allowing the public to defend themselves, they will never subdue MS13.

  • pappy450

    About DAMN TIME! If cuomo , deblasio and their “fellow scumocrats” hadn’t “declared” N.Y. a sanctuary area and booted these thugs out to begin with, N.Y. wouldn’t be in the mess it is. Welcome to SCUMOCRAT CORRUPT “RULE” by “king cuomo” and his merry minions.

  • rick meek

    What BULLCHIT – when I was there – The gang unit had identified – MS-13 – trinadaderos – posse’s – haitians – russians – afgans and so many others —– and didn’t do chit…….

  • patriotazdes

    How about letting law abiding citizens own a firearm. Let people defend themselves.

    • Statesman Patriot

      I do live in a state that allows law abiding citizens to easily own firearms to defend ourselves and any other victim.

      It took us 13 years of legislative work to take back most of our self defense rights.

      13 states tightly restrict thereby protecting criminals instead. All are severely BLUE Libtard states!
      In the west are CA and OR.
      Then you IL
      Then most of the east coast.

      My state beats the hell out of ALL other states, overall, on 2A and self defense laws. We still have a little work to do but we have been on the offensive for past 13 years.

      I am not going to say what state I’m in or we will attract some shithead Bloomberg effect of panty-wetting, emotionally irrational, libtard snowflakes. We have worked too hard to let that happen.

    • denoferth

      Never, its a job security issue. Like all good commie liberal legends in their own minds they always know they can do it better than anyone else no how many times their predecessors have failed doing exactly the same thing.

  • Kirk Kahler

    it is about damn time ! these are people who don’t care about life and kicking out of the country wont work they will just show back up so may be they should just find a bullet in the head !

  • depaz

    And hopefully, they’ll have orders to shoot to kill. . . . . .

  • Dennis Anderson

    Cuomo is a sack of crap just like Senator Wyden is in the state of Oregon? No one moves on anything until people start complaining.

  • LiberalFascist

    Yea they will do everything. Except jail them, deport them, arrest them, or hurt their feelings.



  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    With the Mayer of New York, he’s probably going to put them up at a hotel in Manhattan .

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    The sleeping, snoozing, drug induced peasants allowed this crap to fester for decades, now the dolts are demanding something be done. Suffer the fools.

  • J. Ernst

    Well, here we are AGAIN!!! Being ENTERTAINED with the very idea that a “New Task Force” should and will be created (MORE federal grant $$$ in a GUN FREE CITY?) to combat the dreaded 13 “gang”. I guess it’s BETTER to spend the GRANT MONIES for this rather than for SANCTUARY CITY EMBELLISHMENTS!!!
    HMMM….the L.A. police handled this type of criminal BUSINESS with aplomb…BETWEEN 1947 to 1967. Today, we are a “kinder-gentler nation” because we “respect human rights” so well that the PERPS have a greater chance of being hit by lightning than being put to death for their crimes AGAINST HUMANITY!!! Let ALONE actually to BE deported.
    THANKS Mexico, U.N., and liberals for YOUR “trade agreements” stuffed with U.S. Grant Monies allotments within the “agreements of convenience”……AKA YOUR & MY TAX DOLLARS!!!
    Quite the contradiction that the criminal organization gets greater “respect” than a REAL American citizen.
    How come?
    Same reason hez-bullsht-lah, alqueda, muhazhedeen and on and on and on get to EXIST in the first place.
    THANKS cia, mossad and fbi for FUNDING, IGNORING and INTRODUCING these “poor, displaced peoples” the U.N. has supported with THEIR protocol’s for nearly 50+ years to date.
    And the “progressives and liberal’s” keep promoting these BUSINESS MODELS for their coffers.
    Breath easy, aim and squeeze.
    Simple as that. But, transport them into the desert first please.

  • lucifer

    The AG said almost 48 hrs ago, that he was going to eradicate MS-13 in Long Island. Now the Demo’s in that state are playing catch up. They let it slide until someone from the administration decides to do something about it. They are playing the obama rule always late for everything even taking decisions? Thank You.