NY Wage Hike Consequences

Be careful what you wish for. Many New Yorkers are frustrated as they feel the effects of a minimum wage hike.

The city increased the minimum wage form roughly $13 to $15. Yet as businesses are forced to pay employees more, they have to earn more to make up for it. This has specifically caused outrage among restaurants in the area, as the easiest way to afford the wage hike was to increase the prices of offerings. 

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Melissa Fleischut, president and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association noted that, “[Restaurants] feel they’re getting to a point where the customer might reject the higher prices, choose a different way to eat out, or eat their own food.”

It’s an unfortunate circumstance but the result was plainly clear from the beginning. Forcing businesses to pay more will drive them to charge more, and it won’t just be with restaurants.

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