Obama Appointed Judge REFUSES To Work With ICE

This is an attack on America…

Federal Judge Indira Talwani , who was appointed by former President Barack Obama, is refusing to allow ICE agents arrest any illegal immigrant if they live inside of a courthouse. Stating, “ORDERS that Defendants” ICE and the acting Director Matthew T. Albence and ICE’s Todd M. Lyons in Boston along with the federal Department of Homeland Security stop any ‘civil immigration actions inside courthouses.’”

In the past, Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins and Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan announced they were filing a lawsuit targeting ICE.

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Rollins boasted “it would be my honor” to face arrest from federal agents for her opposition to ICE. Saying, “That is an assault on our justice system. Not one person in our Commonwealth is safer because of that practice. ICE’s policy is undermining the work of the justice system as a whole. Prosecutors are forced to abandon cases because many victims and witnesses are deterred from appearing in court. The policy also makes it more difficult to obtain defendants appearance in court.”

Under the ruling, immigration authorities can still arrest people on civil immigration violations if the person is already in state or federal custody, the ruling also doesn’t prevent ICE from making criminal arrests.

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