Obama thanks first responders in Hurricane Harvey

Former President Obama thanked first responders and local officials helping in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Texas Sunday, saying: “That’s what we do as Americans.”

“Thank you to all the first responders and people helping each other out. That’s what we do as Americans. Here’s one way you can help now,” Obama tweeted, linking to an American Red Cross tweet soliciting donations.

Obama’s tweet comes as the Texas region is rocked by Tropical Storm Harvey. Federal and local officials have declared a state of emergency over the storm, which hit the southeastern coast as a Category 4 hurricane.

President Trump signed a Presidential Disaster Declaration to help with recovery efforts.
Trump has tweeted several times about the storm, praising local officials for their coordination to the storm. He will visit Texas on Tuesday.

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source: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/348206-obama-thanks-first-responders-in-hurricane-harvey

  • Joseph R Greco


    • Bob V


      • Joseph R Greco

        Many Americans are not aware of that Bob.There are many things that Obama got away with that we will never know about.He was the Antichrist for eight years,and did his best to ruin our country!

        • Bob V

          AMEN , Brother

      • PM

        He sure did and he gave pallets of gold and cash to Iran and now they have invested millions in their navy and are prowling the Atlantic.

    • Statesman Patriot


      Born in Kenya, got college education as an Indonesian and claims he is eligible for POTUS? All he qualifies for is POS!

    • Sandy Smith

      Funny! I basically stated the same thing as you, and I was going to state he’s already done enough damage! Great mind 😉

  • Rick Robinson

    Fuck obama..go pray to your false God Allah!

    • hearmetalking

      Amen Rick, Obama has no idea what we Americans do

      • Simon

        ofraudma IS a piece of shit,a lier,and a work in the cover of darkness, worthless turn coat.

  • What a worthless POS the former president is never heard from him on the last flood because he was in his last term and playing golf ,now he thinks he can run for a third term so he is out sucking up

  • Moe

    Bob, I thought I was the only one wondering here he spent 11 to 12 trillion dollars in only eight years. Trump did request an audit, but was quickly labeled a racist. Truth is we are not allowed to know where our money was spent after all he is King Obama? Liberals will believe themselves witty by saying only Congress can authorize spending? Hundreds of Billions are missing, unaccounted for, or mis-spent oh his priority projects. Money was shifted from one cabinet to another to finance what Congress refused to pay for. Sneaky devil, now he wants to share his wordless opinion which is worth as much as his honesty.

    • PM

      No one knows exactly where the money went and a Harvard Accountant team could track it because the trail is so well hidden. But a lot of war lords got wealthy as well as dictators in the Mideast-and who knows how much was returned to Obama…

      • Moe

        Good point, anything is possible? His estimated wealth was 200,000 in 2009. He came a long way since then. We will
        Never know.

    • rick meek

      Dems are fighting the fed audit……Just like they’re fighting everything and anything that will reveal the treason here……

  • Steven Gobble

    Why can’t the Black King just go away like EVERY other ex-president did? I personally have had enough of this coward and his opinions don’t mean shit. GO AWAY. Let’s talk about the 11 trillion you wasted of the tax payer dollars if you need to talk about something.

  • quarkie009

    Why in the world should we be concerned about Obama tweeting. He has never liked the United States and will always harbor resentment against us as a country and will do anything to help bring this country down to its knees in order to accomplish his evil desires to destroy us. Go back to Kenya.

  • gene smiith

    What a very sick person Obama is. Spouting about what Americans do when of all the people he has
    been the worst American and done more than anyone else to destroy our Country and values and create dissension to further advance his ideas of how he and his Financiers want this County to be.
    Shut up Hypocrite…no one gives a damn what you think, not even a whisper of it.

  • AFGus

    Oasswipe just can’t help but insert himself into everything that comes along. I’m convinced that Mr. Narcissist thinks that he is still the POTUS. He needs to just STFU….his eight long years of screwing up this country are over!

  • Simon

    Why is ofraudmas opinion on my conservative page?? He started ruining the USA. And he is still behind the scenes,stiring up opposition,and violence,just like when he held office, he could never admit, to anything.he is a snake.

  • bwyatt33

    Who really cares what Obama says? I am so tired of hearing his name, I wish he would just go away!

  • Lady Patriot

    The Narcissist-in-Chief thinks he’s still president. Have the good grace to go quietly into the night as all presidents before you have, MR. Obama.

  • RDB

    His narcissism won’t let him stay out of the spotlight, taking every opportunity to be seen. Obama’s statement was an attempt to make him self look good. He only uses people and situations that he thinks benefits himself.

  • ReaperHD

    El NIGGRO thought he was KING and KINGS never go away unless they are eradicated.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    What no attacks on police is Obozo having off day?????

  • Cowboy Randy

    To The THEIF Obummer you can help by giving back all the money and items ya stole from us we Texans take care of our own and need no thanks from a half breed like you or your male wife we are fixen to tame this critter Harvey and Brand his ass as defeated and declare our VICTORY and ya can tell antifa just watch the news we do not care what color yer skin is if ya need help you have it so you and them fools stay the hell out we have enough shit to clean up after this

  • doctorbob

    How would Obama know what Americans do?

  • PM

    Even Jimmy Carter went on-site to assist and aid the unfortunates who had disaster. Obama is doing his best at what he does best-trying to take credit for something he hasn’t done or had anything to do with.

  • 64humming

    Maggiann6 :
    Obama all of a sudden cares about Texas. No way, he should shut up and quietly leave the country. Did nothing as president now he wants to say nice things what a liar

  • William Merrell

    Who cares what this P.O.S. thinks? He was a failure when the disaster happened during his watch (while he stole BILLIONS/TRILLIONS from Americans) and now he wants to get some headlines (which the lame media will try to continue).

  • Ah nutz

    oh butt out obummer ..no one needs or wants your opinions

  • Louisiana Lady

    I am still waiting for this detestable scum to be prosecuted for his crimes against America!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    he’s thanking them for saving the illegals,what did he do when sandy hit n.j. , shuck cristies hand gave them a grant and went back to the golf course, n,j is still a mess

  • Jimwolf

    Not interested in Obozo’s thoughts.. If he were still in Office he would have been in some Muslim country kissing rings and kneeling on his little blanky..

  • USMC

    Obama we do not want to hear from you, we have a President that can do his job. Like we care what you have to say crawl back in your hole and take hillery with you.

  • spudmans1

    Why do you people even report what that lying ineligible Kenyon homosexual crook even says? Like Joseph said below, “Who cares???” Hit the road Obama and get lost you bum.

  • donl

    Who gives a Sh*t what Obie has to say.

  • James E Tryon

    He never did this in 8 years as president. This POS needs to disappear from view!

  • Sandy Smith

    Who cares! I wish he and his family would just disappear already!

  • got my licence

    Like Obama knows what it is to be a American. He is correct that this is what Americans do.

  • ch

    That is what WE do as Americans. All you could do was cut us down and apologize for our greatness. You wouldn’t lift a finger to help a real LEGAL American in need, all you could do was help all the ILLEGALS and REFUGEES. Go home to Kenya and leave us real American alone.

  • remuda

    Sounds vaguely familiar…

  • rick meek

    Like obozo cares —- He and holder are busy in CA with the morons there and the 9th circuit……

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Go away, Obasshole. You’ve had your time trying to destroy the Republic. Now just GO AWAY.

  • Jim

    Obama just seems to have trouble letting go of the Presidency. He can’t stand it that President Trump is now in charge of the US, and he is not. It is very bothersome that Obama has to remain in the limelight. He can’t handle just acting like most US Presidents do who are satisfied to become private citizens again. Why can’t he just fade away? He can’t because he is too busy being in charge of his deep state, type of shadow government. That’s why!

  • rs1123

    I have zero use for Obama but he did manage to make his tweet and leave politics out of it.
    As we should here. Sometimes the grownup thing to do is rise above it.

  • Older Than Dirt

    Of course AoL will cover this with delight – anything anti-Trump. There’s nothing wrong with that tweet ex-
    kept he makes it sound a lot like he is still president and as the great “Moses” he is leading his people out
    of harms way – which he sure had problems when he had the power. But, anything to distract from how well things are going in spite of the horrendous conditions.
    This is going to take time and is a Katrina-like event. And for all those who think that a nuclear war with NK is the answer – just chew on this – What if this happened all over the country at once – who would be there to help who. At least now help can come in from all over, but if we were hit all over the you try it would be the end of civilization as we know it. Are we prepared for that one ? Would Obama wave his hands and kiss our foreheads and tell us how he will take care of us then ? And of course the liberals will be blaming everyone as usual – except themselves as the terrorists and illegal criminals would be having a field day !

  • MoBetter2

    Didn’t anybody tell this worthless America-hating Stealth-muslime jihadist that he is no longer the president? Millions didn’t give a crap about what he said while he was still in office, 10-fold more couldn’t care less what he spews out today! Get lost you useless cretin, immediately and permanently! America will be better off the instant you disappear from public life….

  • Terry Butts

    He no longer has any political authority why is it even news that he THANKED people that everyone in America should thank.

  • Kiki

    Why waste your time talking about this psychotic fool??????

  • Antogeny

    This is a first! He never thanked anyone when he was President – it was always, “I ordered”…….whatever was done. What does he mean by “That’s what we do as Americans”? He’s as far from being an American as anyone has ever been!! And who is that “we” – him and the mouse in his pocket????? That narcissist needs to disappear! And the American taxpayers should not give him another dime, IMHO!!!!!! I read that he’s the most expensive ex-President EVER! He didn’t earn his salary for 8 years and he’s not going to earn whatever he is taking from the country now!!! He still makes me gag!