Official Decimates Pelosi’s Latest Claim

Reacting to Nancy Pelosi’s claim that Trump delay the SOTU address, former CIA and FBI official Phil Mudd picked the House Speaker’s argument apart while speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

“Is this a legitimate security concern?” Blitzer asked.

“Heck no!” retorted Mudd, “I mean this is political genius, I give Nancy Pelosi credit for her political sense.”

“We’re talking about less than 60 acres in the huge national security threats of U.S. Senators, U.S. congressmen, members of the cabinet, Supreme Court justices, and guests of, for example, the president, and we can’t secure 58 acres?” Mudd went on to elaborate. “Are you kidding me?”

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“There’s 48,000 plus flights every day in this country, Wolf,” he added, “they’re still flying and the FAA, which in the midst of this crisis is still operating, can manage 40,000 plus flights and we can’t do 58 acres?”

“I applaud her for coming up with the genius of trying to corner the president on this,” Mudd said in closing, “but from a national security perspective, this is a Kardashian moment, this is fake!”

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