Ossoff Loses Election Despite Celebrity Help

Democrat Jon Ossoff lost his bid against Republican Karen Handel in Georgia’s Sixth District special congressional election Tuesday night, representing a stunning rebuke of Hollywood and the numerous celebrities who stumped for and contributed to the Democrat’s campaign.

The race to fill the seat long held by former Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), now President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, had received national media attention as Democrats used the contest as an opportunity to measure the party’s prospects to win elections in the run-up to the 2018 midterms.

Ossoff, a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker-turned-Democratic politician, had received a steady stream of support from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Some of the most vocal celebrity critics of President Donald Trump, including Rosie O’Donnell, Jane Fonda, and Samuel L. Jackson, donated time and money to help Ossoff’s campaign.

In April, Jackson cut a 45-second radio ad endorsing Ossoff, urging Georgia voters to “stop Donald Trump, a man who encourages racial and religious discrimination and sexism.”

Actor John Leguizamo’s assertion that democracy itself hinged on Ossoff winning underscored how desperate Hollywood was to send a resounding message of resistance to Trump’s presidency.

But Tuesday’s results were likely to prompt more soul-searching among the political left, who are still looking for their first significant post-Trump election victory.

Actress Alyssa Milano, an early Ossoff supporter, personally drove voters to polling sites for the Democrat during the April election that forced Tuesday’s runoff.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/06/20/hollywood-fail-jon-ossoff-losses-georgia-congressional-election/

  • Kevin Burns

    Samuel Jackson????? Calling Trump a Racist???? Who was quoted as saying “I hope the San Bernadino shooters are White”. Talk about a racist remark….. Well Sam….. They weren’t….. It’s people like you that keep the flags of racism alive in the Black minority….. Suck it Up…. ButterCup….. Handel Won…..

  • Concerned

    It was good to see that the Georgia voters saw through the lies of the far left. It appeared to most of us that the elite of Hollywood just latched on to a person who had resume’ or policies with which voters could identify. These Hollywood folks treated the electorate as fools and thought that they could buy this election by dumping the most ever (<$30M) into support for a person who did not even live in the district and could not even vote for himself.
    When the elites act like this, the common folks revolt and speak their minds. We all know that socialism and communism never work, but the elites from Hollywood who each have millions of dollars do not seem to care what will happen to the poor and middle America if these Democratic policies are forced on the American people. We still do not know how we can dig ourselves out of the current $20T debt, which was doubled under the Obama administration.

    • Fred Friedman

      Thank God the voters rejected the candidacy of a leftist Jew masquerading as a moderate. The Democrats are a hardcore leftist party full of people who dislike the America outside the ghettos of our universities, the media and the cultural sewer of Hollywood. Their supporters are cultural and political garbage. I am so happy that John Lewis is upset. He is a plantation Negro who should be returned to his owner.

      • George Burnett

        Fred, I am a conservative Republican that is somewhere to the right of moderate. One thing that I am not and will not support is racist and racism. You are most certainly entitled to your own opinions but, if you are trying to sway people with your arguments, you might want to do some soul searching. Does someone’s religion or the color of their skin make them any more or less entitled to fairness or make them less of a person? We no longer have plantation Negros and despite what your political differences are with John Lewis, and I myself have many, does not make him less of a man than either you or me. If the best that you can do is a statement like the one above, please don’t suggest that you might represent all Conservatives, you do not. I grew up in South Georgia in the 50’s and 60’s and was exposed to the racism that existed in those years. For a long time now I have been able to recognize that a man’s or woman’s skin color is not a signal of their intelligence or value. Fred, we have many differences with the Democratic Liberals and we have a huge mountain to climb to repair the damage that they have done and want to do to this country. Please don’t make that job harder by alienating those of us that are not racist. If you are wondering I am Caucasian, which makes absolutely no difference in the validity of my post.

        • bob

          I agree, a person running for any office should stick to issues of what is troubling the country. If an incumbent, let their record of what they’ve done speak for itself & also what they intend to do in the future to build on their record, if it’s been a benefit to the people they have been serving.
          If they are the challenger, let them put forward THEIR plan to benefit those they want to serve. When criticizing their opponent ,have a plan as to what would be a better way to solve the problem you say your opponent has not addressed.
          To me, I don’t care what color you are, your nationality ,your sex or other things about you, just convince me, without going into the gutter , why YOU are the better person for the job.

        • Fred Friedman

          George; You are right but black people are the enemies of the Republican party. My brother was assaulted by a Negro when he said he supported Trump. I am from New York and this is a rotten leftist city full of people who hate conservatives and have assaulted them physically. John Lewis and the rest of the Negro leadership have condemned every Republican from Reagan to Trump. Many Negroes dislike the Republican party so much that they are willing to assault us. I am sick and tired of the Negro leadership complaining about how bad we are when we are the only ones supporting school choice, law enforcement, immigration enforcement. voter Id laws, traditional marriage, religious freedom and so much more. The likes of Maxine Waters, Lewis, Cummings, Johnson and the rest of the Negro leadership in Congress has done nothing to improve the quality of life in this country. They love to blame white people for all of their problems are refusing to accept responsibility for the fact that most of the problems that Negroes suffer from today are self inflicted and are the result of poor moral judgment and poor values. Liberalism is dangerous to the economic and religious liberty that the founders bequeathed to this nation. Negroes support the Democrats with 90 percent of their votes and blame the Republicans when their policies fail. Every major city with a large Negro population-Detroit, Chicago, Philly, Baltimore has been governed by the Democrats for the past 100 years and yet Negroes still blame the Republican for the damage liberals have done to those cities. I am sick and tired of Negroes and their allies in the media and the academy blaming us for the failures of Negro leadership in Congress and in the cities that they govern. The vote for Handel was a vote for sanity and a vote against the leftist Hollywood Jews -and I am a Jew myself- who want to impose their rotten values on society. I am angry and I think I have a right to be because the left has been despicable in its treatment of the president. We conservatives need to fight back against this assault against our values and beliefs on campus as well as in every legislative venue in this country. You may think I am a bigot. I am not but I deal with this liberal bullshit every day as one of the few Republicans in New York City so I am very vigorous in defending myself. When the Negro leadership shows more responsibility in putting its own house in order then I will not be as angry as I seem now. But my main point-that liberalism is a threat to the moral and social order of society and needs to be excised like a cancer before it spreads is a point I will not and cannot concede. I thank you for your comments and wish you all the luck in spreading the conservative message and your support of Gove. Deal and Senators Perdue and Isakson both outstanding men and a credit to your state. Fred

      • Willie Reeves

        What a fool and you will always be such. People like you have no place in this world or even society. Did I say people like you, I am so sorry racist fool and rejects like you would be a better thought. I am sure you feel much safer on paper with your words like all your kind.

        • Fred Friedman

          Get a job and tell your people to stop dropping out of school, stop having kids out of wedlock and stop assaulting women. Black people are dangerous to the health of America.

  • ReaperHD

    There most Americans have no use for you Hollywood Hosers in their politics, stick to your Fairy Tale World and just keep patting each other on your backs every year with your $2.00 trophies.

  • cp123

    They will never learn. What really would have crushed him would be if Obama or Hillary stumped for him.

  • grafra102


  • rick meek

    hollywood should stick to cheating on each other – ripping each other off – backstabbing – …etc….

  • rick meek

    Man —- all that money WASTED when it could have gone to st judes – schriners – wounded warriors – DAV and other good causes…..

  • Bob Bascochea

    the people are speaking and winning go away snowflakes

  • bob

    No wonder he was heavily financed & favored by the Hollywood leftist elitists, he was a documentary FILM-MAKER so the Hollywood crowd didn’t give a shit what he knew about politics, they just wanted one of their own in this office, so they could CROW about their power & influence

  • Daniel Spickard

    This only goes to show how out of touch with reality HollyWood really is! I think they all went out and had a lobotomy!

  • juan robledo

    Bunch of liberal demoncratic radical idiot celebrities, and still lost so much for bad mouthing the President goes to show you people are smarter then the dumbass idiots who backed the liberal hearted demon-crates, live with the results

  • metheoldsarge

    Their only job is to entertain. The know-it-all celebrities, like Alec Baldwin, are just legends in their own mind and the minds of their elitist peers.

    They seem so different on the big screen than they do in real life. We spend our hard earned money to listen to their music or watch them pretend to be characters in movies or on TV. When they portray a character they sound so intelligent and intellectual. That is because they are speaking from a prepared script that they memorized. There haven’t been too many, in my opinion, who sound just as intelligent off screen. They are nothing more than puppets, so I really don’t care what they think about any issue. Their personal opinions mean nothing to me.

    I would rather they would just sing, dance or act. Other than that I wish they would just shut up. I usually wait until a movie comes out in DVD. That way I don’t have to pay those outrageous prices at the theater.

  • Lucian Wargrider

    Did they seriously think people in Georgia were going to listen to a bunch of people from Hollywood? Southerners tend to despise people from California, especially from Hollywood.

  • depaz

    Why does anybody in Hollywood give a flying fig about an election in Georgia? I wish those folks would stick to making movies. I don’t CARE what their political opinions are!!!

  • Willie Reeves

    All I can say about you southern whites is to the democrats that you can never win in these states of the south the are still fighting the war between the states they are all a sad group. Democrats should just forget about these states and those who live in them because they will never change. They are raised with hate and will teach those kids they have as well. You should just push them out of the union and this nation.

    • Fred Friedman

      And you should go to prison along with every Negro politician in the country.

  • juan robledo

    Bunch of liberal demoncratic radical idiot celebrities, and still lost so much for bad mouthing the President goes to show you people are smarter then the dumbass idiots who backed the

  • juan robledo