Mourning Mother Admonishes CNN For Drug Coverage

A mother who lost her daughter to a driver who was high marijuana just slammed CNN for celebrating the legalization of marijuana.

The mother Corinne Gasper stated the truth,

“It was very outrageous to see what I would call irresponsible journalism on behalf of CNN.”

“My daughter Jennifer had just graduated from college.”

“She was just 22 years old on the verge of a wonderful career, she wanted to actually go out in the world and fight drugs.”

“As Jennifer made her way in [to work], she was T-boned at an intersection by a man who was traveling 82 miles an hour through a red light.”

“My daughter’s car was pushed across the road, through a bunch of shrubberies, and then through the doors of a lube-stop building and the building collapsed on top of her car. My daughter lost her life that night.”

“The man that did this was uninjured, but he was high on medical marijuana. He was given a very light sentence of just two years in jail. He only spent 17 months there.”

  • ConservativeMe

    I ONLY support MEDICAL marijuana and not the legalization of recreational marijuana… PERIOD

    • Rodney

      The chemicals in pot that gives the relieve for so many illnesses can be found in non-psychoactive cannabis. I would fine with that, but not the stuff being peddled today that is really high in THC.

      • ConservativeMe


        • Rodney

          Very sorry for your loss! They are discovering more everyday and I pray we eventually find why so much cancer is so prevalent today. My best friend of 50+ years has prostate and bone cancer and in the last year, I have lost 4 other friends to cancer. Because of that, I spent a lot of time researching for reasons and reliefs. Cannabis holds a lot of secrets yet and much of it can be effective while not giving the usual “high” most use it for.

          Bless you and bless your daughter.

          • ConservativeMe


          • Rodney

            Lose of a child has to be the hardest. Losing friends is hard, older family members and beloved pets are next, but a child would be extremely hard.

            God Bless and I will pray for your grief to lighten.

          • ConservativeMe

            no one even imagines the pain of losing a child exists, THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS

        • Robert A Oziomek

          It should be used for medical reasons only. While your daughters cancer was unfortunate at least she was helped with the pain. Legalizing marijuana will open a can of worms.

          • ConservativeMe

            I agree… ONLY FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES

  • regulus30

    Many states have been working on a field sobriety test for ‘maryjane’; I do not know if it has been used yet, but these liberals will be howling soon if it is in place.The use should treated the same as alcohol.

    • Terry Butts

      They already have tests for “sobriety” once they determine someone is driving UNDER THE INFLUENCE they test to identify what influence they are under.

      This test could be as benign as analyzing the remains of the substance to going so far as a BLOOD TEST like they do with those suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

      Marijuana is not some stealth substance that is hard to detect and someone impaired by the influence of any drug will react the same to the usual tests of “sobriety” such as walking a straight line etc. that have been used for decades.

      The SUBSTANCE they took that impaired their driving only determines the charges/sentencing as there are different laws/sentences for use of certain substances.

  • jack

    another reason the WEED should not be allowed does the governor of COLORADO feel for these parents ? most likely not the incoming money is more important

  • Rodney

    Very sad. I thought the CNN NYE drug show was disgusting. If that man had been high on alcohol, they would have sent him up the river for a very long time. Why the difference? Could it be pot is the new excuse for stupidity and reckless actions?

    • mousekiller

      yes it is

    • teachersaide

      As to your comments on the driver being sent up the river, if it had been alcohol: Nowadays! Back in the 1960’s, early 1970’s, MOST drunk drivers got off with Less than the 2 yr sentence/17 months served that the man who killed Jennifer got. That is WHY Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) got started! I graduated high school in 1968. In 4 yrs of high school, I knew 5 similar age people who died: 1 died in Vietnam; 1 was an undiagnosed Juvenile diabetic, who went into sudden Diabetic coma; And, 3 were KILLED by Drunk Drivers-> I don’t think ANY of them went to prison. My ex- sister in law killed a woman, driving drunk, and Never served a day in jail! It was ALL, “These poor people have to live with what they’ve done”, etc. BS!

      • Rodney

        Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but most states now have vehicular Manslaughter charges they bring. Anything over .08 brings a felony charge and it can get worse if the suspect registers double the limit (.16 or more) as they can be charged as an excessive DUI Vehicular Manslaughter. The punishments vary by state, but the punishment can be 5 year to 30 year depending upon the circumstances and the prosecutor, defense and judge. I personally think driving while loaded on pot should be the same. However, in most states it is treated differently with far lighter sentences.

      • jim

        My mother died from injuries from a drunk driver who got off with only a ticket NOTHING else and it was not his time, lock them up for at least 5 years

    • jim

      CNN is a pile of crap and should pulled off the air

  • lorettaschlothauer

    CNN is a bag full of bad weed! Ie.idiots

  • Bill

    I have seen personally numerous people driving and smoking weed. On my way to the golf course at 7-8 in the morning I have seen countless people getting high on their way to work. I’m not against weed but come on do we really want a bunch of stoners at the work place??. It’s one thing if used for medical reason, but I see way to much abuse. Weed produced today is very potent and has a variety of effects on different people. What are we creating in our country by allowing drug use to be the norm so our state governments can collect revenue to shore up their out of control spending habits???. Do we really want to sacrifice our young people to a drug culture???

    • Vicki M

      Could this be one of the Democrats ways to control the people? Drug them with Marijuana and they won’t care what happens.

    • teachersaide

      It makes it easier for DEM’S to “control” the populace.

  • Dwight Sorrell

    We have an irresponsible generation of morons that shouldn’t have access to this dangerous drug for medical or any other reason. I live in New York State and it’s just a matter of time before our half wit liberal Governor makes it legal for recreational use.

    • C. LeSaint

      The people of New York City & New York State MUST PURGE all liberals from your government in order for your cities & state to flourish..

      • Dwight Sorrell

        Can’t do that as long as down state NY elects our leaders and their liberal policies. We in upstate NY are completely different from the jerks down there.

        • Vicki M

          IMO: As you know we have the same problem in CA. Brain-dead ,Liberal Democrats run CA because they pander to welfare recipients, and the College-brainwashed population. Governor “Moonbeam-Brown Rot” is leading CA down the snake-pit of Socialism and we are running out of “other peoples money”. Re: Margaret Thatcher.

          • Dwight Sorrell

            I understand, you have Brown and we “Little Mario”. Mario Cuomo was the father of his liberal son Andrew, both jerks cut from the same cloth.

  • rs1123

    When I was in my late teens / early 20’s my friends didn’t say ‘Do you want to get high’, they said ‘Do you want to get stupid?’ That’s about the size of it. I remember being high and talking about something and right in the middle of a sentence I’d forget what I was talking about. Driving, you get tunnel vision and focus on just one thing and stop paying attention to the rest of your situation. Really, smoking pot is just a waste of time and money – at best.

  • Terry Butts

    One question people should ask is why they got such a light sentence when people in the same situation under the influence of other prescription drugs have gotten much heavier sentences.

    Driving under the influence of any drug legal or not that hinders ones ability to safely do so is the same crime of “DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE” while they have harsher sentences for being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs it is still prosecuted as the same crime if a death is the result.

    It was explained years ago in a story about someone ticketed for driving under the influence when the influence was harmless to anyone else chocolate (apparently they had some condition that caused the same reaction to chocolate others have to alcohol) that the substance they are under does not matter if they are impaired drivers because of its influence.

    There are numerous legal drugs with the warning label not to drive or operate heavy equipment while taking them if a state wants to legalize medical marijuana use they need to turn it into a pill as they did with the other substances and LABEL and treat them exactly the same as any other controlled narcotic that impairs peoples ability to safely react to certain situations such as driving etc.

    Those pushing medical marijuana use ignore

    1) How it impairs peoples abilities to do things such as drive safely

    2) How SMOKING IT affects not just the user by any bystander that is forced to breath the same air.

    3) The numerous evidence that it is NOT AS SAFE AS ALCOHOL.

    When compared to the number of accidental deaths vs number of users of each it is not even close to claim that it is their claim looking at the brain damage done by each is not valid as they are not looking at those around the one smoking the drug vs those around the one that is drinking. No one has been reported as getting second hand drunk because someone in the same room as them was drinking.

  • glenda lafont

    This is an outrage. The girl is dead and he goes on his merry way, alive and high as a kite.

  • randolph.poole

    Kudos to Ms. Gasper!

  • Ross Blankert

    Maryjane as we called in college was really a hip thing to do. But I never smoked and this was smoking which I did not approve of. But in the 1970’s weed was just weed. Now it is laced with THC and whatever else to get a great high. Very addictive psychologically and a gateway drug. Put this into a 14 year old and he will NEVER be able to understand Algebra because he is not let his brain develop in his teen years.

    • teachersaide

      Plus, with selective “breeding” in pot growing, the THC level in pot today, is about 3 times what it was in the 1960’s-1970’s.

  • Robert A Oziomek

    Unless you have been there no one can realize the pain of losing a child especially under such horrific circumstances. The penalty was almost nonexistent. As in most cases the one who caused the accident is never injured. Early release???? Really???

  • Ron Drucker

    CNN carries much fake news and is a liberal controlled propaganda
    machine for the Left; not surprised at all.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    This is a prime example of why Pot is WORTHLESS. People on it DO NOT care about anything but their high. This means kids will suffer and these people are unsafe to work around so they will have to be fired or people will get hurt and Companies will be sued into bankruptcy. I have seen what people do while high on pot and they are worthless in almost every way when one needs speed or even thinking in any way. They make sloths look Fast. The only thing making pot legal will do is make drunk drivers look safe. Marijuana or any of its forms is BAD. It kills brain cells, lowers reaction times, smells vile and many people like me are allergic to it. While people claim it helps with cancer treatment sickness but I don’t see how since I know I don’t want the munchies when puking. They make pills with THC in them but many say they don’t work as well or fast as smoking pot does. But given the bad things that come with it I for one cannot understand what anyone would want to use it for. There are more and worse cancer causing agents in the smoke than the smoke of a cigarette. Once one starts smoking it they MUST keep smoking it or thousands of brain cells will die each day for each day the person smoked it. This effect is worse in Children. The smell is vile and very hard to get out of everything. Then there are the side effects that make them a hazard to be around. Their reaction time is nonexistent as is the case of their ability to take anything seriously. Then there is the FACT that all they care about once they get high it is all they care about which means kids in their lives will be neglected, they won’t be fit to work around so all the money it’s sale is supposed to bring in will in FACT will be used to care for the children and go for giving the smokers something to live on. So pot is not the wonder drug they all claim it to be.

  • Edward Flicker

    If we rely on legislation designed by government lawyers to fix stupid people we will be waiting forever. The court system is where the disfunction begins caused by the lawyers and judges.

  • smithleeroy21

    I hate to tell this mother this. Your daughter will not be the last. The added carnage has only begun.