Paul Ryan Bashes The GOP

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) thinks that conservatives are engaging in “tribal identity politics,” such as leftist community organizer Saul Alinsky.

CBS’s John Dickerson asked, “You’ve seen some President Trump’s rallies, do those rallies accentuate the things that unite us or are they — do they do something very successful in politics which is sow division in the country? Do you see that happening at his rallies?”

“Sometimes, yeah. Not always but sometimes. I worry about tribal identity politics becoming the new norm of how politics is waged. As conservatives, we always thought this was sort of a left-wing Alinsky thing. Unfortunately the right practices identity politics as well. It’s the day and age, technology and everything else, identity politics which is now being pack practiced on both sides of the aisle is unfortunately working. I think we as leaders we got to figure out how do we make inclusive aspirational politics strategically valuable again.”

  • GomeznSA

    Hmm, if he is bashing while he is still in office, one has to wonder how far he will end up going once he is OUT of office.

  • John Wilekrson

    NO, his rallies are energizing the Repub party to get out and vote, otherwise the left will win and stop Trump and the Repubs from getting anything done until 2020 election.

    • Karen Fronick

      He is doing evertthing he can to get trump imeached. Look at his “rally” on cnn. Do not be fooled by this rhino. He hates conservatives.

  • Jorg37

    Finally, a Republican leader with a fiber of honesty and patriotism? Never saw that one coming …

    • John McComas

      You obviously haven’t been listening to Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, CNN, MSNBC, Sharpton, etc. No honesty or patriotism there! The problem with conservatives, who are invariably civil, is they are being outboxed and out lied by violent, rowdy Democrats.

    • Karen Fronick

      Patriotism? No way. He is a rino who HATES conservatives. He hates trump and pence. He has received money from sorous and is buddy buddy with Obummer.

    • DP

      Ryan is a RINO traitor to the GOP-he should be a dem. It is Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan who are honest and righteous, conservative patriots and so is Herman Cain. They set the example for all of us. Get on Fox news and hear the truth from many many Republican leaders who are HONEST, something the dems and CNN fake news could never be!

  • KingDon

    Since Ryan switched parties back in 2016, I’ve cared little about anything he has to say. He’s nothing but a progressive/socialist hiding in Republican clothing while doing everything in his power to undermine the president and nothing to act on the dictates of the constituents who put him into office.

  • Chuck

    Ryan, go away!

  • Tk Matthews

    A real “blivet” . Adios “blivet ” !!!

  • Jimwolf

    Why don’t you give up your job today, you ignorant POS.. If you don’t understand the 14th Amendment, we don’t need you in any capacity.. 1868 was the year the slaves of America were granted citizenship, not the F N Mexicans..

  • JimZimmerman

    (Kuf) Paul Ryan. He needs to GO. OMG the King of the RINOS is talking about identity politics. GTFO Paul, Count all the money you made by selling out your fellow citizens and disappear into the Wisconsin woods. PLEASE.

  • W. Coyote

    Paul Ryan is a smart guy and is exactly right on this. Of course, the modern Republican party is gradually culling all it’s really smart guys in favor of Trump fans. Too bad for the future of our country.

    • sylviacroft

      So, we know which party you belong to, don’t we?
      And the fact that Ryan does what you think is right just proves what everyone else thinks.

      • W. Coyote

        Good morning Sylvia- Thank you for your reply. I have no idea how you “know which party” I belong to. I disagree with Paul Ryan on many things. I agree with him on some others. It’s case by case. Do you disagree that Ryan in intelligent? Do you disagree with his assessment that identity politics is being practiced among conservatives? If so, could you please give me the counter-argument to Ryan’s statement. I’m truly interested in you views on this issue. Otherwise, I hope you and your family are doing well on this chilly Sunday morning.

  • Karen Fronick

    Paul Ryan is paid by sorous to say he is a republican but in reality he is a democrape. Look at his 2016 finace report. Look were he got the money to run. I have always said, FOLLOW THE MONEY. He is an obummer spy as well. I very much dislike him. I don’t trust him as far as I could pick him up and throw him. What a louse

  • Charles Reed

    What do you expect from a RINO??

  • Spunky

    Ryan just don’t get it

  • Janet Davenport

    Tribal politics….what an ass…shut up you “Lame Duck” we all know you will do whatever you can to screw the president and us the people. You were and are useless.

  • mike

    He should be ellminated like Don Lemon. He is sowing tension among the Repubs. He is pulling money to talk like this. This is to his FINANcial advantage.

  • ebenezeer

    When are we going to get rid of this ass?

  • Robert Pekarik

    Calling yourself and the other elitist government officials, both democrat and republican, who have sold out our nation leaders is fake news. There are very few true American leaders in our nation and from what I observe the democrat party has none and the Republican party has about 25% that show true American leadership

  • madmemere

    “Cryin ryan” needs to leave now; he becomes more “rino” every day!

  • RC

    That’s the way RINO traitors like Ryan think. He said he was quitting his job. WHEN????? We could do very well without people like him, Jeff Flake and a few other traitors to their own cause.

  • DP

    Rino Ryan is at it again…just join the demoncrap party to reflect your traitorship! when is he going to get out and go home?!..I am ready for a REAL patriot like Jim Jordan to lead the House now…a win-win with Trump and Jordan MAGA together! McCain is gone and its so peaceful to have that Rino off the planet-he was the worst kind of obstructor to America, another traitor.
    Trump’s rallies are just truthful-and energizing after 8 years of Obummer’s downer America..he is naming the REAL DEVISIVE culprits..the liberal left dem scum and the lying, tabloid news that has bashed him since before he was elected. The libdems are the real divididers of this nation…Trump is the unifier by exposing the corruption so all Americans can see it and vote accordingly…on the same page…that is PRO-AMERICA/PRO-TRUMP!

  • wtr

    you quit and intend to go make more money, so shut the F**k up and just go away

  • John Gasper

    ryan meeds to be ran out of washington on A RAIL!!!!!!!!!! HE IS A WORTHLESS LEFTIST piece of SH**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sylviacroft

    When you are being attacked by mobs of dangerous, violent progressives you have to stand up to them or be destroyed or at least your right to have your own ideas and convictions silenced. Paul Ryan is a nice guy, but he wants to please everyone. You can’t do that. You have to stand for truth and what is righteous and leave the rest to God.