Pelosi Burns Through Taxpayer Money

It’s now proven that President Trump was more than justified in denying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the use of military aircraft for her overseas trips.

Government watchdog, Judicial Watch, has been steadily obtaining and releasing documentation of Pelosi’s excessive spending habits. using the Freedom of Information Act.

For example, Pelosi’s 2015 full tour of Milan, Rome, Naples and Kiev was shown to have cost the U.S. Air Force $184,587.81. The military was forced to play host to Pelosi, several Democrats as well as their families.

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That particular trip is still being scrutinized as to what purpose it served other than to facilitate an all-expenses paid vacation for the Speaker and her entourage. 

Judicial Watch has noted Pelosi’s extravagant and excessive flight needs before. The group showed that in 2011 Pelosi constantly used Air Force jets to commute from Washington D.C to her congressional district in California. That’s a 5 hour flight just to go one way.

Those trips over a two year period accumulated expenses that totaled $2,100,744.59! Just the expenses for those trips, which include food AND alcohol, reached a sum of $101,429.14.

Here’s hoping Trump can keep her grounded, or at least keep forcing her to pay her own way.

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