Pelosi Complains About Low Unemployment

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) believes that the lowering of unemployment by President Trump will result in frustration that there is not an increase in wages.

“Unless we have an increase, a very significant increase, in wages, and bigger paychecks, we are going to increase the frustration of America’s families because they will be saying, ‘Hip, hip, hooray, unemployment is down. What does that mean to me and my life? I need a bigger paycheck. And that’s the apprehension the American families have had for a while and continue to have and that we must address.”

  • antiliberal

    So whats your plan nancy?

    • Bernice Lupo

      She doesn’t have any. She just needs something Trump to bitch about.

  • Americans Wake Up

    Lower unemployment usually leads to higher wages moron. Harder to find qualified people and retain them.

    • ROB

      There you go confusing the democratic message with common sense and basic economic facts.

      • Paul Barton

        Rob: Like the Witch from San Fransicko, you are out of your frigging mind.

        • mlmaston

          You don’t know sarcasm when you see it?

          • Paul Barton

            Yeah I do know sarcasm – and that wasn’t sarcasm. It was an air-headed Pelosi-ite talking….hard to disguise your meaning when you’re brain-dead in the first place. The dumbocrats new registration rule is you must kiss the ass of first Pelosi and then Schumer and swear your allegiance to mindless anarchy..

          • mlmaston

            I can see that this conversation was way over your head… the meaning, lost on you. Any further discussion, trying to explain his comment to you would be a waste of time…our time….and I just don’t have the desire to waste it. Not on you.

          • Paul Barton

            Well said LIBTARD.

          • mlmaston

            I was referring to YOU… dumbass.

          • Paul Barton

            oh the libtard is getting angry

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            Well said LIBTARD.
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          • mlmaston

            You are coming across as a Libtard. If you are not…then try not to act like one. Btw, when you labeled me as a Libtard…it was you who started the name calling, not I.

          • ROB

            Sir I’m the one who said it and I can assure you it was sarcasm. I only hope she remains right where she is. One of the most effective weapons the other side has.

          • mlmaston

            Now Pelosi is the very definition of the term ” useful idiot “.

          • ROB

            Amen !!!

          • mlmaston

            Pick your fights carefully.

      • Aline

        are you for real?

        • mlmaston

          You do know that he was being sarcastic about the Democratic message?

          • robert

            Some people won’t get it lol! however the smarter ones will Min.

          • mlmaston

            I almost feel sorry for them…..almost.

      • Christopher

        I think you need to take Economics 101. It’s common sense economics. Duh!

        • mlmaston

          You don’t know sarcasm, either?

          • Christopher

            Sorry, but it doesn’t read that way. I know sarcasm when I see it. Maybe it us or isn’t but I don’t detect sarcasm.

        • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

          You need to take English composition 101, a course I enjoyed very much. Then you’d learn about different forms of writing, including satire.

        • robert


          • Christopher

            Well if everyone else is feeling the same way I am then you were not being sarcastic and your outnumbered because all these people who agree with me have an advanced education. I think your letting hate and emotions stifle your intellect. That’s what happens to Democrats and liberals. They become angry and all intelligence goes out the window. Just like all the hiss fits we see on CNN and MSNBC

          • mlmaston

            Advanced Education?! Might want to get your money back for the cost of that so-called “Advanced Education”. You don’t seem very educated to me. And btw: you and your minion friends are in the minority.

      • mlmaston

        I appreciate the sarcasm and know what you mean.

        • ROB

          Thanks mimaston. I’m glad some have wisdom and understanding. Sometimes I wonder what some of these people eat for breakfast.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

        Seems your satire went over a few heads. However, I really enjoyed it.

        • ROB

          Thanks sir.

    • GomeznSA

      Don’t forget that according to princess, welfare stimulates the economy and we can spend our way out of debt……………

      • rottenrollin

        THAT’S the plan I keep using.

        It’s fun as hell but somehow has not worked well for me yet.

        • mlmaston

          And it never will…

        • Terry Butts

          That only works when you can print all the money you want and leave it up to the following generations to pay the debt off. You know like congress does.

          • robert

            Point well taken! But like all demos. it’s their way of putting more people on the enabled list for food stamps, and the poor house! A way for allot of people to be complacent in their situation,,another words give them free money, a welfare state and they will vote demo!

      • robert

        She skipped eco 101 and hung out with obummer smoking weed!!

    • mlmaston

      Plus, and I’ve seen this first hand, if people are paid any amount…it is never enough for them, be according to the employee. I”ve seen a lot of these who aren’t even earning the money they’re being paid (Effing around on Company time, when they should be working. The key to getting a good wage is in having a good work ethic. Granted, there are business owners who will try to take that for granted…but there are those that do appreciate a good work ethic, and do reward it. And these business owners are not in the minority. You must seek them out…and show them that you are trustworthy and willing to do whatever needs to be done to help them and yourself. Do the best you can do and the rewards will be forthcoming. It’s all up to you.

    • Mister007

      That is beyond her little pea brain.

  • Bristalbay

    Nancy … I realized you don’t have the foggiest idea of the average working man/women but you may be able to answer this. How big is your pay check if your unemployed?

    • ROB

      Hey Bristalbay, That’s her point. If everyone is working they don’t need nancy and the thugs that make up the plantation owning progressive, liberal, socialist, blood sucking democrat party.

  • Ben Gardner

    When is this brain dead woman going to be gone. This was probably the most moronic statement that’s come out of her mouth since the last time.

    • rottenrollin

      I like your second sentence.

      Actually, like your first, too. Sooner the better. She is POISON for America.

  • Americans Wake Up

    Too many facelifts- always has the deer in the headlights look. Can’t close her eyes to sleep. Guess that works in Congress because most of them are sleeping on the job.

    • rottenrollin

      She’s so old and decrepit and her face so over-operated, she’s afraid if she closes her eyes to go to sleep she’ll never get them open again.

    • KerryS

      Yeah, one more facelift and she’ll end up with bags under her eyes and a goatee!

    • mlmaston

      Besides, all those facelifts appear to be stretching that pimento brain of her’s.

  • Dan

    Gee Nancy, what this also means is that if you’re in a job that’s not paying enough, you go out and find one that pays more! Trump’s economy is allowing individuals upward mobility. Unlike the Democrat Socialists that doom an individual to a life long job offering no hope or change.

    • rottenrollin

      I did what Obama said to do.

      Got me a college degree.

      Would you like fries with that, sir?

      • SZ939

        A degree in Basket Weaving or Liberal Arts is WORTHLESS in the Real World! Go back and get an MBA and become the local Micky D’s Manager! It pays better than the Fry Line!

        • Christopher

          Woo hoo! You got it.sad these people can’t see that. I hope you don’t have a lesser opinion of me by saying this, but I work in welfare reform and this is the concept we try to give these people. Get a job, get some training, make more money. But the good thing is Trump is creating more jobs and case carrying is going down to 29 cases per worker. I don’t mind being out of a job if that’s the case

          • mlmaston

            You’ll always find some who still don’t quite grasp the concept… so I don’t think you’ll be out of a job yet.

        • mlmaston

          Actually the degree in Basket Weaving is worth MORE than a degree in Liberal Arts. At least Basket Weaving is a Trade. There will always be a market for Baskets.

        • rottenrollin

          I was just kidding, I got my degree decades ago before the Obamanation showed up, back when colleges were colleges rather than glorified high schools.

          • Rick501

            rottenrollin – I don’t believe you even got out of grimmer school. What degree and what school and year.

          • rottenrollin

            Let’s know YOUR degree and grimmer school and year, first.

          • Rick501

            rottenrollin – Grammar school: Glen Cove Grammar School. College:BS Lehigh University. Graduate School: MBA Columbia. Main Employment: Vice President Finance & Planning (CFO) CBS Television Network. Top that!

          • rottenrollin

            I can’t top that !!!

            B L O W H A R D

            I can see why our MSM is in the pits.

      • Christopher

        Yeah, go to college get a degree, but no job. He sure screwed things up didn’t he?

        • rottenrollin

          Depends on which side you’re on.

          He got JUST what he wanted……..more useful idiots infused with four more years of commie liberal education indoctrination.

          THAT’S why the dimmercrats think ALL kids should go to college, even if a teach school fits their needs MUCH better.

  • got my licence

    I think she means that she wants a bigger paycheck. Typical democrat complaining the we the people are leaving the plantation.

  • jackcandobutwont

    Coming from a lying botoxed up POS who has never had a real job!!

    This coming from the same lying ahole that said unemployment checks stimulate the economy!!!

  • Policymatters

    Hard to believe people actually vote for this screwball, who’s also part of the 1% that her constituents supposedly hate. Hypocrisy at its finest. Is Nancy genuinely this stupid or just a cartoon character?

    • Bernice Lupo

      She is truly a box of rocks.

      • Policymatters

        The rocks are smarter, and more useful. It’s amazing how she says the most idiotic thing, then tops it the next time she opens her mouth. Beyond Stupid doesn’t even begin to describe this worthless clown.

        • ARJAY

          Remember, at least a box (or bucket) of rocks can stop an active shooter event at schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Charles

            I doubt that. The paid Merc shooters who kill school kids are all armoured up. Rocks aren’t going to do squat to them.

        • mlmaston

          Working on creating a word that describes Peloser.

        • mlmaston

          Yeah, at least they can be used to build something.

      • mlmaston

        Hey!! Don’t insult the rocks.

        • Bernice Lupo

          OOPS!!!! My mistake…LOL

    • Patriot_Zoomie75

      Not surprising. The same state votes for Maxine Waters, and even bigger waste of space. But I’m happy the Dems are keeping her on, at least until November. It will hep insure a Republican wavem which Trump needs to kepp on winning. I’m not tired of winning yet.

    • rottenrollin

      Somehow she knows how to bring home the bacon, which is all California’s LOSERS are concerned with.

      Somehow she is the DNC’s big fundraiser, which is all the DNC is concerned with.

      She follows the Dimmercrat Priority Code:

      ME First

      PARTY Second

      COUNTRY Third

      GOD? What’s a God?

  • Knowledge Transfer

    More first downs in football lead to more touchdowns!

  • Greg Dennis

    Someone needs to take a dump in her ear and give her a refill…

  • voltage737

    And just think about it that there is many more just like her in congress.

  • Bernice Lupo

    There is definitely something wrong with this woman.

  • Frank Roza

    Oh,sure you stupid B!More unemployment leads to less income taxes,and taxes,and the working might get taxed more to cover for those who aren’t working.What a stupid statement!

  • Art Hock

    Nancy, with you and Schumer in charge there is no chance of you half’wit Democraps ever taking over again! Thank GOD for small favors as you people should be in an asylum!

    • Tom

      She looks like she belongs in an asylum.

  • This bitch has shit for brains. Low unemployment results in higher wages because companies have to pay higher wages so qualified people will work for them and not someone else. It’s an employee’s market that spurs higher wages. Someone should shoot this idiot.


    Read between the lines Americans! What the idiot is really saying is that lower unemployment means less people on the government dole or should I say SLAVERY! In turn the communist party of america will continue to lose their voter base.

  • Al

    We won’t know what’s in it until we pass it. Dummy dem dipshit Pelosi.

  • Austinniceguy

    Poor deranged Nutsack Peelousy. What I cannot wrap my mind around is WHY those brainless morons keep electing that parasite?

  • Noypi11

    Pelosi,as usual is Pelosi. I hope the liberal democrat leadership will retain her as their leader. I’m an independent, Pelosi will help the GOP.

  • Bob Lipori

    Pelosi is just blowing the usual smoke at the uninformed voter. Either she has no knowledge of Economics or she is hoping that her base never picks up a book on Economics!

  • Andrew

    Employed paycheck is bigger than unemployed non-paycheck

  • Gary Asti

    Hey wacko !!! Go back to your padded room and take all the poor people that voted for you with you please. How dense dump stupid ignorant and inbred are you?

  • Randy131

    Why are Americans supposedly frustrated about needing and not having pay raises, for the entire 8 years under Obama and the Democrats rule of the federal government, which Nancy Pelosi is now trying to blame on President Trump and Republicans, which Americans’ incomes have increased by 2.7% just since President Trump was inaugurated?

    If Nancy Pelosi is aware of this problem, and she implies that she cares so very much about it, then why didn’t she do something about it when she was ‘Speaker of the House’ for Obama’s first 2 years as President, where the Democrats also had a filibuster proof majority in the US Senate? This is nothing but even more of the Democrats’ hypocrisy that they like to use to help get even more ‘do-nothing-Democrats’ elected to the US Congress. This is proven because there were no pay increases during Obama’s Presidency, where Americans’ income actually declined by 10% over those 8 years.

    Obama, all the Democrats, and the liberal biased mainstream media all claimed that the US economy was in a full recovery for 7 1/2 of those 8 years, yet incomes still declined, as Obama and Democrats had over 17 million unemployed Americans dropped from the ‘US Workforce’, in order to falsely lower the official unemployment rate, but still no pay raises to increase the Americans’ income. Obama proclaimed to all Americans in June of 2009 that Bush’s recession had ended, and the Obama recovery had started, which lasted for the next 7 1/2 straight years.

    • SZ939

      A STAGNANT RECOVERY that benefited virtually No One!

  • Gail Davis

    Pelosi is a real big detriment to womanhood. She belongs in a memory care home. I think way too many facelifts have affected her brain. It seems like every time she opens her mouth
    garbage comes out. She is an embarrassment! I can’t believe someone in the communist
    democrat party hasn’t asked her to step down. She is a really big laugh to the Republican Party as she is a whacko!

  • Peleus

    I’ve got to tell you by the expression on her face in this picture, she reminds me of the staunch bell tower, but the bell is out for repair.

  • Gordon Raymond

    Pelosi is sick and too much of an Idiot to retire.

  • pointdan

    What a “maroon” . . . thanks again San Francisco for repeatedly sending this functional anti American marxist moron to Congress.

  • james Conner

    Damn, California’s Elites Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Gov. Jerry Brown. is in leadership roles and the people keeping voting them in Office??? No, wonder California is in such turmoil??? 2017 Pelosi says she can not work with BUSH??? She was in a drunken stupor, did not know Trump won the election.

  • Albedamned!

    Pelosi complains? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. Typical liberal, only thing they can do besides mess things up.

  • jack

    if they , THE AMERICANS , have had this for awhile , then why have the Democrats not done anything about it . the only thing Nancy is worried about is that they will lose power. in her mind I feel it is SCREW THE CITIZENS < IF WE GET POWER BACK WE WILL GET EVEN

  • Lovethatmovie

    Higher employment could mean less people dependent on welfare. The dems love people to be needy and beholding to the government for services.

  • Popetal

    She wants more unemployment so she can justify paying out more unemployment benefits to “illegal immigrants” in her CA paradise.

  • Jerry Oxendine

    How does one respond to an Air Head? She and her dummycrat cronies have one “ass-et”: their ideas are so ridiculous that one has a difficult time even finding words to rebut them. We can say “they have no clue”, and their “stupidity is beyond outrageous”, but sometimes the silence is deafening simply because there are simply no words to adequately stoop to such a level of insanity, and in order to describe their goofiness.

    Wages? Lets TALK about higher wages. Yeah, lets! She and her less-than-informed (and I’m being diplomatic) constituents have screamed about $15/hr, making demands that are unreasonable. The facts ARE, as “noble” as the idea of *RECEIVING* such a wage is (in THEIR minds), companies are NOT going to pay 15 bucks for a drop-out to push a broom. I didn’t make that up; I didn’t cause it. Its just a FACT! So what are companies doing? Take McDonalds, for example. According to what I am hearing and seeing, local Micky D’s are being remodeled for………………………………more automation. Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre…they’re gonna pay 15 bucks; they’ll be GLAD to outta the goodness of their hearts. All the while, they are going to REDUCE the number of employees. How ya gonna like it sitting outside the store I knew this what was happen!

    Like Bugs Bunny says, ‘What a “MOR-OON!”

  • metheoldsarge

    I have said it many times before. Nancy is a spoiled little brat who never grew up. She is also a very cunning and evil person. As long as those welfare checks and food stamps keep coming she has job security. She gets re-elected because she knows how to play her constituents. Too many underestimate her and she knows how to use that to her advantage. Contrary to popular belief, she does have more between her ears besides air. The real air heads are those that keep re-electing her.

  • rottenrollin

    Nancy asks “How did you like the wage increases you got when Dimmercrats controlled all three branches of the Government and for years afterward? Didn’t Barack let you keep your Doctor and save you $2500 annually on medical insurance? Wasn’t it a good thing we didn’t have inflation, the way prices kept going up? AND the unemployment under Obama, PARTICULARLY for Blacks……..wasn’t it WONDERFUL????

    Vote Dimmercrat in 2018! America’s not dead, YET.


  • Walt Miskin

    Still can’t fix stupid

  • Ken Mayton

    If they need bigger paychecks they need to go back to school and learn how to do something better than what they’re doing that’s that’s the way this works

  • Bob Simmons

    Whack job # 1 from the now less than Golden State, is only complaining because her delusional side of the aisle isn’t responsible for the reduction in unemployment. It really makes one wonder if people like Pelosi are really Americans or not?? She is a few years older than me, so she, of all people, ought to know better.

  • Aline

    nancy is such a retarded idiot! WHEN WILL THE TWINKIE MOBILE COME TO PICK HER UP? Oh, and don’t forget to take maxine with her!

  • SZ939

    PLEASE don’t put pictures of this crazed lunatic in large format! I think my Monitor Cracked!

  • Hello Nancy, have you ever heard of Supply vs Demand? Wages go up as Employers are compelled to Pay Higher Wages to Attract Employees… And the Higher the Employer’s Requirements are, the Higher the corresponding Wages Offered….

  • Mark Huggins

    You can’t keep libs happy

  • Christopher

    Democrats are now the party of Saul Alinsky and are carrying on his legacy which is to create chaos within society in order to destroy it.

  • devilindetail

    Sorry to burst your bubble here, but the problem is wages, not employment. People can find work no problem. The problem is finding work that pays sufficiently to cover the bills. In Kentucky, the minimum wage would need to be close to $12 in order that no more than 30% of your salary goes for housing. Those of you who have good paying jobs may not realize this, but a low minimum wage affects all the hourly wages above it, and increasing a wage from $7.25/hr to $10/hr still isn’t enough in plenty of places in this Red State.

    My son makes $16/hr ($32,000/yr) in Lexington. He has a 2 year technical degree and some College after receiving his Associate Degree. He has been looking for a better paying job and what he finds is lots of $12/hr jobs, but very, very few jobs that would pay him $16/hr or more, and he finished his education and has been working for 8 years in his area. He had some medical problems this year that cost him time off work and is now struggling with bills. No work, no pay and when working in a small company, no health benefits either. When you are spending most of your income just to cover bills, what little “extra money” there is disappears quickly when hardships arrive, and saving for retirement, forget it.

    What is really sad is that I was making as much as he does now right out of College, over 35 years ago. So much for the American Dream where the next generation is better off then their parents.

  • Dan


  • mlmaston

    What these people continually fail to understand is that if they force business owner to pay an increased minimum wage ($15.00 or more ) is that sooner or later, these same business owners are going to have to cut their losses in any number of ways…. after all, they’re looking to make a profit. Otherwise, what’s the point of going into business? The way they will ( not might… WILL ) mitigate this is by:

    1: Passing this increase on to the customer. ( Eventually pretty much saying goodbye to any repeat business ).

    2: Cutting employee hours; ie: From Full-time to Part-time. ( There goes productivity ).
    3: Going out of business. ( Minimum wage: $0.00 ).
    That’s it in a nutshell. Be careful what you wish for.

    • Dan

      To a liberal democrat if a business owner makes a profit somehow they believe he is stealing from his customer. To them a profit is something that is evil and wrong.

      • mlmaston

        That’s because he/she is a liberal Democrat… which has nothing to do with common sense.

    • John Flynn

      Also, businesses will accept the one-time expense of “roboticizing” (sp) what their minimum-skilled workers do on the job. In the long-run the switch will save businesses $$$! The minimum-salaried worker will be making less than the minimun salary. They’ll be out of jobs!!!

      • mlmaston

        Absolutely true.

  • rycsailor

    Nancy actually thinks that the government makes money, no one told her that the government’s money is stolen from the working stiffs !

    • Dan

      Oh to Nancy though, the government makes money with their printing press.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    … and yet she wants to raise taes on everyone including the working poor!

  • Randy131

    Strange that Nancy Pelosi never complained about workers’ wages, that were stagnant under Obama for 8 years, 7 1/2 of those years Obama, all the Democrats, and the liberal biased mainstream media claimed we were in an economic recovery, that Obama declared in June of 2009.

    During Obama’s tenure the American people’s averaged yearly income declined by 10%, and their averaged wealth decreased by 15%, yet Nancy Pelosi, all the Democrats, and the liberal biased mainstream media never complained about any of it, not even once in 8 years. Obama had over 17 million unemployed Americans dropped from the “US Workforce” in order to falsely lower the unemployment rate, and even though he claimed he started an economic recovery, never added a single one of those unemployed Americans back into the “US Workforce”, causing the participation rate to go to it’s lowest percentage rate in 43 years.

    Since Donald Trump became President, the workers’ wages have increased by just over 3% in 18 months, over 3 1/2 million new jobs have been created, and the “US Workforce” participation rate is as high as it had ever been in Obama’s entire 8 years as President. The unemployment rate for blacks, Hispanics, and women are now at historic lows that have never been reached since those statistics were started to be kept. The unemployment rate for all Americans is at a 17 year low, and the number of new unemployed Americans reported every month is now at a 50 year low.

    Yet Nancy Pelosi, all the Democrats, and the liberal biased mainstream media are complaining, in hopes that the American people will forget all these statistics, and those during Obama’s 8 years as President, and come the midterm elections in November of 2018, will vote for enough Democrats in order for the Democratic Party to attain majorities in the US House & US Senate, so they can once again take over the US Congress, stop President Trump’s initiatives and campaign promises, and return the US economy to Obama’s and the Democrats’ proclaimed “New Normal” of less than 2% GDP a year, since Obama’s average for 8 years was just 1.58%, and in just 18 months President Trump’s GDP is now over 3%, and expected to be between 4% & 5% by the end of 2018.

    Now you know why Nancy Pelosi, all the Democrats, and the liberal biased mainstream media are complaining, to trick the American people into putting them back in power in order for them to once again take power and cause stagnation of the US economy, and your vote in November of 2018 will determine whether the Democrats will be successful or not. But remember, every vote for a Republican in the 2018 midterm elections, is a vote to “Make America Great Again”, and to help President Trump fulfill all his campaign promises.

  • K9ndn

    Old dizzy just can’t say it! Good job Mr. President.

  • Terry Butts

    Democrats depend on UNEMPLOYED people they can manipulate.

    Convincing them to blame those who have jobs for their problems their entire platform on taxes is PUNISHING the rich for nothing more than having jobs or businesses that are successful instead of allowing them to invest THEIR OWN profit back into the business so it can grow and create more jobs they feel the GOVERNMENT needs to take the money and GIVE it to those the GOVERNMENT thinks are better deserving convincing them that they are VICTIMS of the “rich” simply because someone else earned more money than they did even if the so called “rich” are barely scraping by paycheck to paycheck because of the high prices on what they are MANDATED by government to purchase.

    So naturally they are upset that unemployment has gone down that people can once again afford things they had before the TAX HIKES forced businesses to reduce their employees just to make ends meet.

    They must really love that state that KILLED numerous businesses or forced them to Fire people or change location so they could comply with or avoid the new “head tax” they imposed in reaction to the reduction in unemployment and increased wages.

  • CCblogging

    How about that! Add poverty to open borders, Illegals & Sharia law and the other horrors that the Democrats have planned for us. Only fools vote Democrat.

  • Bill Davidson

    This old Bat must be listening to CNN, keep talking and making Democrats look even dumber !!!

  • robert


  • Mister007

    She would bitch if she was hung with a new rope.

  • Charlie

    Pelosi also believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny. She believes in anything that gives things away free since those working are probably Republicans and deserve to pay for everything that Democrats want.

  • bob

    Well Nancy, what did YOU do about it when, in Obama’s first term the Democrats controlled the Presidency AND both branches of Congress?
    What legislation did YOU or the Democrats propose to increase wages during your years as House Speaker? Sure giving a low skilled employee a raise to $15/hr was a REAL help,as that would have stimulated the economy by what? Low skilled workers make up about what % of the American work force?
    Per Google 79,9 million people age 16 & older were paid hourly wages representing 58.7% of all wage & salary workers. About 2,2 million had wages BELOW the federal minimum or 2.7% of all hourly paid workers.So even if those workers DOUBLED their federal min. wage, the % is very small.
    And your proposing if you become House Speaker again, to resend the tax cuts which would INCREASE the tax brackets to what they were before.
    Your a FU*KING JOKE.

  • Tom Murphy

    Pelosi’s statements are meant to confound logic in the minds of uneducated people. She hopes people will not understand that she is speaking pure garbage.

  • Ken

    Are there any wheels turned in that head? Must be all that smog in CA. O had 8 years to fix this and didn’t even try. Why whine about it now? Higher wages equals fewer jobs, too bad you have not been unemployed all these years. Our country would be far better off and saved all the $ it wasted on you.

  • metheoldsarge

    Nancy is very cunning and far from stupid. As long as those welfare checks and food stamps keep coming she will have job security. She gets re-elected because she knows how to play her constituents. Too many underestimate her and she knows how to use that to her advantage. Contrary to popular belief, she has more between her ears besides air. The real air heads are those that keep re-electing her.

  • gideonrockwell

    Pelosi’s comments are more proof the Democrat Party has a sadistic political philosophy. Everything they do inflicts pain on the average American working people. Obama Care was supposedly going to make health insurance more affordable and available to everyone. How’s that working out? Social Security was going to give everyone who paid in a very comfortable retirement. How’s that working out? They tax the working citizens at every turn to support their lavish give away programs, to buy votes from lazy worthless layabout social leeches. They steal our money through a punitive tax system with the IRS as their enforcers and tell us we should be glad we have some skin in the game. Trump is giving people the first real hope they have had since Reagan. He is creating policies and revising policies that are putting people back to work and his tax plan has put more money back in our pockets. The Demotards like Pelosi don’t like this because people are not suffering, giving them a crisis they can pretend to be solving. I say pretend because the Demotards have no solutions to any of the Nation’s problems, they are part of the problem.

  • Diane Hovinga

    News flash Nancy….it isn’t just lower unemployment IT IS also higher wages! Just because the bonuses some workers received wouldn’t cover your Botox shots doesn’t mean that it’s crumbs to them! You are so filthy rich that you can’t see the forest for the trees! Keep talking Nancy…the more you do the better it is for the Republican candidates!

  • rottenrollin

    Hey, PelosiTwit…….

    Just how much wage growth did we get under the Obamanation?

    • Rick501

      Hard to get wage growth when the Republicans left the US in such a bad economic position. Remember 2007 with GWB. Bad News!

      • rottenrollin

        Bush was bad
        Obama was worse
        Obama brought with him
        The Progressive curse.

        but you don’t deny the non-wage growth with Hussein, apparently?

        • Rick501

          rottenrollin – Obama was magnificent. He turned the economy around and avoided a real depression.

          • rottenrollin

            Rick101, you are SUCH a sucker for that progressive delusional ideology and its trappings. Dyed in the wool Dimmercrat, eh?

            Obama was a disaster from day 1. First he tried copying what that disaster Bush was doing to get us our of the morass, then he put the mistakes on steroids. When basically ALL he needed to do at that stage was get the hell out of the way and let market forces take care of themselves (kinda like he did, for a change, with bin Laden). THEN he comes along with that disastrous Obamacare, EPA out the kazoo, and REGULATIONS OUT THE PROGRESSIVE AZZ, throttling business.

            BTW: If Obama was SOOOO glorious………WHAT HAPPENED with HagHillary? Did YOU forget to vote?

            ALL Trump had to do to get America moving again was to start UNDOING all the chump’s stupid socialist mistakes.

            Take your CFO pride and BLOW IT somewhere else.


  • Ronald Hagler

    Some one tell me this is a joke! I know Pelosi acts like an idiot, but is she really this stupid? She tries to explain automatic weapons to us; only, she has no knowledge of the subject. She tries to explain immigration to us; only, she has no knowledge of her chosen subject. Now she is explaining the economics of how more people being employed will harm our economy and frustrate our citizens and, once again, she has no knowledge of her chosen subject. Perhaps she meant that the DNC would be frustrated at having some many people gainfully employed to the point of questioning why these newly employed people should vote for a Democrat!

  • Kenny Albert

    Most people would get a better paying job for a bigger paycheck than waiting for 15 an hour for flipping burgers. A wait for hell to freeze over.