Pelosi Once Again Speaker Of The House

In what may not come as a surprise, Nancy Pelosi has resumed the position of Speaker of the House.

A vote of 220-192 has made it possible for Pelosi to become the first politician to hold the position twice in the last 58 years.

She has served Congress for over 30 years and is also the only woman who has served as House Speaker.

While several up and coming Democrats had pledged not to support Pelosi as Speaker, only 12 voted for an alternate candidate while a mere three cast the vote of “present.”

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In the past President Trump and Pelosi have been able to work together, unfortunately recent encounters have shown Pelosi hardening towards the president. Refusing to concede on key issues, such as funding for a border wall which has led to the partial government shutdown that has lasted weeks.

Prior to being reappointed to the speaker position, Pelosi was interviewed saying she would offer “nothing for the wall.”

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