Rand Paul Is Dissapointed In Trump

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Fox News he was disappointed by some of the people President Trump appointed in his administration. The two picks he was most upset about where John Bolton as National Security Advisor and Mike Pompeo as secretary of state.

“Well, you know I’ve been a big fan of President Trump,” Paul stated. “I supported him for a long time — ever since I was defeated in the primary. But you know, one of the things I really liked about him is he has been outspoken that the Iraq war was a mistake, that regime change didn’t work. It led to unintended consequences, that when we removed Saddam Hussein, we actually emboldened Iran and made Iran stronger. Now Iran and Iraq are closely aligned, and there’s more of a problem since we removed Saddam Hussein.”

 “So, it disappoints me that some of the people he has appointed around him are unapologetic enthusiasts, still, for the Iraq war, between Bolton, Pompeo and all of the others,” he added. “It seems like they aren’t people that share the president’s vision that the Iraq war was a mistake.”
  • Phoebe Isley

    Ryan you I do not trust! Something about you makes me feel you are not in it for the people or the President. Bad vibes with you Ryan!

  • Mein kampf

    I agree with Senator Rand Paul. He’s right that these wars in the middle east have been costly mistakes for our country and should be ended immediately.

    • William Gordon


  • bob

    Don’t trust Ryan , McDonnell or McCain to do anything to help the President.
    They are part of the corrupt swamp
    & like most a*shale Congressman don’t want or want to see the corrupt system change.
    GOP = Grand Old Pri*is.

  • W. Coyote

    Rand Paul makes a logic based argument based on facts and history. Prediction: Most Trump supporters on this site won’t bother to form a logic based counter-argument. They will instead go straight to the ad hominem attacks on Sen. Paul.

  • Charlie Underhill

    I’m very disappointed in Rand Paul. He supports the Democrats more then Our President. I would never vote for Paul if I had that opportunity. President Trump is doing a great job despite the huge resistance he has had to undergo.

    • RC

      Well, Rand Paul is a Libertarian and by no means a conservative Republican. As some others have written here, I would no longer turn my back on Paul, McCain, Flake, Ryan, McConnell, Sessions and quite a few others than I’d jump over my house in one great leap. Those people can not be trusted and no matter what the outcome they should be kicked out of both Congress and the administration. They have no idea what the word loyalty means. Sometimes I think President Trump thinks he’s dealing with straight forward honest people like in the real world. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

  • Phyllis Little

    Why should I be concerned with the fact that you are disappointed with some of the people Trump has appointed? Why should you report this to the press unless you have an agenda – do you plan to run for president in 2020? You’re always so vocal on everything the president does you don’t like and what congress wants to do that you don’t agree with. You seemto want to always get your opinion in the media. There seems to be a hidden agenda for this – true politicianwho only cares about getting what he wants over what is best for the people.

  • William Gordon

    I do not trust Ryan,McDonnell or Mc Cain either–I think they are in another party of their own and seem to want to over throw somethiong with in our country or something–THE SWAMP is made up of members from both parties and for some reason I am very upset with current stuff coming out of the US Congress