Reporter Scrambles To Backtrack Assassination Tweet

Reporter for The Atlantic, Jemele Hill, is only just beginning to feel the heat after she made a tweet that referenced the assassination of Malcolm X with current President Donald Trump.

A quickly deleted tweet from Hill expressed her hope that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would shout “Getcho hand out my pocket,” the phrase used to distract security while Nation of Islam assassins shot and killed the civil rights leader.

As Hill faces monumental backlash she is now trying to claim that her post was not a call for violence.

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“In no way was I suggesting any physical harm to the president,” Hill claimed. “I have used this phrase many times in my Twitter history, always in lighthearted ways.”

Hill failed to perform damage control by admitting using the phrase numerous times in the past.

Many have voiced their disgust for Hill and The Atlantic, including Donald Trump Jr.

“Is this acceptable from one of your writers,” Trump Jr. questioned. “Do you condone it? Or will your inevitable inaction speak for itself? Asking for rational Americans.”

The Washington Examiner has also reported on the incident noting that the Secret Service is aware of Hill’s tweet.

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