Republicans Message To Illegal Immigrants

Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) spoke recently about the children being detained at the U.S.-Mexico border. Cole stated that if people decide to cross illegally then they are running the risk of losing their children.

“I certainly think we shouldn’t be separating young children from their parents, but, frankly in this case, if you want asylum you can go to any embassy in any country and seek it, and we’ll adjudicate it there,” Cole said. “You can come to a port of entry, and it’ll be dealt with there and, again, you wouldn’t be separated from your children. If you cross the border illegally, you run that risk.”


    ABSOLUTELY !!! Nothing but truth here !

  • regulus30

    Parents are the fools; break the law pay the price.

    • Willie Reeves

      You are the fool. I am sure you been breaking the law all your life. The law seem to only benefit insane fools like you when you are not caught. But it does to others

      • regulus30

        Fire that crack pipe up Willie you are losing it.

      • Roger

        Actually you are the fool and most likely a Hillary Clinton supporter!

  • mrp15

    You cannot commit a criminal act in order to achieve a pre-determined goal. If that were the case we could rob a bank and expect not to be separated from the money. Also, I’m convinced half of these kids are not even with their real parents. It’s a ploy to overrun our country with Democratic voters.

    • GomeznSA

      Half? probably a lot higher percentage than that – after all a stunningly large percentage of the detained ‘children’ are not accompanied by any adult.

  • William

    First Point: These People are NOT Illegal Immigrant. Nor are they Undocumented Immigrants/Workers. These people are ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS. And they should be treated as such.

    • GomeznSA

      Yep – you nailed it – but that doesn’t ‘fit’ the liberal mantras.

  • John

    Quit calling them immigrants. Immigrants come here legally. They are illegal aliens period. Kick their butts out.

    • GomeznSA

      Yep – you and William above both are absolutely correct. IF we actually had an enforceable border, not necessarily a big beautiful wall – but one that stops anyone from illegally entering our Republic, most of the issue with the family separations would magically disappear. Hmm, perhaps that is why the democRATic CONgress critters are so dead set against a secure border, it would give them one less thing to whine about and blame DJT for.

  • Gail Davis

    All illegals need to be deported period. We have immigration laws on the books that need to be abided by not only the illegals, but by our stupid communist democrat politicians. This is an every year occurance thanks to communist Muslim obama and financier Soros. They know what they are doing. The US welfare cow needs to dry up permanently for people coming to the HS. If you can’t support you and your family legally, you don’t Come in. Our government does not have any mo eye and we the taxpayers are plum tired of footing the bill. It should be Americans first, not illegals!

  • Junie

    The answer is so simple, don’t enter ILLEGALLY so you aren’t separated from kids. Why are they USING their children as pawns? If anyone enters Mexico ILLEGALLY you go straight to jail and worse. Key word, LEGAL! DEMOCRAPS are using this for their advantage. They had eight years to act like they cared then???? Guess it wasn’t a top priority for them or Obummer.

  • So now the missive is you can’t blame children for their parents breaking federal laws. What happens when US parents are convicted of felonies and sentenced to prison. Their children have to suffer the loss of their parents for several years. What’s the difference between this and illegal aliens committing felonies to enter our country illegally? Their children have to suffer the loss of their parents because they broke our laws.

    • GomeznSA

      What’s the difference? In reality Absolutely None – but the poor little illegal immigrant ‘babies’ are a convenient optic for the libs to bash DJT – and anyone who believes in a secure border.

    • Willie Reeves

      Here we have another fool and trump supporter. This is not your country take your dumb stupid ass back to Europe where you belong.

      • regulus30

        Blacks are emotional immature race of people; their brain never matures past puberty, that is how libocrats keep them fired up, stupidity is an evil thing.

        • gimpy

          You are wasting time trying to have a critical communication with Willie. It is a proven fact their skulls are so thick and hard that there is not much room in their heads for a brain, about like a BB in a lump of coal.

          • Roger

            Every race has their less educated not just blacks and most blacks are
            very intelligent, many have become professionals such as lawyers and
            doctors as well as financial experts and pro sports figures! If you want
            to see an immature person look in a mirror! In case you are wondering, I
            am white, bigot #2!

        • Roger

          Every race has their less educated not just blacks and most blacks are very intelligent, many have become professionals such as lawyers and doctors as well as financial experts and pro sports figures! If you want to see an immature person look in a mirror! In case you are wondering, I am white, bigot!

      • Roger

        President Trump did more for America and the American people in one year than the previous three presidents did in 24 years!
        Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
        Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
        Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!
        You are damned right I am a supporter of President Trump, we finally have a president that actually knows what he is doing! Talking to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, wanting to talk to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, talking = diplomacy. Differences can’t be resolved by not talking!

  • muthamedia

    These kids do not belong to these traffickers who bring them over and they are living high on the hog compared to their life in Mexico, El Sal or Honduras. Send them home. This is an invasion and we can’t afford to continue corrupting our public schools and going broke on healthcare for illegals.

  • Ilene Richman

    Deport all illegals to their home country. This is lawlessness. Do the crime, accept the punishment; go back to your home country and stop making your children (if they are your children) a pawn. The punishment should be on the back of Mexico. Stop all trade with Mexico for allowing these illegals to cross their country to illegally enter the United States. Send the National Guard or our military into Mexico. Let Mexico remember “The Alamo”.

  • Rose Boltz

    The parents are at fault for coming in illegally. Do it legally and you won’t have these problems. Don’t go crying about your kids as you caused the problem. You broke the law, it’s on you.

  • keith

    At least President Trump isn’t giving them to HUMAN TRAFFICKERS as obozo and the hag clinton did should have run better background checks.
    You couldn’t do that though could you cause then you would not have had any
    for your “PIZZAGATE PARTY’S”..

  • Medic RN

    Perhaps better if these instructions to apply for asylum; legal entry; be taught at home in their home countries? Nice if they knew that at their kitchen tables all over the world.

  • dolittle

    wow at least one person is telling them straight out deport them all parents are using their kids as pawns

  • Aline

    My message is….Hit the road, ombre, and gon’t you come back, no more, no more, no more..!’

  • Terry Butts

    First using the word immigrant is incorrect an immigrant is someone who lawfully enters a nation in compliance with its laws not someone who snuck or otherwise entered in violation of the nations laws by calling it “illegal immigration” you downplay the fact they broke the law and would be no different than calling a bank robber an “illegal customer” who made an “unauthorized withdrawal”.

    To start with when they cross illegally how is the government to know the children are actually theirs and not a kidnap victim or victims of human trafficking? It would only be logical to separate them until legal processes are followed to protect the children.

    Even if they are their children they have taken the children of US citizens away for far less infractions than endangering their lives crossing a nations border illegally.

    In fact just a few years ago in one case they used the BRAND OF SOAP they had under the sink as an excuse pointing to OTHER PEOPLE who were stupid enough to use it as a “food supplement” with no evidence they were doing the same as a valid excuse to take their children.

  • gene smith

    Pretty clear message ….well that is if you can read and understand english…if not, learn it….bottom line, stay the HELL out of our Country or endure the consequences of your actions.
    And the DEMOCRATS know all of this and should be mindful of it and shut up with the stupid talk.

  • GF

    Deport all this people. I remember when I went to Mexico to visit a friend a Chief police told me you are not from here you need to let go of your American Citizenship to be here, and my friend and I were just walking inside the Mall. The Chief first pointed at me with his finger then addressed the issue. At another time I passed a yellow light and the Police stopped me and said you ran a red light give me money or I will put you in jail. This is how Mexican Police do their job. One of my friends also got in trouble later that year for making a wrong turn. His car was taken away and the Police dept. wanted 400.00 to get it back.

  • Ken Mayton

    Lawbreakers get separated from family…what’s the big deal you bunch of liberal idiots ? Sorry you didn’t get the memo about jail. They made a choice badly so moving forward all shall be sent other side of border together .Problem solved by Trump again !

  • Dennis B Anderson


  • Willie Reeves

    Its no use, no reasoning behind what is going on and even less reason to talk to fools on this site and the host of this site who support what is going on with this clown of a president this administration his misfits and that silly lawyer gulliwho that worm. You are all insane.

  • AL


  • mrp15

    The protestors care nothing about helping the children; their only intent is hurting President Trump who is trying to deal with a situation that has gone on for decades that his predecessors did nothing about, including Laura Bush’s husband.