Ridiculous Michelle Obama Expects THIS To Bring People ‘Solace’

During her international book tour, former first lady Michelle Obama had some odd advice for Americans looking for a pick me up. 

While promoting her memoir “Becoming,” the former first lady first smeared the name of President Donald Trump, referring to his presidency as a “dark chapter.”

“It may feel like a dark chapter but any story has its highs and lows, but it continues. Yeah, we’re in a low, but we’ve been lower. We’ve had tougher times with more to fear. We’ve lived through slavery and the Holocaust and segregation and we’ve always come out on the other end, better and stronger,” she told the gathered audience.

It really isn’t a surprise that Mrs. Obama would resort to bashing on President Trump. But when she tried to claim that the thought of her husband’s presidency would bring solace to the American people, the head scratching began.

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“I have to remind people that Barack Obama was elected twice in the United States. That really did happen. That wasn’t make-believe. The country actually did accomplish it and half the people who voted in the last election, if they could have, they would have voted for him for a third term. […] We have to remember that what is happening today is true, but what happened before was also true … that should give us some solace at some level,” Michelle shared.

Odd that she would say that Americans are suffering when they are facing new records of low unemployment, high job growth and rising wages all under President Trump. Trump who has largely been cleaning up the mess that Obama’s presidency left behind. 

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