Rising Press Secretary HAMMERS Democrats

President Donald Trump’s 2020 Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is unloading on Democrats who “live in a fact-free reality.”

McEnany was railing against Democrats for persisting with calls for impeachment and refusing to recognize the information before them.

For starters, McEnany recalled how Democrats fervently supported Robert Mueller, until his report failed to give them the results they sought. 

“Robert Mueller was the god of all things right and correct and truthful, and then he comes out and says ‘no collusion,’ that was Robert Mueller, and all of a sudden that’s to be dismissed because Democrats live in a fact-free reality,” McEnany pointed out.

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She continued blasting the progressive party for then refusing to accept the truth of the report form Attorney General William Barr. 

“He [Mueller] also punted on the question of obstruction of justice, Bill Barr said no obstruction of justice,” McEnany said. “There’s no obstruction, there’s no collusion, and by the way, the American people are sending a pretty loud message.”

McEnany moved on to the public’s response to impeachment, noting that polls showed the majority of Americans disagreed with the move, but that Democrats “don’t care.”

“What do Democrats say? We don’t care,” said McEnany. “So you move forward with this at your own peril, this is not what the American people want.”

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