Sanders Changes Tune On Major Issue

More and more Democrats seem to be coming over to the Republican way of thinking and credit belongs with President Donald Trump.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is the latest instance of a far-left lawmaker finally admitting that there is a “serious problem” at the southern border.

“We have a problem at the border, a serious problem … We need the proper legal processes at the border so that these issues can be adjudicated to determine whether or not people or should be entitled to asylum,” Sanders shared at a town hall event hosted by Fox News.

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Sanders isn’t the only one making these remarks that seem largely to be influenced by President Trump announcing his consideration of transporting detained illegal immigrants solely to sanctuary cities. Democrats have suddenly had a change of heart it seems about open borders. 

Although Sanders still isn’t fully “woke” yet. When asked the he would do with the thousands of detained migrants he suggested, “What about building proper facilities for them right now? That can be done right on the border.”

So the socialist still thinks American taxpayers should be paying to take care of other countries citizens, but perhaps President Trump can get him to see the problems with that as well. 

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