Schiff Attacks Trump’s Decisions

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) claims the White House’s statement about removing former CIA Director John Brennan’s and other former officials security clearance is “exactly what you see in authoritarian regimes.”

Schiff stated, “Today’s action, suggesting that we will punish critics of the president by stripping them of their security clearance, that is not what you see in a democracy. That is exactly what you see in authoritarian regimes.”

He called the potential plan  a “despicable action…to try to silence critics,” and the “cowardly action of someone who is afraid of criticism.”

  • Jeanne Stotler

    Schiff reminds me of Howdy Doody, bet the puppet had more brains.

    • Tony Nash

      Please; Howdy demonstrated more brains and character than Schiff.

  • Robert Pekarik

    Why do people who no longer serve our nation retain their security clearances? What would be the need? Only trouble could and does come from disgruntled people who have the ability to use their clearances for nefarious purposes.

    • Kenny Albert

      To leak secrets to the liberal media.

    • Josie Wright

      Take away all Obama’s traitors security clearances.! They never, ever should have been allowed in the white house. THIS SCANDEL WORSE THAN RICHARD NIXON BREAK-INS. SOMEON WENT TO JAIL THEN. WHY NOT NOW????

  • Frank Roza

    You can’t have people under you that you ccan’t trust.There’s not ebough time to keep an eye on everybody,and still get anything done.

  • Dr. Mike Reeder

    When people retire they completely retire. These guys are selling their knowledge of classified facts to the highest bidders. That just can’t happen and I don’t care what political persuasion they come from! When retiring everyone needs to have the security clearances yanked!

    • Ron Long

      Dr, one exception to your statement, they are not passing FACTs they are spreading disinformation. It is what they have been trained to do. I say do away with their clearances and any access they have to classified information. I think it would probably be a good idea to hold a predawn raid on their homes to search for any classified information they sneaked out.

      • Dr. Mike Reeder

        I completely agree, Ron. Actually they are selling their information to the highest bidder, for a boatload of money. As long as their is the MSM to dish out dollars these guys will do or say anything they please. They have to be silenced to the level of us “ordinary” citizens completely.

  • James Robinson

    Having or not having a security clearance in no way impedes your ability to criticize someone. If you had to have a clearance to criticize the president, most of our news folks would be unemployed. How did Schiff get elected, much less get placed on an intelligence committee?

    • ed 0693

      I think most of the committee seats in the house and senate are tenure positions. Thank the folks that keep re-electing him.

  • Susie Q

    I totally agree with Robert and this is why there is such an uproar. Brennan and Tapper are both one of Obamas plants and Americans know that!! Clearly they should NOT have any clearance. They are informants to Obama and the media!!!

    • Robert Kahlcke

      They are TRAITORS. PERIOD

  • denise valley


  • When a person is fired from a position in the private sector, do the former employers demand that the keys to the building be turned over? YES, of course they do! These people no longer need to hold a security clearance! That would be a free pass to further subvert our government!

  • Jimwolf

    I must ask once again, do not put Adam Schift in the same sentence with the word intelligence in it.. It is an oxymoron statement..

    • texan61

      Love that

  • Cliff Ward

    S for brains schiff still trying to be relevant … no chance.. just another liar liberal dumbocrap…

  • Marine68

    It may not be what is done in a Republic, but is exactly what you see in a Democracy which we are not. Those Democrat operatives have tried and for the most part succeeded in destroying the power of the People in our Republic, and taking it for their own. High time this is reversed and return power to the People and out of the hands of the Socialists.

  • flashy0ne

    Is “Little” Adam Schiff STILL trying to steer people in the right direction. Let’s just face the facts, ‘Little” Adam Schiff is the BIGGEST liar in Congress. He wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and kicked him in the shins. Without getting into the ‘politics’ of just “why” these people are allowed to retain their clearances, THERE ARE LAWS REGARDING THEIR DEPORTMENT IF THEY ARE TO RETAIN THEM. Of course, ‘Little” Adam isn’t BOTHERED by anything that INTERFERES with his sculpturing the TRUTH to fit HIS agenda. After all, IF ADAM PONTIFICATES, IT MUST BE TRUE :^(

  • ebenezeer

    Because John Brennan does not have access to state secrets does not mean he is silenced it means only that he is silenced from leaking state secrets. It may also mean that he takes a pay cut from CNN/MSNBC because he does not have the access now to provide the leaks information.

  • Barbara Johnson

    Schiff would not know the truth if it came up and kicked him in the butt.

  • Free America

    During the Obama administration Ben Rhodes was denied security clearance yet he was the top adviser to Obama regarding the Iran deal which Rhodes then misled the Congress about. Where was Mr. Schiff then????????

    • anthony batres

      Schiff and Roades are both shifty eyed. You know to steer clear of them and their ilk. 😱

  • Bishop351

    Adam, you ignorant moron. People are no longer employed, you take away their keys to the business. Common, rational, accepted practice. Only politicians let them keep their keys. You can’t fix stupid – particularly at your level apparently.

  • Raquel Salientes

    I think Mr. Schiff of the beady eyes needs to be reminded that Obama did the very same thing in his first term. Where was this indignation then??

  • v349355

    When ones time is over at there place of employment you turn in your keys, credentials and rights of access. Why would intelligence agents be any different

    • John Meis

      That includes Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, and all the rest of his administration.


    You are such a prick. Everyone in Washington has been against our President from the day they found out he was running. Democrats are such sleeze balls.

  • Rob Waddell

    Security Clearances are to be taken extremely serious! Criminals at the Criminal Organization DNC must never have a security clearance!
    Schiff is such a cry baby, dick-head-flip!

  • meme35


  • Ron C

    Non-sense…Schiff is lying again…taking back unneeded clearances won’t stop the traitor’s from bad mouthing the duly elected president one bit!….The socialist’s and their news media haven’t stop lying every since Trump was elected by the people…right?

  • Rob Waddell

    If Obama did one thing good, it was an example of what never to do!
    1) Never elect a black man POTUS! They hate white people, they can’t get past slavery which no one alive had anything to do with!
    2) Democrats can’t run their states, so why give them all of them to run? California is broke, the stupid DNC can’t figure out that giving money away is harmful, and over taxing hurts businesses! That is two examples of how stupid they really are! You throw in free healthcare and the stupid meter is off the chart!
    3) Putting Criminals in politics! DUMB! Obama, is a complete, and utter, fraud! That hood-rat, was never born in America, he confessed that the other day! So enough about that criminal, no legacy for liars and frauds!
    4) Obama put a domestic terrorist in the top law enforcement office in America, Eric Holder was a member of the SLA in the 1970’s! They committed armed Bank robbery’s, they Kidnapped Patty Hearst, and Hearst said that Eric Holder, Obama’s AG, walked guns for the SLA! That boy can’t get gun walking out of his system! Time to indict Mr. Holder!
    5) Don’t put a sworn enemy in your fraudulent-presidencies, Administration! Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran! I suppose that explains the Muslim Brotherhood working in the Fraudulent Obama Presidencies, Administration!

    • steven de carlo

      Simply put, that F#%king Obama should be tried and then shot as a Traitor!! He was a Muslim sleeper, testing the waters for the terrorists and Anti-American regimes (all of his funding came from the Middle East in small increments), to see how difficult it would be to put a terrorist into the Oval office and they found out that there are a lot of stupid Dems who will vote for a clearly Muslim candidate( even only 7 years after 911???) who could not even prove he was a natural born citizen yet those idiots voted for him and applauded as he destroyed America and crawled and grovelled in front of our enemies! I despise that SOB with every fiber of my body. The Clintons are right in there with this traitor. Their greed has to stop and they need to answer for their crimes!!!!! Maybe if the Donald would prosecute these criminals the other corrupt politicians would shut the hell up and let this great leader do his job. He has been pretty remarkable so far, even with these assholes nipping at his heels for any bit of “dirt” they can drag up and cloud the real issues with. I rant…….

  • Rob Waddell

    Eric Holder couldn’t get a security clearance to do construction at a Nuclear Facility!
    The NRC has the strictest security clearances in America, and their background check would have shown Eric Holders school days as a domestic terrorist!

  • gideonrockwell

    The people who Trump is stripping of their security clearances are no longer in Federal Service, thet have no need for them. These people are using their clearances to gain personal wealth and undermine the administration. These violations are criminal violations of the code of conduct for people with high security clearances at the felony level and they should be prosecuted as an example to others. As for Schiff he is a low life weasel who is using this event to undermine the Trump Administration.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Here is a true hypocrite and liar. His father is the father of lies and he knows it but like Hillary, he can lie with a straight face. How do I know about Hillary her mentor (same as Barack) was Saul Alinsky, the amoral atheistic socialist whose “professor” was Frank Nitti as Saul said who taught him how to con people.

  • Rob Waddell

    Schiff would not be where he is if his sister wasn’t married to Soros’s son! Which by the way is a conflict of interest! Soros is funding every domestic terrorist in America!

  • Rob Waddell

    Disgruntled People Can’t become POTUS! There isn’t a black person breathing that doesn’t hold animosity towards white people! So you can’t allow hate-filled negroes to be POTUS!
    We’ve only had one, and he is a complete fraud, that has to have excuse providers around him 24/7. Obama can’t tell the truth about himself! It is totally uncharacteristic for an honest man to use taxpayer funds to hide his personal records! By the way, the office of the President is a public office, and I am a taxpayer, I demand to see the hidden records of Barrack “who’s sane” Obama!
    He spent $28M to seal his lies!

  • don76550

    Schiff, a pencil neck anti American Marxist liar, has no credibility. Politicians like him make our people’s house a house of reprehensibles.

  • peter

    Schiff is a dumb ass moron politician from the toilet state of California! Pelosi, Waters, Brown, Feinstein. Should I continue with my list of scum?

  • Robert Kahlcke

    All INBRED operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, should be removed. PERIOD

    • texan61

      you could have abbreviated and said Democrat Socialist

  • JimZimmerman

    Adam schiffty has a case of cranial rectal inversion. They dont need clearences they no longer work for the Government. Revoking a TS clearance is normal procedure. Take Shiffs clearance while your at it. There is no Intelligence there. In dictatorial governments those people whould have been killed or sent to the gulag. Adam Schiff is an idiot

  • Edward Delahoussaye

    Brennan is a communist,he took his wife to Moscow on Honeymoon,this man is sick in the head.

  • ohana2

    I’m guessing congressman Schiff is unaware of the basis of secrecy. Since they do not hold a position where a Secret Clearance is required, they have no”NEED TO KNOW” any longer.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Shifty’s eyes look as though he is being controlled by unseen forces.
    Security clearances need to be revoked from the guilty parties. They don’t deserve to keep
    on spying on people. Why do FORMER officials need these clearances anyhow? Their official
    capacities are over. Shifty, since when has President Trump NOT been criticized 24/7? If he was
    truly afraid to be criticized he would never have run for office in the first place. He is definitely NO
    coward. He has to be very brave indeed, to have withstood all that he has withstood. Obama and
    the Clintons are the ones attempting to strip our President of power. So, Shifty, you are wrong in
    your evil assumptions. These people are FAR more than critics.

  • Ron

    In other breaking news…the sun will set this evening. Death, taxes, and Rep. Schiff attacks Trump.

  • American patriot

    Big talk from someone who is himself a COWARD. I don’t see ANY reason why the people Trump has designated, should have any means to any confidential information of ANY kind. This SHOULD of been done as soon as Trump got into office. In the case of John Brennan, I wouldn’t trust him any further than I could throw him. He worked for Obama, which is a bad check to start with, he led the CIA, which has had a bad reputation (if not before that), and most importantly, HE’S A MUSLIM, and likely belongs to the muslim brotherhood. Maybe they all criticise President Trump, but what do you expect from a bunch of corrupt liberals from Obama’s administration.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    They should as part of the leaving office process. No one should be able to carry a clearance after they leave office. People in the Military have to get a new clearance each time they change commands and once they leave the service they lose it completely. These Politicians and their appointees should NEVER keep their clearance past their last day in office.