Schumer Certain Dems Will Take Senate

During ABC’s “The View,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) admitted Democrats have an opportunity to take control of the U.S. Senate in the midterm elections because “Americans of all political affiliations” were “upset” with the way President Trump has ”conducted” the presidency.

Schumer said, “I think we have a very, very, very good chance of taking back the House. But here’s the real surprise; we have a much better chance of taking back the Senate than anybody ever imagined.”

He added, “I really think it. We have a tough map. You know, we have ten senators running, Democrats, in states that Trump won. But when you look at each individual state and see how strong these candidates are and I’ll tell you the number one issue in America whether you’re in a blue state, purple state or red state is health care. People can’t afford health care. They can’t get health care. They know that Donald Trump and the Republicans are trying to take it away from them, and we are going to give them better and stronger health care. And it resonates not just in New York but in every state, even the reddest states of the country. So I am really optimistic that we can get this done. And furthermore, so health care is an important issue, jobs are an important issue, but Donald Trump has broken his promises to people. You know he campaigns to sort of a populous. He said ‘I’m going to be against the Democratic establishment and the Republican establishment.’ ”

”He gets in office and he embraces not the average Republicans but even the hard right, and they did these tax breaks for the wealthiest people. They wanted to repeal health care for 30 million Americans. They wanted to undo all our environmental laws. They want to cut back on Roe v. Wade. They want to cut back on any reasonable restrictions on guns. That’s not what the American people bargained for, and they’re learning it. Guess where they seem to be learning it more than any other place? The very midwestern states that swung the election for Trump back in 2016. So it’s good.”

He closed, “There’s a view out there that Democrats and many moderate Republicans, women, are so upset not just with Trump’s policies but the way he’s conducted the presidency, the narcissism, the ego, the decisiveness, the picking on people, the bullying. Americans of all political affiliations don’t like that and that’s having a real effect as well.”

  • GetReal4U2

    get ready for a red dawn…

    TRUMP 2020!


    you can also lose prick

  • jim

    sure you are, NOT !!!

  • Ron C

    So let me get this straight…Schumer says the American people want tax increase, socialize medical, and the best economy in decades to be reversed…??? And to watch Nancy Pelosi’s dog & pony show of impeachment of Trump with absolutely NO crimes committed…???
    Schumer is a idiot and so are the people that voted him into office…period!

    • jim

      Its to bad that most democraps even live

  • grmetalman

    Schumer is delusional as are most democrats. Republicans will end up with 60 in the senate. They will not be able to obstruct anything and wont even need to show up for work.

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    How sure were they with hillary 98%

  • John_P_Hurabiell

    As usual Schumer is full of sh*t and very loud about it. What a zero that guy is.

  • garfy2008

    Sure they will… Voters really HATE that they have more money in their paycheck and that they have more spending power. Of course they won’t remember that NOT ONE DEMOCRAT voted for the tax cuts. Tax cut 2.0 is coming IF REPUBLICANS remain in power after November. Yes, voters will give DEMOCRATS CONTROL of Congress BECAUSE WE WANT OUR TAXES TO GO UP!!! Our status in the world has greatly improved from the “Obama apology tour” that America was so EVIL and MEAN to the other countries. Now with President Trump the NATO countries are paying their share where before they weren’t. Of course the U.S. still is a major contributor to NATO paying over 70% to sustain it. Yes, voters don’t like the way things are now with jobs, economy, military leadership in the world, etc. Sure, Chucky, they’ll let you Democrats take control of Congress so we can PAY MORE TAXES and have the Feds put MORE REGULATIONS to stifle us and our economy. Sounds like a winning plan!

    • Yorgi1950

      This is for,
      Number forty-four! ( and for all Dumbocraps!),

      If you think appeasement,
      Is quite an achievement,
      Then you might be dumber,
      Than President Obummer!

  • garfy2008

    I thought it was just a catch phrase; “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. I was wrong; it’s REAL! Just about EVERY DEMOCRAT has TDS. Only the “smart Democrats” (yes, they do exist, like Doug Schoen) don’t have it. Even liberals like Alan Dershowitz know all of this craziness of the Democrats will be their undoing. He disputes much of what the vocal far left on the news has been pushing as “foolish” and “damaging” to their cause. I may not agree with Alan on a lot of things, but I give him much credit for his logical and legal analysis of events and actions by the President. He is a clear thinker and a credit to the liberals, unlike Schumer, Pelosi and Waters.

    • cal3301

      Psychiatrist are treating it under a different name. They refer to it as TAD or Trump Anxiety Disorder. They said there has been an increase in patients that can’t get over Trump being President. Maybe these people will be too tore up to go to the poles in November. I hope so!!

      • Chained

        Give them a coloring book and a safe space.

        • cal3301

          I don’t think these people have the patience to even color in a book. They might sit and rock back and forth for a few minutes, but then they’re screaming their heads off!!

  • Mmusso1

    Two main reasons the Demonrats are so adamantly opposed to Trump. 1. He’s a non-conformist and does not dance to the left’s worn out song. 2. With greater border security, there’s slim to none chances of illegals getting to vote for them. The SWAMP is being DRAINED!!!

  • missirish71

    I hope not. God help us all.

  • Yorgi1950

    Chucky and Nancy haven’t a clue.
    That wave in November ain’t gonna be blue!
    It’s gonna be red, and fill them with dread,
    ‘Cause they’re gonna know, their party is dead!

  • John Deevey

    Yes, Chuckie the Putz was sure that Hillaroid would win too.

  • Dennis Anderson

    Saying it doesn`t make it so! This guy will soon get his walking papers. The democratic party hasn`t said anything on how to make America a better place to live. Its all about getting Trump impeached.

  • dominke

    Lying cheating crook Chuckie Schumer actually believe his BS. New York liberal are cesspool for destruction. Chuckie check book looks good while voters are broke. Look at people that has left this terrorist state. I left this hell hole long time ago and never regretted it. The ones that receive welfare benefits are happy to have liberal terrorist in charge. They receive more than working class with,housing all free thanks to working stiff in NYS.

  • donl

    ( IF ) The Dems ever get in control, it will be a very Rude awakening for those who think Socialism is a good thing. IT’s NOT, been there seen it up close and personal.

  • Chained

    If Schumer is so confident then to me that spells massive corruption and cheating at the polls and he has been notified in advance of modified voting machines—-business as usual by the DNC. It’s the only way they can and have won and anyone that votes Democrat should be put on a ship and sent to Venezuela. MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR VOTES.

    • CoreyE

      Vote on paper ballots only. Too many reports of touch screen voting machines switching votes to the Demonrat candidates even though you selected the Republican or perhaps Constitution or Libertarian candidate.

  • rrkeng

    Chuckie was on the View when he spewed this……hahahaha What LOSERS!!!

  • william couch

    HE’s a back stabbbbing “SCHMUCK”!!!

  • george briar

    yeah sure crying chuck just like Serena Williams was going to win the US OPEN but by the second set she was getting shellacked and beaten so badly she exploded and made a complete fool of herself, expect the same to happen to you and your dumb buddies in november, and can’t wait to see all of you explode and make fools of yourselves.

  • Randy131

    The biggest “Bullying Statement” ever mad was that “Elections Have Consequences”, said by Obama and the Democrats, as they forced their agenda on the American people, and we paid dearly for that bullying of forcing on the American people what they did not want or need hurt most of the American people, but caused the Democrats to lose the majority in the US House, of which they had a very big numerical majority, but lost it in the next election, that gave the Republicans a very huge majority instead, one of the biggest majority “flip-flops” in American political history.

    The American people know who the real bullies are, and they are the ones who are resisting the people’s choice for the Presidency of the USA, and are obstructing President Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises to the American people, who elected him to be their President.

    President Trump has been “Making America Great Again”, despite all the bullies’ resistance and obstruction, and the proof is in this great economy that President Trump has created, with more jobs than we have people to fill them, our factories coming home from overseas with jobs that Obama and the Democrats claimed were lost forever, American people keeping more of their own earned money through Trump’s tax cuts, trade deals that benefit the American people by increasing our exports, which is creating even more jobs and increased wages, and the American people’s wages increasing because of the great economy and shortage of workers to fill all the jobs.