Security Guard Upholds The Law, Gets Punished

Has America forgotten how to appreciate our heroes? You wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that’s the case after a security guard for Best Buy was fired for aiding the police.

Wishing to protect his name, the guard simply known as “Tyler,” believed he was “doing the right thing” when he helped police capture a fleeing criminal.

Tyler recounted to FOX 40 how, “There was a guy who walked by, and when he got by his car, a bunch of undercover sheriffs jumped out to arrest him.”

Reports from Placer County Sheriff’s Office show that 35-year-old Timothy Trujillo resisted arrest, striking one of the officers before trying to run away.

It was then that the security guard, who also happens to be an Army Veteran, stepped in to tackle the fleeing suspect.

“He started running towards me, so I thought I was doing the right thing by helping the sheriff stop him,” Tyler recalled.

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Unfortunately, Best Buy wasn’t nearly so appreciative of the patriots efforts. They terminated Tyler’s employment before having a representative release this statement:

“Our policy is clear: employees are not to chase potential criminals outside of the store. Chasing an individual in the parking lot creates a safety risk that isn’t worth taking, regardless of how noble an employee’s intention is.”

To his credit Tyler seemed unfazed by the decision saying, “I understood when I went back in there that I was probably going to get into some sort of trouble because Best Buy policy says we’re not supposed to touch anybody.”

He also expressed no ill will towards Best Buy, yet defended his actions, “It seemed like the right thing. Like I said, it was someone running from the cops, so it seemed like the logical thing to do.”

While Best Buy may have not been thankful for Tyler’s actions, those of us who still believe in the common good of people and standing up for justice certainly do.

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