Supreme Court ADVANCES To Dismantle DACA

This is the first of many steps to save America…

The Supreme Court recently announced it will decide the legal challenges to the Trump administration’s decision to end the DACA in 2020.

Barack Obama told the American people for three years that the Constitution and federal law did not allow him to grant amnesty for illegal aliens, that amnesty could only be authorized by Congress.

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After years of failing to get even a Democrat-controlled Congress to enact amnesty Barack Obama in 2012 announced a form of amnesty for illegal aliens who had entered the country as children.

In 2014, Obama expanded that amnesty to cover over 1 million adults under the similarly named program, DAPA, bringing the total number of noncitizens receiving amnesty from deportation to roughly 1.5 million.

After President Donald Trump took office DHS consequently announced that it would end DACA.

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