Teachers Freak Out Over Sweater Featuring Flag

A High School in Fayetteville, Arkansas suspended a student for wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

The student was participating in a pro-flag movement at his school titled #HistoryNotHate. The teen’s attire featured a simple Confederate flag motif, as was the movements theme.

Numerous other students had worn similar clothing or had the same flag painted on them. Yet as school officials began to get anxious over children expressing freedom of speech they forced the kids to wash off the paint or change their clothes. 

Yet one student was willing to standup for his rights to freedom of speech, and was subsequently suspended. 

Now other students are speaking out against the school’s administration and it’s getting attention.

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“None of us are racist. None of us are doing it for hate,” student Jagger Starnes shared with local NBC affiliate KARK. “It’s Southern pride, and we’re not gonna take it off for anyone. This is our flag. It’s Arkansas. This is the South.”

Despite Starnes proclamation, he then recounted how he was immediately accused of being a racist for not removing his hoodie.

“I told him I wasn’t going to take it off,” he said to KNWA. “So then I went to the office, had a discussion and then the head principal ended up calling me racist,” the student said.

Schools seem more interested in policing liberal world views than actually teaching these days.

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