Texas Attorney General’s View On Gun Control

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) recently said, “disarming law-abiding citizens doesn’t actually protect our children. It puts them at greater risk.”

Paxton stated, “People like this are not going to follow gun regulations. Law-abiding citizens will. And so, disarming law-abiding citizens doesn’t actually protect our children. It puts them at greater risk. And the more we regulate, the more time we lose, and the more people we’re going to lose. So, I would prefer to have people that were in place to protect our children, not leave it open for somebody who’s not going to follow a gun law to come in and kill as many children as they want to.”

  • Ronald Hagler

    Texas is close to California, so I surmise that Pelosi and Waters are drafting partitions to have Texas Democrats impeach Paxton because he speaks with logic; which defies all that these two women stand for.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      You mean the whole Demonrat Party!

  • Rodney

    Ken is 100% correct. It benefits no one but the wanna-be communists to strip everyone of all means of protection against the evil within our communities. Concentrate on the real causes of these murderous derelicts choosing our children for the warped sense of need.

  • RWE

    Good for the Texas AG! It should be apparent to everyone (who is paying attention) that the farther from God and the Constitution this Country gets the worse things become. Our Founders may not have been perfect, but they absolutely understood tyrants. If we let the Second Amendment “melt away” we will see all of our God Given Rights stripped away! Then we will see the truth behind the left’s intentions. But, by then it will be too late.

    • Terry Butts


      If we look at the timeline there was one school shooting in 1840 four in 1980 and six in 2000.

      The difference over time.

      1) reduction then removal of anything teaching morality from schools.(even a judge who feared the students might obey the ten commandments if they were not removed from the school)

      2) Increasing restrictions on gun sales and ownership. (even gun free zones where no shooting can possibly happen after all by law it has a 100% ban on guns in the zone and according to a certain politician we just know criminals will obey that law because they know their intended victims are unarmed after all the politician thinks that is “human nature”)

      3) Brainwashing students to HIDE and OBSERVE (so they can be a good witness if they live) while waiting for a response from calling 911.

      as Each of these got implemented alongside the brainwashing of blaming anything but the criminal for their crime even reducing or eliminating many of the past punishments for the same crime the result is an increase in criminal acts that no law will stop.

      Remember their moronic slogan blaming car owners for car thefts as they increased the cost of cars by regulations/laws increasing security/safety devices.

      They actually claimed that the CRIMINAL would not have stolen the cars if the keys were not left in it, then once people stopped leaving their keys in them it became because the door was not locked now what excuse do they have now that cars auto lock their doors and people no longer leave their keys in them? auto theft has actually increased. But the politicians insist their measures against CAR OWNERS was the fix for the problem and in some places now propose even more because the previous ones failed to “keep a good boy from going bad”.

      • Mike Rice

        So true.

      • Howard Kirshenbaum

        So your solution is what?

        • Felipe Gomez Jr.

          Getting rid of stupid people like anti-gun anti- American and anti-Constitution Commie clowns!

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            That won’t stop the school shootings or the killings. But it will make you feel better. SAD

          • Richard Row

            You leftist want to get rid of all guns.
            When something goes wrong, what do you do, Call a man/woman with a gun and WAIT for them to arrive.

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            “You leftist want to get rid of all guns.” Show me where you come up with that crazy idea. Even Obama said that was never a consideration. That is what the NRA has brainwashed you to think so you would make the knee jerk comment that really has no basis. No law, even while the Democrats had the White House and Congress was even suggested to take away all the guns. Lots of guns were sold during Obama’s and Clinton’s administration. So if you actually have viable proof of that statement from big leftist organizations, I would love to see it. How many Democrats in Congress are actually advocating that?

          • Felipe Gomez Jr.

            When something goes wrong? In distant part’s of the country. Yeah! They sensationalize it on the Boob Tube! To brain wash and keep them in the dark. Like mushroom’s and feed them a abunch of crap! They make it seem like it’s all the time. All over the country at the same time! It’s the Globalist agenda!

          • Felipe Gomez Jr.

            It’s the Law of the Land! There’s a reason the 2nd Amendment was put there! Part of it is to fight a tyrannist Government! Which we have! Hopefully! Trump corrects that? Yes! I’m happy law abiding citizen’s are allowed to keep and bear Arms. You should be sad you are a brain washed Commie! Yes! Gun’s will not completely stop murder’s everywhere? People are going to die from knive’s , car’s , criminal killer’s on a whim etc.. You can’t stop it all! It’s impossible. But. Keeping more children from dying in a mass murder shooting situation? With a concealed carry entity on campus? Stopping the assailant etc. from killing more children? Can prevent any further death’s. The world is full of nut cases! Especially. When you have a large majority of stupid people produced by George Sorros! Gee! I wonder where you get your anti-gun ideas? This country was built on gun’s! You are politically incorrect to me! Get over it! This country is called the Land of the Free? Are we really free? I’ll take what’s left of it. Instead of people like you trying to take all our freedom’s away! I have no interest in becoming a slave to the Globalist fool’s! If you want to become a slave? Go to China or somewhere else Commie! Where you’ll be comfortable there! Just GTF outta here! You are a cancer. We can no longer afford to let it grow! I’m an Independent , Patriot and Conservative. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it! You’ll not threaten me to change my mind! That’s what threatening my gun rights is? Trying to change our minds by force! You evil moron’s will die trying that!

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            God does all good and Satan is responsible for all bad. Trump is you god and Soros is you Satan. You are a sad human being with no concept of reading and comprehension.

            Keep in mind, I said that no one was looking to take guns away. I asked where you got the idea from and who in Congress is getting a coalition to do that. But no, all you have is George Soros. Well, I have the NRA and the Koch Brothers and the Bradleys. Those are my Satans.

            So be happy with you rants. Throw as many temper tantrums as you wish and ignore the art of conversation. Let me know when you want to actually debate about the subject.

        • Terry Butts

          Start by restoring the teaching of RESPECT for others that the MORALITY of respecting other peoples rights, lives, and property is not OUTDATED just because of how long ago it came into existence and was written into the US constitution.

          This will never happen because the same people demanding disarm everyone are pushing abortion and euthanasia for population control just like other countries. voluntary at first then government imposed once death becomes acceptable as a “medical treatment” or “final solution” as it was called by one government in the 30s/40s.

          Remember we even had teachers doing MOCK ASSASSINATIONS of the president IN CLASS after the election using the same TOYS they feel students should be suspended and PSYCHOANALYZED just for possessing. (in one case even when at their own home playing their own backyard)

          In nearly every case of these mass shootings AND OTHER types of attacks on schools (knives and bombs being used are rarely if ever reported despite there use) have had these things in common.

          1) someone with a diagnosed mental problem on medication that lists VIOLENCE or violent thoughts as a possible side effect. It is left up to the PATIENT to report if they have these.

          2) Have been REJECTED possibly even bullied by someone when they asked for something USUALLY something deviant the schools are teaching as NORMAL.

          3) Have no respect for anyone’s right to say no to them even thinking they have a right to as said by the COLUMBINE shooters “show her and her friends what we think of their high morals”

          4) HAVE BEEN REPORTED MULTIPLE TIMES TO AUTHORITIES for making threats. The authorities in most cases do not even properly investigate the evidence cited by those reporting the threats.

          In one case the man posted his HOMICIDAL intent towards a list of women in such a graphic way that even family members reported him the police INTERVIEWED him and declared he was NOT A THREAT not once did they look at the posting that had so disturbed people they reported him. Just days AFTER the police left he ILLEGALLY acquired weapons and carried out his threats.

          Every single state has laws against the kind of threats the man made he should have been jailed and been sent for court ordered psychiatric evaluation under those laws based on the PRINTED threats he made. just because he made them in SOCIAL media did not exempt it as evidence in court.

          Instead of addressing these and other SOCIAL issues most of which were created by schools who LOOK THE OTHER WAY because they do not want the ones responsible for the problems punished the media and politicians focus on INANIMATE objects that would do nothing but rust away if not in the hands of someone who uses them. (The anti gun politicians apparently believe the Hollywood fiction of the gun TAKING control of whoever picks it up forcing them to kill)

          Ignoring the statistics and facts even fabricating higher numbers by calling anytime a school goes into lock-down a SCHOOL SHOOTING no matter the cause they blame MILLIONS of US citizens who have never and will never use their guns to commit crimes.

          If we go by the inflated figures they claim there have been 22 school shootings this year so we take 22 from 250,000,000 legally owned guns (based on the years ago when I looked it up) and see that it is not the GUNS that are responsible for those crimes. Otherwise there would have been 250,000,000 school shootings.

          Frankly blaming guns is not any different than blaming NEWS, TV, MOVIES, GAMES, BOOKS, MUSIC, etc. the long list of other things the criminals had in common with MILLIONS of US citizens.

          Remember the same people now demanding guns be banned also demanded certain music, books, TV programs, Movies, and games be banned because they also blame them for CRIME instead of the many actual reasons criminals commit crimes.

          With at least five cases in the last year of people who were caught MAKING GUNS FROM SCRATCH USING SCRAP METAL there is more than enough proof NO GUN BAN will disarm criminals.


          Back in the 70s the program national geographic actually had one program showing how the tribe living in the hills in one nation made M16s (actual assault rifles) from nothing more than car engine parts taken from the numerous abandoned vehicles in the nation using nothing more than the metal working tools their ancestors had used for centuries. Their copies were so accurate the parts were actually interchangeable with assembly line made M16s.

          in the time prior to “GUN FREE ZONES” the 100% ban on guns inside the zones where 99% of these crimes happen there was at least three cases where an armed civilian stopped one it was only after CIVILIANS had stopped at least three attempts that the government declared the ZONES to disarm those civilians opening the way for more SUCCESSFUL attacks was imposed.

          Just look at the mass shootings, bombings, knife attacks in other nations that have already banned guns. Their bans DID NOTHING to stop the crimes because like their COUNTERPARTS in this nation they did not address the problem instead they went after the misused tool.

          Frankly there is not enough space to list every item a criminal has used to kill or harm others if we banned them all we would not have anything at all even a persons hands and feet have been used as weapons to harm others.

          The media HYPOCRITICALLY withheld the story of the pickup accident that happened on the same day as one of the shootings because they felt it would not LOOK right to have a report of 7 victims alongside the news of 9 killed in a traffic accident.

          In reality they delayed reporting the accident for weeks because it would kill their rhetoric about how banning guns would have saved those victims (despite the weapon being illegally acquired and thus no ban would have stopped the crime) While not demanding PICKUPS be banned to save those 9 “victims” of the pickup violence that happened the same day.

          In one single attack with a vehicle in another nation where guns were already restricted/banned from civilians a criminal used a truck to kill 84 people and injure 202 others. Not once was their a cry to

          1) Restrict the size of trucks to REDUCE the numbers they kill after all TAKING SEVERAL TRIPS for the delivery still does the job.

          2) Ban trucks altogether to prevent another such attack from ever happening again.

          3) any of the other long list of PROPAGANDA spouted when a gun is used instead.

          Their excuse for this hypocrisy is they do not think that guns have a VALID use in society because THEY do not use them for their legal purposes themselves so they feel no one should be allowed to that only GOVERNMENT approved PROTECTORS that are minutes away when you have only seconds to stop a criminal from harming you or your family.

          I know there are people out there that never use a truck everyday therefore the same logic applies they can just rely on GOVERNMENT approved shippers instead of using a truck to do the job themselves.

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            Your arguments fall apart on a number of levels. First of all no president or large enough group has ever tried to take eveyone’s guns away. It’s in the Constitution and no one is going to waste their time and money trying to change that part of the Constitution. So the idea of taking all the guns away is just phony.

            The difference between guns and all the other things you mentioned is basically distance. You can’t kill a person with a car from 100 feet away. And unless you are throwing lots of knives with pin point accuracy you are not going to kill lots of people with knives. Only a gun could have killed those people in Vegas. (Maybe hand grenades but I think the distance was too far)

            No one is saying that you would even get rid of all the shootings but we know that the latest shooters didn’t even consider whether someone else had a gun or not. Actually, some shot at the guards that had guns. The big problem is that there was a breakdown in the system when things were reported. And the biggest breakdown was the allowance of kids to have their guns when there was no good reason for them to have the guns. That’s what I meant by the idea of holding the gun owner responsible for what is done with his gun unless it had been reported to authorities.

          • Terry Butts

            “Your arguments fall apart on a number of levels. First of all no
            president or large enough group has ever tried to take eveyone’s guns away. It’s in the Constitution and no one is going to waste their time and money trying to change that part of the Constitution.”

            THEY HAVE OPENLY STATED REPEATEDLY that total confiscation is their goal. THAT IS WHAT A GUN FREE ZONE IS a place where NO GUNS ARE ALLOWED. They have achieved their goal in those places just as they have in FRANCE, England, Canada and the other nations where they have won that are now almost totally overrun by criminals.



            Unless it was pulled there was even a video on YouTube of the ANTI GUN politician openly stating this in one of their speeches.

            IF you refuse to believe the facts linked in those stories just go to the UN official page and READ THE SMALL ARMS TREATY the anti gun politicians harp about wanting to ratify and impose on the US under it NO CIVILIAN is allowed guns out of fear they will put up an ARMED RESISTANCE to whatever they plan after they disarm the people.

            London has even moved to “phase 2” of their disarmament plans the knife ban.

            “You can’t kill a person with a car from 100 feet away.”

            Tell that to those who survived Oklahoma City just a few decades ago and no you can not blame the explosives that were in the truck they were are already banned nationwide long before the crime so we must blame the TRUCK if we are going to ignore the actual criminals responsibility and blame some inanimate object he used in the crime.

            1) if you are UNARMED distance makes no difference as you CAN NOT STOP A CAR with your hands or a bat and with 84 dead and 202 injured there is enough proof it was a “WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION” as defined by the ANTI GUN politicians who the number of DEFENSELESS victims a criminal can kill before the police show up is how that is defined.

            2) CRIMINALS have MADE THEIR OWN GUNS so disarming their intended victims DOES NOTHING to protect people or stop any crime. How many were in the hands of criminals before the police even learned of his actions?


            3) THE ARGUMENT they use is not about DISTANCE they openly spout it is about how many someone can kill with a gun in the 5 minutes to FOUR HOURS in some places it takes for a police response to arrive. Hence the false claim that REDUCING the size of a magazine would somehow save lives as if the criminals would obey that law any more than any other laws they plan to break.

            “No one is saying that you would even get rid of all the shootings but we know that the latest shooters didn’t even consider whether someone else had a gun or not.”

            This is an assumption on your part the fact they committed the crimes in GUN FREE ZONES indicates otherwise. As well as the confession of that one church shooter who OPENLY STATED he went to the church after seeing ARMED GUARDS at the school he originally chose to be his target because HE KNEW THE PREACHER DID NOT ALLOW GUNS in the church.

            “That’s what I meant by the idea of holding the gun owner responsible for what is done with his gun unless it had been reported to authorities.”

            There are already laws on the books about not reporting stolen weapons when they show up involved in a crime. The fact is however if they owner is someone who locks it in a safe and rarely or never looks at it again they would might not even know it was stolen just as someone who parked their car in a lot and was inside the place the went all day would not know instantly if their car was stolen then used in a crime.

            The media and anti gun politicians have OPENLY called for the murders of NRA members (millions of US citizens) for nothing more than PROTECTING the second amendment as best they legally can from the constant infringements politicians keep passing or trying to pass. Blaming their prevention of TOTAL CONFISCATION for the crimes even when the guns are traced to ones ILLEGALLY manufactured by criminals or SMUGGLED across the border in violation of existing laws.

            The fact is an AR 15 is mechanically no different than the common .22 hunting/target rifles that have existed since the late 1800s early 1900s they are not FULL AUTO capable much less able to switch between full and semi auto as REQUIRED to be legally classified as an assault weapon.

            It is not how fast someone can physically pull the trigger on a gun that defines it as full or semi auto.

            The fact is in a GUN FREE ZONE 22 killed by an attacker using a knife were no safer than the 9 killed in the shooting that happened the same week the media BARELY even mentioned the knife attack while they railed for months on the false narrative of how if LEGALLY purchasable guns did not exist the crime would not have happened as if he would not have simply used a knife or bomb instead since it was not about the weapon he chose it was about his violent behavior and hate for those he wanted to harm.

            That does not go away simply because the intended victims and all civilians living within x distance of the place are disarmed by law.

            “The big problem is that there was a breakdown in the system when things were reported.”

            This we can agree on they had ample warning in many of these cases but did nothing.

            “And the biggest breakdown was the allowance of kids to have their guns when there was no good reason for them to have the guns.”

            This one is in error as any child taught morality and respect for the lives of others is not going to go on a shooting spree even if they have guns this was proven by over 150 years of no mass shootings.

            Who will decide when one needs a gun?

            Politicians who are hundreds of miles away with ARMED security when a criminal attacks?

            If we allow others to decide when something is NEEDED we will never be allowed to own anything. In fact the “PROOF OF NEED” requirements got many of the unconstitutional restrictions on gun ownership ruled unconstitutional in court.

            There have been enough people who were SAVED by having guns including a recent FAILED school attack that it has been irrefutably proven that guns are not the problem the attitudes being taught to children over the past 30+ years that has abolished respect for life and property of others is directly responsible.

            In Vegas if someone who knew what they were doing was there with a long range gun there would not have been such a high number of victims. Who knows what the body count at that university in the 70s would have been if that one did not have a DEER RIFLE to go home and get to stop the criminals that was on that tower.

            The response in the aftermath was legislation that if passed would have actually prevented the one who stopped the criminal from having or transporting that gun and would have done nothing to stop him because POLITICIANS decided there was not NEED for such guns as could be used as a sniper weapon despite that being the very type needed to harvest food animals like dear etc..

            Remember when the ANTI GUN STATES were spouting about the first murder of the year in Oklahoma a few years ago it was not a murder it was a CHILD who knew how to use the families gun and had access to it STOPPING home invaders that attacked him and his sister. Later investigation showed that they turned out to be ones already wanted for previous home invasions where they murdered the people who were home.

            While the state and people of intelligence noted the child’s heroism and service to others by stopping the murders the ANTI GUN people whined because of his age insisting he and his parents should be PUNISHED for nothing more than him having a means of defense available instead of HIDING while hoping not to be killed until a police response could arrive.

            The biggest problem is the lie that we should COMPLY with the demands of the criminal then file a report on the crime IF WE LIVE. As if that is going to save someones life when the criminal already planned to kill them.

            Remember their ANTI GUN add that actually proved just how futile it would be to dial 911 for help when the criminal was already breaking in intent on murdering their ex and taking the kid?

            All it showed is why the woman should have had a gun and shot the criminal when he broke through the door instead of being on the phone trying to answer questions hopping the police could save her in the mere seconds she had to react to the attack.

            When 99% of the anti gun propaganda sounds like they simply took Hitlers propaganda then swapped JEWS or JEWISH PEOPLE out for NRA or GUN OWNERS then re-spouted it everyone should be terrified of what they plan if they ever succeed in their goal of total confiscation.


          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            “THEY HAVE OPENLY STATED REPEATEDLY that total confiscation is their goal”. So who is they? Having gun free zones is not taking a person’s gun and not giving it back. That’s what you would be needed in order to have confiscation.

            Gun free zones are just areas that don’t allow you in with your gun. Just like what happened at the NRA convention. No guns allowed. People go into stores that are gun free all the time without problems.

            No, Canada, for one, is not overrun by criminals. I don’t know where you are getting your fake news but you need to change the channel. Now I won’t say there aren’t any gun confiscation nuts around but not like you are saying. If you look hard enough, there are people that think it’s OK to own tanks and hand grenades on your side.

            I for one am not against gun ownership at all. We have guns in our family. My point is that the people who own those guns also have a responsibility to make sure they know where they are and if they get stolen, it’s reported. I also think that ALL sales should have a background check, even among private parties. Just these two things might reduce the number of guns that make it into the hands of the criminals. If a background check is necessary and the own will then be held responsible, they might think twice about being a straw buyer.

          • Terry Butts

            “No, Canada, for one, is not overrun by criminals. I don’t know where you are getting your fake news but you need to change the channel. ”


            Canada is listed 10th the US is listed 22 and most of the crime that put the US that high is centered in the places with strict gun laws.

            It got so bad for a while after their gun ban that news out of Canada was cut off completely for a period of time the last news out prior to that was reports a certain area was threatening to secede from the nation over the issue. (with a three hour drive to the nearest police for most in the area it was ridicules that they were supposed to rely only on police to protect them)

            “So who is they? Having gun free zones is not taking a person’s gun and not giving it back. That’s what you would be needed in order to have confiscation.”

            Go back to my other post FOLLOW THE SOURCES IN THE LINKED STORIES there are far to many for me to list in the space provided here.



            If you are caught with a gun in a gun free zone they DO CONFISCATE it in fact in some states they make you ineligible under their restrictions to even own one again because you violated a “GUN FREE ZONE”.


            “if a background check is necessary and the own will then be
            held responsible, they might think twice about being a straw buyer.”

            BACKGROUND checks are already required and being a “STRAW BUYER” is already against the law yet it has not reduced or stopped a single crime.

            At least read the existing laws before repeating their false propaganda about background checks.


            “Gun free zones are just areas that don’t allow you in with your gun. Just like what happened at the NRA convention. No guns allowed. People go into stores that are gun free all the time without problems.”

            Anyone caught in a gun free zone with one is prosecuted as if they are a criminal. In fact at least one person is doing LIFE in prison in NY because under their laws he was not allowed to posses a gun so when he DISARMED one of the home invaders and used that gun to stop their attack he was the one prosecuted.

            The NRA had nothing to do with that prohibition.

            “the ban was ordered by the U.S. Secret Service.”


            Translation PEOPLE WERE CHECKED by the SS to ensure they obeyed unlike in gun free zones.

            The fact that people can simply enter a gun free zone with a gun shows just how INEFFECTIVE it is at stopping actual criminals who plan to harm others. The entire LIE about the zones to get them imposed was the the criminals would see the signs and OBEY THEM thus SAVING their intended victims.

            In fact many stores who to comply with BOGUS demands or extortion threats of insurance companies put up no guns allowed signs they had never been robbed in their entire history but were robbed within hours of putting up the no guns sign informing criminals that most if not all people in the place would be defenseless.

            In fact looking at the TIMELINE the zones were created NOT in response to school shootings but in response to ARMED CITIZENS who prevented at least three other attacks after the shooting cited as the excuse for the law including one that involved a man trying to RUN THEM OVER with a pickup in the school yard.

            California has already been confiscating guns taking the ones they BANNED THE SALE of from people who in at least one case purchased the gun 30 years before its sale was banned. It has been going on since they passed the “living” law that allows just one or a few people without due process or constitutionally amending the law to add more guns to the ban.

            Even mailed a letter to one police officer telling him the gun he wanted was not on the banned list then arrested him when purchased it because they secretly added it after mailing the letter.

            “My point is that the people who own those guns also have a
            responsibility to make sure they know where they are and if they get stolen, it’s reported.”

            This we can agree on however unless on carries their guns on them at all times they can get stolen without being noticed by the owner if someone gets into the safe without literally breaking it in a visible manner until the next time the owner goes to use the gun they will not notice it is gone.

            Just as you would not know if your car was stolen from a parking lot while you were in the store until you exit to use the car. Should the victim of the car theft be held liable for any crime the thief commits with the car? Much less all car owners. after all no one NEEDS a car millions in the US get by every day without having one.

            The fact is the POLITICIANS and other anti gun groups are not crying about STOLEN guns not reported they are crying that ALL GUN OWNERS should be held responsible for EVERY gun crime regardless of if they had even a remote connection to the crime simply because they OWN A GUN.

            Apparently you did not even follow the link to the report of the man who was arrested and given a mere 46 months for ILLEGALLY selling guns he MADE FROM SCRATCH using scrap metal that were NEVER part of any legal creation process so NO PAST, PRESENT, or FUTURE gun law would have stopped the weapons he made from getting into the hands of criminals.


            The existing laws that are constitutional would be more than enough if they were OBEYED,followed and enforced.

            The problem lies with DA making plea bargains and authorities who do not want to put violent acts on the permanent record of people under a certain age.

            When a judge gives a man who bounced a check 20 years in prison but only gives 5 years to a man who MURDERED someone while robbing them it is not gun ownership that needs addressed it is the skewed liberal ideology that AGE or CHOICE of weapon somehow means a person should get away with crime or be punished less severely because they used a BAT, knife, etc. instead of a gun to murder their victim.

            The only viable fix is to stop focusing on INANIMATE OBJECTS the criminal chose to use and focus on the criminal and the REASON they committed their crime.

            When someone does a mass shooting at a nightclub calls 911 and spouts his islamic BELIEFS and support of ISIS was the reason for his crime and the media and politicians rail against Christians and GUN OWNERS as being responsible for that crime demanding inalienable rights the government can not constitutionally infringe be restricted or abolished in the name of “FEELING SAFE” NOTHING will prevent the next crime because the core cause was never even looked into much less addressed.

            There is a long list of the medications that list VIOLENCE or VIOLENT thoughts as a side effect sorted by the SCHOOL SHOOTER that was taking that drug yet the media and politicians actually get upset even outraged if someone even suggests a possible connection be looked at instead of blindly accepting their new gun restrictions.

            When I grew up we were trained in gun safety and proper use from the time we were able to lift a gun NONE of us ever even considered shooting any innocent person no matter how much the harassed us because we were taught to respect others and that words are not a danger to ones life no matter how hurtful. This teaching is essentially BANNED from schools today because it is not PC to treat everyone EQUALLY schools have been demanding those who refuse to conform to PC nonsense be harassed and berated while those who are “special classes” be elevated above others and given special privileges.

            Until control of the education of this nations children is returned to the PARENTS and community where they live instead of bureaucrats that push PC nonsense and live hundreds if not thousands of miles away the situation will simply continue to get worse.

            The governments goal since at least the 1930s is to have amoral soldiers who will blindly obey any order even if illegal so long as religions that respect life and property exists they will never achieve their utopiest goals of a genderless, one race, borderless one world controlled by dictators that micromanage all aspects of a persons life from the time the are born to the time they are forced to die for the “GOOD OF SOCIETY”

            Or as they put it



          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            “BACKGROUND checks are already required and being a “STRAW BUYER” is already against the law yet it has not reduced or stopped a single crime.” Background checks are only required for gun dealers. There generally is no requirement for personal sales.

            “Just as you would not know if your car was stolen from a parking lot while you were in the store until you exit to use the car.” Now you are getting silly. When you go into a store it usually is for a few hours and you report it right away when you want to go home. As a responsible gun owner you should check your safe at least once a week to make sure everything is OK. Then you report it if stolen. It may be a little more of an inconvenience but based on the damage the gun can do, it should be worth that inconvenience to possibly save a life.

          • Terry Butts

            A criminal can steal something in minutes and be caught using it in a crime in as little as hour after. So unless someone stole the gun weeks ago in a manner that left a blatant indication it was taken we can not hold the owner anymore responsible than a car owner whose stolen car was used in a crime.

            If we take in the EXISTING gun restrictions that force gun owners to leave there weapons locked up at home when they leave for vacation (the time most are stolen) there is no logical way we can hold them responsible for what happens while they are not home. Add in the fact that in states that allow carry they are FORCED to leave their guns in their unattended vehicle if they want to go into a GUN FREE ZONE making it easier for criminals to steal them.

            Especially after that newspaper posted the names and address of all LEGAL GUN OWNERS in that City in an attempt to imply that all their neighbors were in imminent danger from those guns that the GUN ITSELF was the threat regardless of the decades they had owned them with no one getting harmed because they ARE NOT VIOLENT CRIMINALS despite the newspapers implication that all gun owners are.

            Being jailed because you only checked once a week and sometime within that week someone managed to steal your gun from its safe without leaving visible damage would not be just an INCONVENIENCE (especially with all the new restrictions on guns based on accusation rather than conviction) and it does not save anyone. The police can not magically locate anything that is stolen instantly just because it was reported.

            All reporting it as stolen does it inform the police of the crime and have them gather evidence to use IF THEY EVER CATCH the thief it does not automatically jail the criminal.

            In fact in some places victims have to threaten to sue just to get them to take fingerprints at the crime scene especially if they think a JUVENILE was involved.

            Over the past 40ish years I have heard the victims of crimes given the following bogus excuses by certain now former police officers.

            1) They are not allowed to take fingerprints of the crime scene if they think a child was involved.

            2) They do not already have someone in jail to compare the prints to.

            3) They can not fingerprint paper (guess the feds lied to us about fingerprints found on letters in numerous cases)

            4) That prepaid calling cards can not be traced (guess that news special on how they caught the MC Donald hoaxer was in error)

            5) perhaps the most laughable one yet that there was only one finger print kit for the entire state. (just look on places like eBay you will probably find dozens of cheap ones you could buy yourself with the budgets the government have it would be laughable to expect every city in a state to share one kit)

            Yet this is who we are supposed to trust our lives to when we have less than a second to stop a criminal from harming us or our families and in the fastest case where an officer did not just happen to be present it takes at least five minutes for one to get there AFTER someone dials 911 and gets through the FLOW CHART of questions in a manner they accept before they dispatch someone and most people can not especially if they get a racist operator that demands to know what races are involved or weapons before they will send help.

            If you bothered to follow the links and their sources you would see the facts..

            1) Not one single gun restriction has saved a life. (anti gun groups only focus on deaths involving guns not if a criminal used a more destructive bomb in place of a gun because a bomb is easier to make)

            2) All the “mass” attacks in recent times happened in GUN FREE ZONES


            3) Guns save more lives than criminals USING guns take.


            4) Criminals can MAKE THEIR OWN or get them from another criminal that does on the RARE occasion they can not steal one from the police, a military arsenal or have one smuggled across the border.

            5) Comparing the list of attacks at schools timeline to the TIMELINE of GUN RESTRICTIONS that have been passed it is BLATANTLY clear they got worse and increased in number with each new restriction.


            Remember the first PROTECTION they past after 9 11 was a ban on the OBJECT used by a passenger to STOP the third plane from reaching its target had it been in place before 9 11 it would have HELPED the hijackers not stopped them.

            The same politicians behind that are telling us that somehow CRIMINALS will throw away and stop making their own weapons just because they BAN THEM from law abiding citizens such a claim is ludicrous because MURDER has been banned since before this nation even existed if bans stopped criminals and saved lives there would be NO CRIME at all.

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            “A criminal can steal something in minutes and be caught using.it in a crime in as little as hour after. ” Yes they can but most don’t. Put a time limit on it. I checked it last week and it was there gets you off. I put it away a long time ago and i never needed it so I didn’t check, won’t get you off. If the person is caught, most of the time they will tell you when they stole the gun. I get the idea that you don’t want to do anything about gun violence unless you can do something that will stop ALL the gun violence. You are just making excuses for not doing anything.

            Yeah, we have some stupid laws just to protect gun violence. I won’t argue that point but there is a lot we can do that will have the possibility of cutting some of the gun violence. Not all of it has to do with guns. Some, a lot really, has to do with medications and mental health. But we can do ALL of those at the same time.

          • Terry Butts

            ” I get the idea that you don’t want to do anything about gun violence unless you can do something that will stop ALL the gun violence.”


            The problem is the fact that PROPAGANDA continues to call it “GUN VIOLENCE” when it is just VIOLENCE the fact the criminal CHOSE a gun instead of a BOMB or car does not change the CAUSE of the crime until people stop PROPAGANDIZING to support their political agenda and start doing something about the actual causes which have been easily identified by INDEPENDENT sources that actually looked at the facts without the ANTI GUN bias.

            1) Mental problems where they were on DRUGS that listed violence as a side effect

            2) The removal of any morality being taught

            3) Being taught that even the most immoral acts are NORMAL so they get upset when people REFUSE to participate in them on moral grounds

            4) The attitude that they have a RIGHT to force their beliefs upon others and that RELIGIOUS freedom is not allowed when it CONTRADICTS the sins they want to partake in.

            In the shooting where the MOTIVE was learned it has been everything from SCHOOLS not doing anything about violent bullies and the victims finally snap to ANTI CHRISTIANS upset that CHRISTIAN MORAL teachings were cited as the reason someone refused to do something they demanded to LIBERALS who felt they had a right to respond VIOLENTLY to those who refuse to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.


            ” You are just making excuses for not doing anything.”

            All you have done is spout already proven false anti gun propaganda REPORTING a stolen gun DOES NOT SAVE ANYONE all it does is COVER YOU if the gun is used in a future crime and nothing stops someone from FALSELY reporting such a theft to cover themselves after illegal selling the weapon to a criminal.

            Numerous times criminals FILED FALSE reports of their car being stolen just minutes before or after using it in a crime to SHIELD them from being a suspect because their vehicle was seen at the crime scene.

            ” Not all of it has to do with guns. Some, a lot really, has to do with medications and mental health.”

            The politicians and anti gun groups will not even entertain the idea of medications and when they try to include “mental health” they want to include people who have nothing that would result in violence while excluding ones who are on the medications that might cause violent behavior.

            For example they tried to make it were if someone has to have another person take care of their bills because they could not do so a MENTAL issue that should prevent them from owning a gun as if not being able to do MATH and balance their budget to the point one needs help paying the bills was somehow a mental issue that could lead to violence.

            In fact recently they tried to have RELIGION declared a mental problem. Going back once again to the attempt to DENY one right because they exercised another.

            That fact is the LIE that “IF it saves one life its worth it” is bogus it was tried in the times of the founders by those who OBJECTED to people being able to protect themselves, their families, and their nation.

            Remember in the UK the anti gun groups spouted the reduced SUICIDES by gun number was PROOF they had saved lives the fact is they simply IGNORED the increased suicide by other means that proved NO LIVES were saved by it in fact the death toll was HIGHER than it was before the gun ban if we used their idea of logic we would blame the gun ban for the higher number of suicides.

            The fact is NOT ONE SINGLE LIFE has ever been saved by gun restrictions at most MORE WERE KILLED because of them as BOMBS are far easier to make than a gun and CRIMINALS have been caught MAKING BOTH.

            Irrefutable proof that NO GUN LAW past, present or future will disarm criminals and SAVE LIVES. all one need to is look at the STATISTICS I already linked to see how many people are killed every day in other nations INCLUDING by their own government to see how gun restriction/bans failed to stop crime.

            Remember Vegas was not the worst massacre in the US the worst was done in 1890 by THE GOVERNMENT To native Americans THE GOVERNMENT HAD DISARMED who were still on the RESERVATION they were not part of the ones who left the reservation that were fighting against the government over treaty violations.


            So if you want to be in the same boat as the natives were then continue to buy into the propaganda and false claims that GUN RESTRICTIONS save lives those who PAY ATTENTION to the facts know the anti gun groups who have OPENLY STATED IN THEIR OWN SPEECHES that total confiscation is their goal are not about saving lives or protecting people.

            The facts to anyone who pays attention to the TIMING of these actions are as follows.

            1) columbine happened (congress had just refused to even discuss the latest gun ban)

            2) Three attempted copy cat attacks were stopped by ARMED CIVILIANS. (the GUN FREE ZONES were immediately implemented KNOWING only the ARMED CIVILIANS who stopped them would become disarmed by it)

            3) The timeline of GUN CONTROL wins DIRECTLY indicates INCREASE in such attacks after each “win” against the constitution.

            4) The anti gun groups have OPENLY STATED that they do not even want the police to be armed yet demand we only rely on them to stop ARMED criminals..

            It was not until PRIVATE CIVILIANS defended themselves from goons hired by corporations that the NFA was passed it did not BAN guns it taxed them to the point that only those corporations could arm their goons the intended victims were CRIMINALS overnight if they did not come up with 200 dollars per gun and pass the CHECK to ensure they would not use their guns to defends themselves from those the government supported or turn them in to police.

            IT took YEARS and lawsuits to even get it ruled an UNCONSTITUTIONAL restriction just on the COMMON guns that are legal today now they are trying once again to use CRIMES as an excuse to REINSTATE an even more restrictive ban than was already ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It was only through legal deceit about its purpose that they got to keep the NFA as it stands today.

            An AR 15 is no more a MILITARY weapon than the .22 semi auto TARGET/HUNTING rifle of the late 1800s early 1900s DRESSING it up cosmetically to LOOK similar to military weapons DOES NOT CHANGE HOW IT WORKS it is not more deadly because of cosmetic attachments yet the anti groups continue their lies about ALL SEMI AUTO weapons being assault weapons and pushing for their demand that technology be pushed back to the 1700s guess they want us all using the much closer to FULL AUTO puckle guns or Gatling guns instead of modern semi auto defense weapons.

            Here is a simple test for you if the POLITICIAN or CELEBRITY spouting about gun bans has ARMED GUARDS protecting them but insist you rely on the police who are MINUTES AWAY when there is just seconds to save your life they are hypocrites and no law should be made based on what hypocrites spout.

            In fact here is a link for you and this is not the only ANTI GUN individual who is spouting the do as I say not as I do nonsense.


            Remember CHICAGO is the poster-child for the gun laws they want all across this nation. They BLAME the failure of them on NEIGHBORING states guess it will be NEIGHBORING nations if they succeed and the same crime spreads across the nation once the criminals realize THEY are the only ones armed.


            The entire flawed belief of anti gun groups is that CRIMINALS will obey the law that if they PASS enough restrictions and ban enough items that CRIME will simply stop because at some point the CRIMINALS will obey the law.

            I have linked to you the proof CRIMINALS have been caught not only making guns from scratch using scrap metal

            I have linked to you the crimes stats from other nations that have IMPOSED the gun bans the anti gun groups demand here that prove GUN VIOLENCE was not even reduced much less eliminated

            I have linked proof that EVERY NATION that imposed them in the past has moved on to MASS murdering their own people only the means the use varies and politicians are already pushing two of those as a RIGHT people should have.

            The only “COMMON SENSE” response is to look at the FAILED attacks and implement what STOPPED those attacks in every school not to throw a fit about some FICTIONAL “gun culture” wanting all future generation to never even know what a gun looks like to the point like in that one shooting where the criminal succeeded because NOT EVEN THE SECURITY GUARD was allowed to be armed. Because the LIBERALS in charge (who once again have their own private security people protect them and their families) did not want to PROMOTE the once again fictional “GUN CULTURE” by having even one single gun visible in a holster carried by a security guard.

            When we have criminals who OPENLY ADMIT they chose their victims because they knew they were unarmed it is INSANITY to try and disarm everyone who is not a GOVERNMENT approved individual.

            It is increasingly clear you have not read one single link I provided much less their sources.

  • Chained

    Now there is a man that gets it.

  • ricky

    i wish there are more atty. Ken Paxton in this united states!!!! very good logic mr. Paxton!!!

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Pull your pecker out of his ass already!

  • Grant1959

    With all the reactions and arguments resulting from the school shootings, the two most recent took place in High Schools, there is one thing absent from all of this, one thing that no one seems to be talking about so I will put forth this idea here and hopefully get some people to consider it and broaden the discussion about these shootings. If we accept that the shooting incident is the effect, what then is the cause? Surely, it is not just that a person had access to a firearm, thousands, no, millions of households have a firearm, and I dare say that most kids could figure out a way to gain access to them. So, there is something more at work here. I don’t see any information or studies that focus on amongst other things, what the school’s and or the education systems part in all of this is. We know there have innumerable changes in the schools and the education system over the past 50 years. There have been some studies that showed a detrimental effect on young males. I think we need some studies into the social, psychological and yes political environments that have developed in our schools. Perhaps the environment in our schools is a major contributory factor in these kids exploding in a violent rampage, lashing out at what they perceived as the source of their misery. Think about it for a moment, what do we see. Our kids are being force fed some pretty controversial things and concepts that they and their families may not agree with. Belittling our country, our history, our way of life, the promotion of things many consider to be immoral, same sex marriage, abortion, transgenderism, the bathroom nonsense, ridicule of Christianity and other religions, while many seem to accommodate Mohammadism, not equality of opportunity but equality of outcome, that all cultures and all societies are equivalent, the state is replacing the parents, the state knows better than the parents. the kids eat breakfast and lunch and in some cases this extends to dinner as well as over school breaks and tells them what they can and can not eat and if you disobey…… etc. etc. etc.. You can force feed kids a daily crap sandwich so we shouldn’t be surprised when one of them throws up.

  • Richard Gee

    This is exactly what we need. But we also need to regulate the video gaming industry. To much violence and cop killing on them. If that is all they see at home or somewhere else what do you think they the ones who do not respect you, the law or life.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      Regulate! Regulate! Regulate! You Commie bastard’s! Always trying to control everything! You damn Communist’s! I’m tired of hearing you asshole’s trying to control everything. If you don’t like something? Don’t use it , see , drink , smoke , smell or anything etc.? It’s your choice? You don’t like your freedom? Especially. You Globslist fool’s trying to create race wars! Then go to the Communist country of your choice? Just GTF outta here and leave us Constitutional loving American’s alone! Then there won’t be any discrepancy between idiot’s like you and normal God , Country and gun loving American’s. Please take the first flight to your favorite Commie county and do us all a favor. We are the majority and you idiot’s are not! Hence. That’s why you loser’s lost in the first place. Trump is for America and the Constitution. That’s what I’m for! Trump is not a God. I’m not worshipping Trump! I support what he stands for stupid! Get your fact’s straight! Damn you and George Sorros and his follower’s. Globalist Commie loving fool’s! Just total retardism. Dahhhh! Dahhh! Dahhhh! You sucker’s are so retarded? You don’t even know you are retarded! Unreal.

  • Grant1959

    Let’s change the argument from gun rights and gun control and put the focus where it should be by asking the question, “What the hell is going on in the school system that is propagating these shootings?”

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      Demonrat Socialist Commie Globalist Libtard’s! That’s who’s behind all this crap! Get a clue fool! You are a mushroom. Kept in the dark and fed a bunch of crap! It doesn’t matter that they sensationalize every gun shooting in the whole country? They make it seem like it’s everywhere at the same time? When it’s not! They pray on everyone’s sympathy to further their agenda! Which is disarming law abiding American citizens. For the Globalist agenda. Get a clue fool’s. If you are for disarming? You are not American. You really are committing treason to you own country! No matter how you look at it. Another dilusinal speculating fool.

      • Grant1959

        Thank you for responding to my post. However, I think you have misunderstood my position, I am a strong and vocal 2nd amendment rights defender. I am sick to death of the gun grabbers rhetoric which always jumps on these tragic events as an excuse to advocate their anti-gun agenda. I think too often we let them seize the narrative when we have a great argument to make that the real problems that are contributing to these events are not being addressed and are not being talked about. I am trying to make the case that there is a toxic environment in the schools brought about by liberal policies etc. that are adversely effecting our children especially boys and young men. Just listen to the venomous things they are preaching in the schools, white privilege, toxic masculinity, boys can be girls and girls can be boys and a whole host of other things that can be very hard to swallow, but the kids are a captive audience and have no recourse to disagree. The argument that it’s all about the guns and access to guns is a false argument and does nothing to address the cause of these shooting incidents.

        • Felipe Gomez Jr.

          Sorry for misunderstanding? We are on the same side!

    • Ronald Hagler

      This nation has been a “gun-toting” nation since our inception; so, why is it that the rash of shootings is but a few years active? Why did we not have rampant shootings in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s? That answer is simple: we did not have liberals controlling our judicial system! We were not bombarded by liberal, socialistic policies in Congress and our children did not attend schools that taught them to disrespect their parents. Our downward spiral has not been helped by the influx of attorneys in Congress; who write bills that no one can understand and insist that these bills be adopted as laws.

      For the last twenty plus years, this nation has suffered countless attacks on the 2nd Amendment, the NRA and an individual’s right to own firearms. Why? Wake up people! The 2nd Amendment is the only part of our Constitution which offers the populous any reprieve against a tyrannical government. It is the “teeth” of our most prized document and many liberals want to pull those teeth and leave us defenseless. If you truly believe that more mundane, useless “Gun-Control” laws will fix this problem, then you (and all of like thought) are truly blindly following the Democrat’s doctrine or you are simply insane.

      Liberals deem it to be only military and law enforcement who should own firearms, leaving the populous to survive on hope that the government will protect them. Liberals overlook centuries of history exposing the dangers of just such government control where civilizations suffered (daily) at the hands of an evil, corrupt King whose army was the only weapons carriers and the citizens were nothing more than slaves to the King’s desires.

      Liberals deem it unnecessary for individuals to own firearms and believe more laws will better protect us. Again, these dreamers overlook tons of evidence (and just plain common sense) showing criminals do not obey laws and will not surrender their “guns”. Under “liberalism” our military, our law enforcement units and our criminals will be armed, leaving the general population at the mercy of each. That is not the description of a citizen, but, rather, the description of a servant.

  • Alphonso Tate

    Thank you Ken.

  • Howard Kirshenbaum

    Who said anything about disarming law abiding citizens? No one that I know of. How about background checks for ALL gun sales and holding gun owners responsible if their gun is used in a crime and the loss of the gun is not reported to the police? How about getting people on the NO FLY list be unable to purchase guns? How about letting people keep their guns but needing to be responsible for where they are. The school shootings by kids that took them or were given them by their parents is the prime example.

    Every exchange of ownership should need to be registered with a background check.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      How about getting you on the next flight out of the United States! Damn Commie.Socialist Globalist! No one with a brain care’s about what you bafoon’s think?

      • Howard Kirshenbaum

        Very Trumpian of you. Why don’t you get an education and learn the art of civil discussion.

        • Felipe Gomez Jr.

          Hello no! What? The same under education you recieved by George Sorros? Screw you!

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            Do you even know who George Soros is?

          • Felipe Gomez Jr.

            He’s your Natzi collaboratetor hero! Who turned his own people in to the Natzi’s for extemination? He took their riches etc.. How do you think he became rich? This same asshole. Is who the Demonrat’s confide in. You Globalist asshole! You have nothing i want to hear. You are a waste of time , air and space. Dilusinal at best! You have no argument or legs to stand on! Piss off! You Commie! Please don’t try to claim you are an American? You most definitely are not. You are a treasonous traitor if you are? You are most likely a foriegn moron talking crap! In which you have no business talking about American issues! Just stay in your own Commie country with your Comrad’s and be a good little Commie slave!

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            Was George Soros an SS Officer or Nazi Collaborator During World War II?
            Despite politically-motivated rumors to the contrary, billionaire leftist George Soros was neither in the SS nor a Nazi collaborator in the Second World War.

            Fact Check Politics
            Was George Soros an SS Officer or Nazi Collaborator During World War II?
            Despite politically-motivated rumors to the contrary, billionaire leftist George Soros was neither in the SS nor a Nazi collaborator in the Second World War.
            During World War II, George Soros was a member of the SS (a Nazi paramilitary organization) or a Nazi collaborator who helped confiscate property from Jews.


            As a prominent political activist and supporter of left-wing causes, Hungarian-born billionaire financier George Soros has frequently been the target of smear campaigns, none more odious than the persistent — and false — claim that Soros, a Jew, was a Nazi sympathizer, collaborator, and/or paramilitary officer during World War II.

            That Soros was only nine years old (born in 1930) when the war broke out and all of 14 when Nazi Germany surrendered in May 1945 hasn’t dampened his detractors’ enthusiasm for spreading these rumors, of which none is more absurd than the claim, which first surfaced in November 2016, that Soros literally served as an officer of the paramilitary Schutzstaffel (SS) in Germany.

            Here is an example via Twitter:

            View image on Twitter
            View image on Twitter

            Phx Ken

            12:16 AM – Jun 15, 2017 · Phoenix, AZ
            137 people are talking about this
            Twitter Ads info and privacy
            This allegation continues to make the social media rounds in the form of a black-and-white photograph of a young man — supposedly Soros — wearing an SS uniform (see above), accompanied by some version of this caption:

            .. I give you George Soros. A SS in the National Socialist German workers party. Nazi party. He served under Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. He said it was the best time of his life. The destruction and agony around him was euphoric to him. This man was making policy with Hillary Clinton. And some of you think Trump is dangerous. Wow! Soros was 9 when the war started and 14 when it ended.
            Given his age, Soros couldn’t have joined the SS (whose minimum age requirement was 17) even if he had wanted to. Moreover, as a Hungarian Jew he couldn’t have met the SS requirement for pure “Aryan” heritage. Quite to the contrary, Soros and his entire family were obliged to hide their identities and pose as Christians to avoid being forcibly housed in ghettos, interned in concentration camps, deported, or killed during the 10-month Nazi occupation of Hungary beginning in 1944.

            The miscaptioned photo is easily debunked using a reverse image search. The young man in the Waffen-SS uniform is actually Oskar Groening, a Nazi who served at the Auschwitz concentration camp from 1942 through the end of the war. More than 70 years after this photograph was taken, Groening was found guilty of being an accessory to the murder of at least 300,000 Jews.

          • Felipe Gomez Jr.

            Who gives a crap about your biased so called resesrch? He is in an interview on film. Saying he’d do it all over again! Turning his own peole in. That someone else would have done what he did to the Jewish peolpe. That he was proud of that fact? I’ll bet you are another fool! Who also thinks the Holocaust never happened either? I’ll even bet you are part of the libtard so called educator’s brain washing our kids! You should be shot for treason and espionage! At best put in GITMO! Then executed! You have no legs to stand on with me! Loser!

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            You are by far the biggest idiot I have seen on any of these posts. And for your information, I have a family member that has her number tattooed to her arm by the Nazis, so don’t tell me what I believe or don’t believe. I saw the interview and in the end it doesn’t say he actually did any of what you said. Getting rich at the age of 13 with that? You just are a fool’s fool.

          • Felipe Gomez Jr.

            The world according to you? Mr. Know it all. There should be a tattoo on your ass from my boot up in it! You insignificant asshole! The dumbest fool ever! I’m sure there’s Jewish people out there who don’t agree with your Zionist ass!

          • Felipe Gomez Jr.

            Piss off Coward crapbum!

  • Felipe Gomez Jr.

    Smart man. He’s right!