The Swamp Continues Screaming For Trump’s Impeachment

Campaign strategist for former President George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Steve Schmidt is insisting that due to The New York Times anonymous op-ed written by a senior White House official, the United States is in an “emergency.”

Schmidt stated, “The emergency in the country is a psychologically unfit president. But the crisis is a crisis of cowardice—cowardice in the elected political class. People just don’t get it. Teddy Roosevelt, Jr., the son of a president, one-star general, demanded he be the first man off the landing craft on Utah Beach to lead the men ashore. Who will defend the republic? Every one of these people took an oath of office, not to their careers, not to their ambitions, but to the Constitution of the United States, to the republic. Everybody knows, all the political elected class, you saw Durbin do it, you saw Corker do it, everybody — you saw Sasse do it. It’s a bipartisan problem. They’re not America’s parents. The American people have a right to know. They have a responsibility to talk openly and honestly about what they know, what they’re seeing, and about the danger of it. This election is a referendum on Trumpism. It is a fundamentally—it is the most important midterm election this nation has ever had because if this is validated, we’re going to be living in a different America and it is going to be difficult to recover from it.”

“And there is danger when someone is mentally ill and mentally unfit, and they command an arsenal of thousands of nuclear weapons. If you had an unfit commander of a ballistic missile submarine in the United States Navy, they would haul him out of it in a straight jacket. Even though there are two keys, one by the executive officer and one by the captain to launch the missiles, but the guy who commands all of the nuclear weapons, nobody, no senator, no governor, no congressman seems willing to say to the American people the nature of the crisis. It’s wrong. They are not doing their duty.”

  • Name

    Steve Schmidt is a deep state flunky that wants the people stupid and the elite controlling everything. Reminds me of communism.

  • Bobby

    Bullsh-t.Lets all call for a Whole New Gov’t.The one we currently have in place seems to be locked.

  • Ron C

    Such lunacy from the political class…they are going off half cocked, from the op-ed of a coward…why?
    Because they are seeing the country run like it should be run, by an outsider! A duly elected outsider elected by the people…NOT by the political class’s propaganda machine, the Lame stream media…
    Yes get use to it the citizens have had enough of their BS and thieving, that has been going on for way to long!

    • delbert balling


  • Ron

    Steve Schmidt…Another Bush-league swampster!

  • Priam Figs

    An anonymous source has told me Steve Schmidt is actively working to undermine our President. Oh wait that’s already common knowledge. That same source told me Steve Schmidt is working closely with Democrats “colluding” to impeach or otherwise remove Trump from office. Oh wait that’s already common knowledge. I think the facts are stacking up against Steve Schmidt of him being a traitor to his party and to the American people in general.

  • Mike Gardner

    It’s funny that ehen the country is running the best it’s been in decades and getting better every day, people start screaming about a crazy President. But when Obama was screwing up everything he touched no one said boo. Is it because he was black and they didn’t want to offend anyone or because he was of the establishment and favored party?

    It doesn’t made sense. Let’s praise success even if it’s not done in a way that people with delicate sensibilities don’t like.

    Results matter mote than feelings. They can be quantified.

  • delbert balling

    Another nut case swamp rat! If I were the President he would be out of here along with the other swamp rats!

  • shamu9

    WHAT Fooking Grounds, do you Clint-Stone-istas have for Trumps Impeachment!?? You don’t LIKE Him?? Not gonna Fly! We put up with YOUR Actual born in Nairobi, Kenya Swahili, for 8 Damned YEARS! STFU! When the Ubangi OBamBam’s ineligibility is Proven, And it will come out sooner or later, Do we get to Deport all you Traitors??

  • Spunky

    Steve – go to the doctor- something wrong with you

  • jumper

    Want Trump out ?, about 60 million Deplorable’s say no way Jose so bring the best you have.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    I Would be screaming too for trumps impeachment, if I was as corrupt as they are! There only in their to fill their pockets, they would do anything to protect their greedy little hands from being slapped ! I can’t name not one decent Democrat, now ain’t that sad. See how many you can name .

    • GomeznSA

      Well let me see, there is________________oh wait, nope, well how about_______________ nope, by golly you might be on to something 🙂
      The sad part is that there are quite a few rinos (Rhinos are dignified animals) who ‘qualify’ as well.

      • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

        I totally agree with you, rhinos are lowlifes too !

  • Khan

    Do the Libtards get together and discuss all the desparate and psychotic statements they give on a daily basis? So douchy…and hilarious!

    • GomeznSA

      They very well might. Wasn’t there some sort of group of ‘reporters’ a while back who were routinely consorting on getting their stories aligned? And the newspapers – 300 or so – a couple of weeks or so back that ALL ran virtually the same ‘editorial’ saying that DJT was crazy (or something) – apparently it didn’t get quite enough attention so woodward’s book came out and then the ‘memo’ – neither of which has any direct attribution…………shucks, I can ‘write’ an opinion piece citing ‘anonymous’ sources just as easily.

  • I do not know about my Democratic friends and family, I just cannot believe the turn around in this economy of disposable wealth buying everything in sight. This accounts for the 4.+% growth in the economy due to President Trump’s legislation. We NEVER saw any growth during the Obama years! Hours were cut, I could barely scrape by. Now, I am working a full time 40+ hours per week at a respectable wage rate. The Democrats want to Impeach a good President who has done nothing in the “high crimes and misdemeanors” to cause for his Impeachment. If the Democrats do succeed in capturing the House and try to Impeach President Trump even without a Conviction in the Senate, they will dog this President and will raise the ire and hatred for the Democrats not only by us Republicans but also the Independent voters who have enjoyed the economic progress and wealth it has brought to the American Public.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    This is a really stupid and irresponsible article,Mr Schmidt.
    President Trump has done his best to MAGA. He is succeeding.
    To say that he will launch the nukes is really unfounded.
    If he was going to do so, he would have by now with NK or Iran.
    Mr. Trump before becoming a candidate ran numerous business ventures,
    and dealt with various people globally. He made billions of dollars.
    He had to have some kind of mental stability to accomplish all that he has.
    Now, because he has upset the status quo in America, he is suddenly unfit?
    He has been doing an exceptional job as president. That is why his enemies
    hate him and seek to destroy him. JEALOUSY is a huge green-eyed SWAMP MONSTER.