This Democrat Hopeful Took His Mom to X-Rated Film

It’s usually a good sign that a presidential candidate is close with their immediate family, but can there be such a thing as too close? That’s the boundary that 2020 candidate John Hickenlooper is pushing after admitting he took his mother to view an X-rated film.

CNN’s Dana Bash confronted the Democrat about the incident after reading about it Hickenlooper’s memoir. 

Hickenlooper had just returned home from college over Thanksgiving break when he decided he would take his widowed mother out for a night at the cinema. 

Unfortunately the movie in question was titled “Deep Throat.”

“I got home for Thanksgiving and we thought it was a little naughty but we didn’t think it was that bad. You’ve got to understand I was 18 years old,” Hickenlooper explained.

While the Hickenlooper family wasn’t sure what they were getting into initially, it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t a typical film.

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Despite claiming his mother was “mortified” by the first scene, the 2020 hopeful explained that once his mother had paid for a ticket, she intended to get her money’s worth. 

“I said repeatedly, ‘I think we should leave, I think we would should go.’ And my mother was someone who rarely went to a movie. She thought almost every movie would get on TV, obviously not this one. When she paid, she was going to stay. And at the end she knew I was humiliated. And as we drove home and you know how the dashboard in the old cars had a kind of green light, and I asked her, I said, ‘That was some experience,'” Hickenlooper said.

“And she goes, ‘I thought the lighting was very good in the movie.’ I thought I saw a little grin in that green light,” he continued.

How can someone who lacks the judgment to avoid taking their mother to view a pornographic film qualify for the presidency of the United States?

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