Trudeau Stabs Trump In The Back

White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro verbally assaulted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his “bad-faith diplomacy” towards President Trump.

Navarro even stated that Trudeau deserves a “special place in hell” for his actions.

“There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad-faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door,” Navarro stated. “And that’s what bad faith Justin Trudeau did with that stunt press conference.”

  • JBMac

    This liberal sissy britches, Trudeau, should know better than to try and best our great President. Very few leaders in the world can pull this off, especially not this snit from Canada. I find it laughable that he threw his little fit after President Trump had left the summit. Our President is doing what no one else has done, trying to make things more fair, more even on the world stage for America. So many in our country agree with the likes of Justin Trudeau. Too bad for them that President Trump does not give a rip about their opinions of wants. I love it. Keep up the good work Mr President!

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      Trump is indeed trying to make things more fair. And his way would be good for all sides. But please don’t forget Pres. Reagan. He too had to contend with those I considered domestic enemies of the Constitution and America.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I’m still trying to figure out how WH National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro stabbed Pres. Trump in the back. After all, the email title read, “Director Stabs Trump In The Back.”

    C’mon guys, you can do better. “O, I ferget, al to meny cites dont hav goood poof reeders.” By the way, I’m pulling your leg.

    I wouldn’t be quite as harsh as Navarro, but the President was right in what he did. The telling comment (not an exact quote) by some liberal pundits was that Pres. Trump wasn’t abiding by established world order protocols. I’m glad he wasn’t.

    • antiliberal

      I think it was McCain that hinted at the one world crap and not following the rest, McCain is showing his true colors now that he won’t get reelected.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

        Could be although I had thought if was a progressive talking head.

  • SeanM62

    As usual, it was Trump who stabbed Trudeau in the back by signing the memorandum, then after he left the conference “unsigned” it. Trump has no cajones – can’t even fire people in person but must do it in tweets. Our coward-in-chief has shown our friends that we can’t be trusted and our adversaries that we CAN be manipulated. What a disgusting disgrace and poor excuse for a president.

    • NeoracerX

      You are poor excuse for an American your the cowardly man that bashes the president. You have no class and no BALLS! Your just a pathetic old man with no commonsense or even the slightest grasp on reality.

      • SeanM62

        First, you do not address my criticism directly but only present an ad hominem attack. Thus, you are just a screaming mimi and cannot be taken seriously. And your few facts are in error about reality.

        Second, is that you in the avatar or your faithful companion? Are you too ashamed to show your face? Talk about cowardice!!

        Third, your grammar and spelling are awful!

        • John Redman

          Your grasp of facts is what is awful. What “friends” are you speaking of? Canada???? Germany ??????? France ????????? With “friends” like that, who needs enemies?

          • Charles Lagioia

            AMEN TO THAT.

          • SeanM62

            And now our “friends” are murderers, despots and liars. No wonder Trump feels so comfortable with them.

          • John Redman

            The current “leadership” of GB, France, Germany, EU, and Canada are the backstabbers on tariffs and paying their share of security and many other issues and have been for many years. Commie Trudeau, jeez what a filth, makes pelosi seem a moderate, Maxine, Schumer, that fing commie Alison, are ALL more trustworthy that JT (but they ARE the enemy within). And trolls like you, what makes YOU not a liar? Nothing, that’s what.

      • Charles Lagioia


    • SallySenior

      Oh Sean, Sean, Sean – Cajones is what Trump has, Trudeau has none. Frankly, I am so tired of people like you who have no concept of reality. We have jobs again, we have lower taxes, we have less illegals, we have relief from a devastating health care bill, we have less Isis, all in 500 days. More than your boyo could have ever imagined.

      • SeanM62

        Maybe you have lower taxes, but most if us don’t – once the “other” taxes that have been transferred to the states have been figured in. The economic benefits were largely part of the economic trends set up by Obama after rescuing us from the Bush/Republican Great Recession. And ISIS was really a side product of destroying the Saddam Hussein Regime, also thanks to Boyo Bush. Rethuglicans have yet to produce a substitute for the health care bill written largely by the hyper-conservative Heritage Foundation and the abusive insurance industry – Romney/ObamaCare.

        • cp123

          Must be nice to live in fantasy.

          • Popetal

            I think he lives in CA.

    • Lori

      And look who’s talking about no cajone’s , you wouldn’t last a half a second facing Donald Trump,and like Neoracerx said,your a hell of an excuse for an American,move to Canada and you can share make-up with Trudeau !,Or do you have your own already?

      • SeanM62

        Share make-up with Trudeau? Or time under the sun-lamp with the Orange Peril who needs an hour every morning to get his comb-over just exactly right before the hairspray goes on.

        And I think I’m a helluva good excuse for an American as I can see just what a mess Rethuglicans have made of the country and are now masking of the world, We will pay for this disaster for years.

    • David dkoppyus

      How’s that libturd tears koolaid taste. Btw dont even respond to me your biased fake news opinions dont matter to any real Patriots. In other words foxtrot oscar

  • John Redman

    Does anyone know how to read and then write an agreeing headline. No, the DIRECTOR did not stab Trump in the back. This is 6th grade work.

    • URWorstNightmare


  • Lori

    Think about it, behind Trumps back, Lili- livered chickenshit, why didn’t Trudeau take in all the shit that threatened to move to Canada, if Trump became President, they are his kind of people after all. And some belong to him-send them home !!!! Carrey, Shania, etc ! We have a real President now, so we shouldn’t have to suffer these fools anymore.

    • SeanM62

      Your line of reasoning is hard to follow and you have no idea of what Canadians are like. Go hide your ignorant, bigoted head in the sand where it seems to be happiest. You may want to remember that colonial America was a dumping ground for British prison trash until the Revolution, so we have our ancestral share of human poop.

      Your “real president” is a disaster who is making the US into a third-rate reality show, but that seems to be OK for our gullibles.

      • antiliberal

        iT must hurt to be you!

  • John Gasper

    Hay….just remember Trudeau is a typical socialist, leftist DEMOCRAT!!!!! Why should his actions surprise ANYONE, I’m sure it is nothing less than what Trump was expecting!!!!!!!!!!