Trump Accused Of ‘Demonizing Immigrants’

CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto stated on CNN that the recent tweets by President Trump are “demonizing immigrants,” additionally “there’s really no dog whistle here. Because it’s like a bullhorn, right?”

Jim Sciutto questioned Representative Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), “I want to ask you a concerning aspect about this. Because I know you’ve been critical of what you call the president’s anti-immigration agenda. When you read these tweets, and the language that the president uses about [immigrants] — I mean demonizing immigrants, and I would say dog whistle, but there’s really no dog whistle here. Because it’s like a bullhorn, right? How concerned are you about this rhetoric in this environment?”

  • ConservativeMe

    FACT: President Trump was OBVIOUSLY talking about those who are rapists & another FACT is if you come here ILLEGALLY you are not an “undocumented immigrant”, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL & there’s no way to sugar it… END OF STORY

    • Arizona Don

      Calling an illegal immigrant and undocumented immigrant is like calling a illicit drug dealer and unlicensed druggist.

  • Al

    They are criminals and will be treated as such. They brag of scaling the walls so we shoot them off.

    • dougfreeland

      If, Only.

  • Don

    Is this more fake news? I thought he only demonized illegal aliens, which is totally different than immigrants.

  • Tk Matthews

    Cnn & all of these “blivets” that watch or work for this piece of junk need to take a very deep breath and hold it.!!!

    • Sterling Harris

      America is broken and it’s not the working poor that broke it but they’re the ones that have been demonized while they have been locked out of a life of value, respect and decency, why a whole party sees millions of hardworking Americans as freeloading vermin while corporate subsides rise and rise along with the profitability of those corporations.
      A party of let them starve catering to the fabulously wealthy ultimate moocher class, a class that eats for free at the best restaurants, that buys politics so it serves them like cheap waiters and political prostitutes. A stuffed envelope to the right people is so much more important than a nation eating healthily, children not going to bed starving even in the world’s richest nation.
      It’s not that Republicans don’t care, it’s more a case that they care too much for federal money to go to corporations and the robber barons so the rest can make do with the crumbs are the spoils of class war are divided up by the victors.

  • dave


  • Get IT right!!! President Trump is NOT demonizing immigrants! He is talking about law breakers!! The SAME type of law breakers Mexico would put in jail – ILLEGAL , UNDOCUMENTED aliens!!!

    • dougfreeland

      Quite a few of whom have verified their lawbreaking nature by subsequent actions, the case of Kate Steinle comes to mind.

  • dave

    Let Americans go into Mexico illegally,& see what happens to them !!!! IS THERE A TWO WAY STREET ??

    • cathy

      NO! We’d be shot dead, simple.

  • gibbygoo56

    Past time to deport all illegal invaders.

  • Ron C

    The truth be know…the CNN so called journalist’s are totally ignorant fools…they don’t even know the difference between immigrant’s & illegal invaders…that proves they are ignoramuses…period!

    • dougfreeland

      They know, they merely use the term “immigrant, leaving out “illegal, in order to justify their false accusations against President Trump.

  • Mary


  • Will Boyd

    Hey stupid…STUPID! They are not immigrants, they are criminals! As an addendum, 33% of our prisons are from these criminals you call immigrants, our school systems and healthcare systems are broke from these criminals you call immigrants! Wake up dumbass!

  • ebenezeer

    I hope Sciutto is right there is no dog whistle it’s a bullhorn. I hope it continues the bullhorn that is. Illegal immigrants are criminals and leeches on the country. They have no right here and no right to come in demanding things from a country that has no obligation to them.

  • Dewayne


  • Dewayne

    CNN ;
    Americans are tired of the BS, illegal means Unlawful.
    IT is time for Work Visas for these folks, like all other countries.
    CNN is no longer a news place, they are now a Propaganda machine for the far left. { Socialist }

    • cathy


  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    That’s what Democrats do, they are nothing but bottom feeders, and anti-American. They don’t just want to disagree with you, they want to destroy you. They would do the same thing to JFK if he were alive today.

  • Jimwolf

    All Americans have the right to DEMONIZE illegals if they are in the United States, because the are criminals.. So what is Slutto complaining about?? If the shoe fits, there is no problem.. Round them up and send them home.. Make sure not one illegal votes in 2018 or 2020..

  • Joseph Morgan


  • lambwithhope

    The illegal immigrants are demonizing themselves through their crimes and entitled behavior. Come here legally or stay home and improve your life and your country. Don’t come here illegally and expect to be taken care of.

  • rivahmitch

    “Illegal immigrants” are NOT “immigrants”. They’re FOREIGN INVADERS and should be treated as such, just as “home INVADERS” should be. Their very existence and behavior “demonizes” them. Using obfuscatory language such as “illegal immigrants” or “undocumented aliens” can’t hide the reality of what they are.

  • RC

    What I find impossible to understand is what those people don’t understand about the words ILLEGAL ALIEN, LAW BREAKER AND CRIMINAL.

  • Dennis Anderson

    Absatively, and possilutely personally I see no benefit in sheltering any person from criminal illegal entry into our country. Get rid of the democratic voting base.were all paying for.

  • Crew-servedFiddler

    The Leftists absolutely and deliberately continue to equate “ILLEGAL entry” to the legitimate immigration AND responsible naturalization pursued AND achieved by millions of law-abiding immigrants. The LEFT have only contempt for those who enter and become citizens. They refuse to acknowledge that every other nation on the planet protects and enforces their frontiers. The LEFT apply standards to the U.S. they don’t apply to ANY other country.

  • Jim

    I have a message for cnn slutto and illegal aliens 4nak8u

  • Spunky

    They are demons to be breaking the law

  • dougfreeland

    When will liberal media stop attempting to confuse the public about “illegal immigrants” and immigrants who arrive in the US legally, having followed the law to gain entrance? The only people who remain confused are those who choose to be hoodwinked or those too simple to understand the difference.

  • Terry Butts

    So telling the TRUTH and ACTUAL FACTS about people who VIOLATE IMMIGRATION LAW is somehow

    “demonizing immigrants,” sounds like they need a dictionary to be an IMMIGRANT you have to have COMPLIED with immigration law to enter this nation LEGALLY.

    In any other nation people who cross the border are treated as SPIES or CRIMINALS they are not catered to they are not GRANTED PRIVILEGES that even citizens of the nation they ILLEGALLY ENTERED are not permitted they are JAILED, TRIED, and in some cases EXECUTED.

    Only in America were they given a FREE RIDE back home without punishment unless they broke other laws while in this nation.

    Now SANCTUARY cities are wanting to allow them to break ALL US LAWS without consequence and think reporting the ACTUAL CRIMES connected to the gangs and drug smugglers who ILLEGALLY cross the border is somehow “demonizing immigrants,” as if pointing out the CRIMES of individuals who ILLEGALLY entered this nation somehow is applying the same to those who LEGALLY entered the nation who did not commit said crimes.

    Only the LIBERALS who want to blame MILLIONS OF AMERICANS for the crimes of a few simply because they OWN THE SAME TOOL the criminal misused paint people with the “YOU ARE ALL THE SAME BECAUSE OF X” brush rather than accept that people are individuals and that ONLY THOSE BREAKING THE LAW are responsible for their crimes and are the ones being discussed when talking about whatever CRIME they committed NOT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE simply because they

    1) PREVENTED the UNCONSTITUTIONAL exploitation of criminals as an excuse to abolish the bill of rights.

    2) happen to be the same RACE, RELIGION, POLITICS, GENDER, etc. of a criminal.

    Remember it was LIBERALS who have openly stated that because of the actions of LESS THAN 10 people they want to MURDER MILLIONS of Americans for REFUSING to allow the second amendment to be REVOKED leaving them DEFENSELESS against criminals just as the people of ENGLAND, FRANCE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA etc. have been all on the FALSE PROPAGANDA LIE that CRIMINALS will obey the law and be DISARMED if only the LAW ABIDING people would give up their RIGHT TO PROTECT THEIR OWN LIFE and rely solely on the government to protect them. According to the CONSTITUTION and restated by judges in several LAWSUITS it is not the job of GOVERNMENT to protect the INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS of this nation from criminals.

    JUDGES have even stated that the POLICE only have the job of protecting the public in general NOT INDIVIDUALS. Yet liberals while LYING about this fact claim THAT IS THEIR JOB and that we should DISARM and rely on the police or government in that 1 to 3 SECONDS at most we have to react to save our own lives from ILLEGALLY armed criminals when they attack.

    just type the words “London crime rate exceeds new york” in a search engine without the quotes you will find the ACTUAL NEWS from the UK showing that GUNS did not vanish from the hands of criminals when BANNED from the law abiding citizens of that nation.

    So why should we believe the liberal on ANY TOPIC that concerns what ILLEGALS are doing in this nation much less above the FACTS and CRIME statistics.

  • Tom Malorzo

    Too bad the US doesn’t follow Mexico’s lead on this: two years in prison followed by deportation

    • cathy

      and that’s, if you’re NOT shot first! This is coming from a Costa Rican citizen!

  • Dinosaur

    The PC police and the bleeding hearts want everything in their own warped way to get anyone and everyone into the country to out vote anything sane being passed or elected. We should have stopped illegals long ago. All he lotteries and chain migrations must go along with those using them.

  • Lewis Hopper

    Anyone else notice how the Demoncrats continually leave out “Illegal” as in “Illegal Immigrants”! A lot of them are Demons, drug dealers, MS13,and welfare parasites, along with the people that want them in America, Libtards, Demoncrats, and Progressive Fools!

  • James Maxwell

    The Criminal INVADERS, are the targeted group. Legal and Lawful Immigrants
    follow our laws and enter the United States legally and are willing to become
    part of our Nation. The assimilate into our society, follow the process and take
    the time to become Legal and Lawful citizens. The Criminal Invaders come here
    to rob and commit many crimes against American citizens. The steal welfare
    benefits form Legal citizens and deprive our elderly and disabled veterans from
    what is rightfully theirs. They destroy our education system, over run out towns
    and cities with diseases we had eradicated long ago. By crossing our borders they
    bring illegal drugs into the country and many are drug cartel members also as
    has been proven time and time again and again.

  • Rodney

    How is telling the truth now “Demonizing”? The Immigrants they speak of have shown no respect by violating our laws when entering, then they steal our capital by demanding we give them healthcare, food stamps and an education…not mention the billions of dollars they send back to their home country.

  • cathy

    Hysterical! But, that is what they are, punto!

  • W. Coyote

    “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists”‘ Sounds like demonizing to me.

  • Michelle Dyer-long

    When will you all figure out that TRUMP & HIS ADMINISTRATION ARE ALL DANGEROUS & MAKE MOSTLY STUPID DECISIONS! He is deporting immigrants who have jobs, check in with ICE EVERY year, PAY their TAXES, & DO NOT have a criminal record. Instead of offering these individuals the chance to become legal citizens they just get deported with every other immigrants. If a lot of you look far enough back in your family history you’d find some immigrants in your past. This country was founded by immigrants. Some of these people come from war-torn countries or places where genocide is common practice & if they where sent back they would be savagely attacked, beaten. starved, put to death or worse. Would you want this for your family? As far as Trump, I won’t use the title of President because Trump IS NOT acting like a President–don’t get me wrong I respect the office & the title but NOT THE MAN HOLDING THE OFFICE–HE NEEDS TO GO NOW, he SHOULD NOT demonizing immigrants by using debasing language. Each case of ” undocumented immigrants ” should be judged on their own merits.

  • Maryzell Roberts

    They do so much harm to our country. I ask God to deal with them.

  • jim jones

    Deport all of the wet back assholes, use the military at the boarder, build the wall and stop all immigration. America is overpopulated!

  • David Wheeler

    Why do demos spout such lying drivel? They want power OVER the people just like some dictators around the globe.

  • Daniel Rhoads

    Since the illegal aliens are criminals why not give the American people incentive to do something about it by having ICE give the American people a “bounty of $100 or more tax free per head if they turn illegal aliens to ICE and they get deported!! The FBI does it with their wanted posters, why not have the American people have their say on illegal aliens and make some money too!! The beauty of it is that it is all perfectly legal and the left Democrats cannot put a stop to it in the courts!! Nuts and crazy time for the left wing Democrats if this was implemented!! You have to love the idea!!…..

  • justdave

    Cut off the remittances to Mexico and see how long it takes for their economy to tank and for the people to take to the streets. How can Mexico be considered a real country if they must depend on their citizens leaving? Mexico is not quite as bad as Somalia, but they seem to be working on it.

  • Spunky

    These invaders are demons