Trump Decision BIG News For Pentagon

It may have taken over 100 days, but President Trump is now officially naming a new Secretary of Defense. 

Former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan was called to fill the position and after consistently proving himself President trump has decided to make the designation permanent. 

“Based upon his outstanding Service to the country and his demonstrated ability to lead, President Trump intends to nominate Patrick M. Shanahan to the Secretary of Defense,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders share via tweet. “Acting Secretary Shanahan has proven over the last several months that he is beyond qualified to lead the Department of Defense, and he will continue to do an excellent job.”

The declaration marks the end of the longest period the U.S. has ever gone without an official Secretary of Defense. 

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The announcement is expected to go over without tremendous fuss from Democrats as the pick also has a senator endorsing the move. 

“If the White House nominates Patrick Shanahan, I would welcome his nomination,” Sen. James Inhofe told Yahoo News in an emailed statement.“For more than 100 days, we’ve had an acting Secretary of Defense. That is too long. America needs a Senate-confirmed Secretary of Defense and the ‘acting’ title only makes the job more difficult when dealing with our allies, adversaries and Washington bureaucracy.”

Inhofe had opposed Shanahan taking the position initially but his change of heart is “key” according to a Senate staffer. “If Senator Inhofe gets on board, then he’s probably in pretty good shape,” the staffer shared. “Senator Inhofe will really hold the key to whether he gets confirmed or not.”

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