Trump Humiliates Hillary With Single Tweet

Even after completely destroying Hillary Clinton, President Trump still can’t stop going after her, and it’s Hilarious!

On Wednesday the President tweeted:

Congratulations to all of the ”DEPLORABLES” and the millions of people who gave us a MASSIVE (304-227) Electoral College landslide victory!

If you don’t remember, this was in reference to the election in 2016 when Hillary Clinton called many Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.” She went on to call them, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”


  • Marina M Kalugin Khan

    yes.. no one cares about the lying scumbag the Killary aka HRC do they/

  • Bill Bass

    Hilary was right, there’re even worse than that.

    • Al

      Hillary supporter? It’s they’re not there’re.

      • cathy

        Typically NOT very bright!

        • Al

          Right you are Cathy

    • Joe Williams

      You are correct they are collectively known as BLM , ANTIFA and geneally libturds. None of there have an IQ highbenough to be comparable to an amoeba. You seem to be one of those, but it is nigh impossible to tell, which of those groups of human slime you belong to – maybe all of them.

      • patgo

        Ahem! He’s on our side. Whassamatter? Can’t read? 😛

        • Joe Williams

          Yup you are right, I apologize for my error, and I corrected my post.

          • patgo

            Sounds good to me. 🙂

  • Richard Wittauer

    President Trump Is Doing Great For America. The Commies Can Jump In The Lake. 🙂

    • Robert LaBiento

      That would be fine except, the water would be polluted!

      • patgo

        That’s OK. They deserve it. They’re polluting American politics.

      • By snowflakes on the shore.

  • Stephan W Shook

    Thank GOD for President Trump.

    • SeanM62

      No. Donald Trump is a practical joke played by God on the US. Aren’t you laughing??

      • That was Barry by Allah and we survived to elect a real leader.

        • SeanM62

          FOTFLMAO!! You picked an agnostic for prez!! He doesn’t give a rat’s rump for religion unless he can make $$ off of it.

          • BS and your delusional thinking is making you say stupid things, the narcissistic habitual liar that bowed down to and enabled the radical muslim world as well as the left wing racists and anarchists for 8 years is gone and he left one hell of a mess.

          • SeanM62

            I read your post. Sad.

          • But true

          • mrp15

            The only ones making $$$ off their official positions are the Clintons and Obamas through their “charitable” foundations whose only charity is themselves. Clintons went from “dead broke” to multi-millionaires and the Obamas are following in their footsteps. They put self enrichment above our country. Donald Trump was rich before becoming president and is not using the office for self enrichment as they did. Line of succession is first Bill, then Barack, then Hillary (which backfired) and then Michelle or Chelsea. No more Clintons, no more Obamas and no more Bushes. 41 is a dirty old man and 43 put us into a war to avenge what Saddam Hussein did to his father so he could shine as daddy’s little boy.

          • SeanM62

            You are correct about the Bushes.

      • celticwaryor


        • SeanM62

          Faceless: Celtic warriors are better than that. Pick another name.

  • steadyeddy

    Congratulations to you, Mr. President, for always saying what everyone is thinking, especially a “Deplorable” American Veteran like me who Stands for the Flag and Kneels for the Cross!

    • Robert LaBiento

      Thank GOD!

    • SeanM62

      Sieg Heil Der Fürher!!

      • Better than Heil Hilldabeast

        • SeanM62

          Best of all – All Hail Bernie!!

          • kbmiller

            To Hell Bernie

          • Comrade Sanders for chief of the Politburo 2020

          • SeanM62

            That’s Trump’s deal, along with his handler, Komrad Vladimir Putin.

      • Dennis Anderson

        Oh really you should take your idiology south, or east because we americans arent going to change a thing for swines like you. Unst vistaine

        • SeanM62

          Are you a real American? Which is your tribe? Navajo? Lakota? Or are you a European??

      • steadyeddy

        It’s “Sieg Heil Der Führer”, I am surprised that a Socialist like you did not know that! It is common knowledge that when the Left starts calling you a Nazi, Racist, Bigot, Homophobe, etc. that you have already won the argument. On the battlefield of Ideals, the Left will lose every time. Like they say, when you start getting flak, that means that you are over the target!

  • Yeah lay it on thick Trump. Hillary is a disgusting pathetic liar who will do or say anything to gain power. Now what Trump needs to do is to tell Jeff Sesssions to launch an investigation of the Uranium One deal that Obama, Hillary and Holder are responsible for. Sessions works for Trump so Trump should just tell him to get off of ass and bring down some indictments for Obama, Hillary and Holder.

  • Rick Matlock

    May God continue to Bless America! God Bless Donald J Trump, President of the United States!

  • A_patriot

    We still need to be on our guard as the Left won’t rest until they destroy the Electoral College and force us into Mob-Rule, via popular vote.

    To All who have served, thank you!

    • Always be on guard and stay armed there is another Barry Soetoro around every liberal corner.

  • A. Jay

    She’s probably too senile or too drunk to even remember! Thank’s Mr. President for making us proud again!

  • rs1123

    He could also tweet ‘Had a great dinner in the Forbidden City, sorry you never got an invitation.’

  • Jerrold Hamilton

    For years I have watched the country I fought for morph into something I was not proud of,I for one am glad that as a veteran that I have both witnessed and helped elect a man that I am proud to call my Commander in Chief.The Democrats need to be put in Gitmo as traitors to this great Nation, we have had enough and demand that The Obamas,The Clinton`s,George Soros along with a host of others be charged for their crimes.

    • cathy


  • ???

    Being a Deplorable is considerably better than being a “DESPICABLE.”
    Maybe next time Hillary … in another life. James Head

  • W. Coyote

    All Trump does here is to humiliate himself.. Here is what just one of the deplorable Trump supporters had to say

    Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke is calling Donald Trump’s electoral victory “one of the most exciting nights of my life……Make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!” he wrote.

    • Joe Williams

      …and all despite the KKK was an arm.of the Democraps from the start. I proves, how unelectable Hillary really is, if even her own henchmen despise her !

      • W. Coyote

        Joe- Good morning and thank you for your reply. The KKK was never an “arm” of the Democratic Party. However, you do skirt around the truth. Yes, it is true that many years ago there were some KKK members who voted Democrat. But political parties are not fixed in place forever. Different interest groups move from one party to the other. For example, at one time the Republican Party supported civil rights. That changed with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

  • cathy

    Thank God she did NOT win, punto. GO President Trump!

  • Barbara DuVall

    So glad I voted for Trump!

  • Joe Stephens

    Besides being completely corrupt, Hillary Clinton is greedy beyond belief. She sold our Uranium to Russia for 145M to their ‘charity’. It seems there is not enough money for her, she will always want more.

    Their charity is nothing more than a giant slush fund for them to use. 10% of the money goes to charity, and 90% goes for salaries, their 5 star travel, and other administrative expenses. Who would donate to a charity like that unless there is something to be gained, like our Uranium.

  • SeanM62

    Wrong. Every time Trump tweets, Trump humiliates Trump. He is such an arrogant, pompous a–hole he just can’t help making a fool of himself. He looks like an angry, stupid jerk before he opns his mouth or tweets, then he does one or the other and provs he is a jerk to the world.

    • SeanM62

      No. Trump is a practical joke played by God on the US. Aren’t you laughing??

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Happy and safe Veteran’s Day!
    I love our country, but the enemies are within the gates.
    They are attempting to undermine everything that is good in America.
    Our flag and anthem are not racist as some would say.
    WE are still One nation, under God.
    And yes, that Star spangled banner still waves oer the
    land of the free and the home of the brave!
    Love to our veterans and their families!
    Thank you so much for keeping us free and safe.

  • GomeznSA

    Shucks, I can ‘destroy’ her with just 2 words: Jerry Zeifman. Done.

  • Joecolt

    The Liberals, and their Outsiders have made the Hijacked Democratic Party Obsolete with Their Rebellion and Un-American Policy’s.

  • Dennis Anderson

    You demorats have made me homophobic? I was hitch hiking on Interstate 10 going out of LA to Pomona and got picked up 3 times in a row buy white and black guys who wanted to suck my dick. A white guy with a woman from mexico wanted to watch while I had sex with his girl friend. Theres muslim terrorist in my country thats right my country not yours that want my death. How do I know this? Its because they have told me so! Ill strangle you with your own turbans. Its like Hillary to call others what she has become = DEPLORABLE.

  • Dennis Anderson

    Whats the matter I cant tell of one day hitch hiking out of LA California on Interstate 10 ! I got picked up 3 times in a row by homosexuals. They wanted to have sex with me. I then had a weirdo male with his mexican girl friend who wanted to watch me having sex with her. What would you call that besides sick? I havent even got to the = YOU NAME IT? They took what I had to say about it off of this sight?
    They cant stand the truth but they go on like they do. Im ready to dump this site.

  • Stephan W Shook

    No, SeanM62, God gave us people like you, that doesn’t understand the Constitution. Only thing affirmative action has done, is make a welfare state with a lot of dead beats to lazy to work and wants free hand outs. College Professors are a good example.