Trump Responds to Hollywood

In the aftermath of what was arguably the most memorable screw-up in Oscars history, there may be a lesson to be learned: Do Your Job.

Liberal celebrities were so busy poking fun at President Donald Trump’s policies on Sunday night that even the PricewaterhouseCoopers accountants responsible for putting the correct envelopes in the the presenters’ hands took their eyes off the road.

In an interview with Breitbart on Monday, Trump explained the real cause of the inevitable crash.


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  • Joe S Hill

    Liberal Hollywood wants to continue its assault on President Trump’s presidency,then they’ll pay for their
    contemptible behavior in one form or another! the Oscar Award was a total disaster,as is all the previous ceremonies in their business! these people are professional entertainers-NOT political extremists trying to push their liberal and UnAmerican ideas and values,because the attacks on our lawful president and the lies and unfriendly gestures don’t earn anybody in the entertainment business anything but a stern reminder that that’s our president they’re messing with, and eventually it has to stop! they don’t like Trump, then get on an airplane and leave this country, its that simple! but subverting the Trump administration with their treatment and disrespect earns liberal Hollywood a serious warning-cease and desist, or suffer the consequences! just because these celebrities are popular or Academy award winners doesn’t give them the right to unleash their liberal rhetoric in the manner that the liberal media has been going since Trump took office-enough with their whining,liberal bullshit! he (Trump) is our president now,so deal with it, or leave!

    • Marty Thompson

      Great message!