Trump Slams Abbas For Lying

During his meeting with Palestinian leaders in the Palestinian-controlled city of Bethlehem, President Trump slammed President Mahmoud Abbas for lying about terrorism incitement. Trump previously extended an olive branch to Abbas, hoping to resurrect peace negotiations. However, Abbas’ many lies appear to have changed the president’s perspective on Palestinian intransigence.

Israel’s Channel 2 explains that Trump’s meeting with Abbas last Sunday went awry after Trump called out the Palestinian leader’s mendacious rhetoric.

“A US official present during the meeting claims the president expressed outrage with Abbas, yelling at him regarding Abbas’ claims that his Fatah faction was not involved in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement,” reports Arutz Sheva News, citing Channel 2.

“You talked to me about peace, but the Israelis showed me that you are personally supporting incitement,” Trump told Abbas, according to Channel 2’s report.

Trump’s bold confrontation came after his March meeting with Abbas, in which the Palestinian leader stood at the White House and vowed to commit his cause to peace.

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  • Carl Pyzowski

    It is about time we call it what it is. A war on Israel! If the Palestinians are so peaceful and their religion is so peaceful why don’t they live in peace with their neighbors?

    • ward

      Quite obvious they are Islamic liars to create a muslim dictatorship with genocide murder … !

    • metheoldsarge

      Every time I hear the liberals insist that the Islamic countries of the Middle East follow a peaceful religion makes me want to vomit. They are the most bellicose people on Earth. They have been feuding and fighting with each other for centuries and they love it.

    • disqus_htVNWSBEmM

      They are too busy sharpening their swords so they can make clean cuts when they kill their neighbors. Would not want them to suffer too long!

  • Bayside GolfClub

    Trump should tell them they can have ALL of Palestine. Which never existed in the first place… So they get nothing… They get an area on the side of a sea called Galilea. And they can elect a Mayor. And if they want to attack their neighbors, we will have to stand down and out, and let their neighbor’s run them out of even there.
    It’s fair, it’s logical and it’s the right thing to do…

  • Kevin Burns

    Refreshing if True….. Let’s stop playing nice with people that are not truthful, twist the facts or invent factitious sources to support their position……. Hey….. I was talking about World Leaders not the Media….. But I can see where you could be misled by my note……

  • William Merrell

    Finally, an American President spending more time trying to correct the failures of the past by telling the truth. I guess Obama was looking at the ground to much of the time to see the truth in that infested PLO area.

    • ward

      bo’s proved to be one of the islam terrorist supporting bastards that knows no truth …. !

      • Gloria D.

        Exactly!! Very proud to say I saw right through the lying SOB!! Never voted for him. They say he was a senator before being president but I’d never heard of him ever before. With a name like Obama, I would have definitely remembered that name. I still think he was a DemTard plant. It’s why Pelosi insisted that they didn’t need to see his birth certificate..that was the first clue. I’ve got no proof but I do know Obama was an imposter and he almost took America down. He was putting the final nail on Her coffin…then surprise, President Trump won!!! Thank God for President Trump!! God bless that man. I really believe he’s our Godsend. He’s our last chance to make things right.

        • glenneboy

          You are so right Gloria.

          • Gloria D.

            Thank you:) God bless.

    • Concerned

      Yes! American’s in general want the truth and will support a president who tells the truth. This is even true to Democrats once they understand all of the lies that they have been told over the last 8 years of Obama and his supporters. History will judge Obama as a failed President.
      It is a “blight” on America that Trump has to spend so much of his time correcting Obama’s failures and at the same time fighting the MSM whose desire to try to take Trump down with FAKE NEWS. It is has gotten to the point that even the Democrats recognize the stupid actions of MSM. Truth and Honesty will win with the American people. Identify the problem and fix it.

    • John Overman

      Obama did the best he could. A lot better job then the ass hole we have in there now.

      • Louis R. Guin

        Are you stupid or just crazy.

      • grafra102


      • Vincent Fisher

        Yea, I agree that Obama did the best he with his amatuer policies. The spread of Islamic terror, a term Obama refused to use, throughout North Africa and the Middle East along with the refugee crisis are the results of his “best”. Let’s not forget his brilliant Iranian deal either or his inept attempt to lead a so-called coalition in the Middle East. How about his bumbling attempt to affect the election of Netanyahu? Let’s not forget his argument for a two state solution to the Palestinian crisis when, in reality, the Palestinians have no desire for a peaceful solution. By the way, WHY do you liberals/progressives always resort to name calling and insults? Your comment was not intellectual in any way.

      • rad77red

        if you had a brain , you would probably try to take it out ofyour head & play marbles with it !!!!

      • odgreen1969

        Now that is one VERY STUPID comment. Under what rock have you been living?

    • John Overman

      That is B.S.

  • ward

    The whole damned bo administration of dems were liars & supported muslim islam terror ! These are the asses that are destroying the U.S.A. to build a dictatorship for and by the the libtards that supported bo ! Treason is the crime & execution is the justice for every damned one of these bo cronies from hell !

  • Tracey

    This is awesome, no more pandering to terrorists!

  • Joel Frank

    Abbas is merely being a good Muslim who is following the Quran. You can lie to strengthen and forward Islam (Tacqiyya deception) Quran 3; 26:3;54; 9;3:16;106;40;28. You will terrorize non-muslims. Quran 8:12 ; 8:60

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      There is no disputing what you said, from what I’ve read, there is very little they can’t do to spread forward Islam. The way I see it , the only thing that will stop Islam is lead !

      • glenneboy

        How about plutonium?

    • disqus_htVNWSBEmM

      Muslims are taught that it is right and proper to lie to “Infidels.” Anyone is naive to ever believe a Muslim unless that Muslim says he is going to kill you.

  • regulus30

    Trump calls them out, the silly game playing of obimbo is OVER. IF PALESTINIANS want peace then act like it; and stop the insane rhetoric about annihilating Israel, like it or not Israel is there to stay, take what is offered and get on with life.

  • odgreen1969

    May God bless and strengthen our President. The darkness and evil that he encounters every day is unrelenting.

  • Robert Pekarik

    I just saw a cloud of dust in Washington as the liberal progressive democrats and their RINO’ pals stampeded to their safe spaces to drink their kool aid and color in their terrorist coloring books with the main stream media.

  • Big Ed

    Every morning these peaceful thugs wake up with an emptiness in the pits of their stomachs. To fill that emptiness, they go in search of someone to kill. If they can find an infidel, a Christian or a Jew, their day is made. Nothing like a fresh kill in the morning. Of course, they can’t always find an infidel, so they are often faced with having to kill a “moderate Muslim”, which is one who believes in Islam, but isn’t into actual killing. These people are called apostates and killing one is not as satisfying as killing an honest to goodness infidel, but it does fill the empty spot in the tummy. If there was a way to contain these thugs in a small plot of land, there would eventually be only one of the peaceful bastards left. In the history of the world, there has never been a people so demented. Liberals call them “peaceful”.

  • czech2

    what about if they bulldozed Trump Tower with him in it ? Don’t play angry Donald ,you are one of us and it hurts when you show of to beat up on little gay while he’s been down for 80 years

  • Joseph Cavalier

    Trump is a Man of God’s. God hates Liars and Abraham’s son Ismael’s family are Liars!!!

  • jesse

    It’s called taqiyya! Deception directed at non-Muslims, generally known in Arabic as taqiyya, also has Qur’anic support and falls within the legal category of things that are permissible for Muslims. That’s why he, like pasts presidents, will be unable to negotiate a peace deal with these terrorists. Even if he was successful in negotiating a deal, it would never be honored!

  • keepyourpower

    Muslims will never have peace. If you give them Israeli Land…they will demand MORE! You cannot reason with Islamic terrorists!

  • Paladin

    There will always be lying and obfuscation by the sand nig*ers!!!

  • J. Ernst

    Well…this is NOT NEWS simply because the jihadists are just “doing their jobs”…much like the criminals are just doing their “jobs” because they don’t have anything else PAYING THEM to exist in any kind of productivity or comfort.
    Peaceful endeavor ONLY EXISTS with the desire to BE peaceful…AND prosperous.
    The old adage that you’re a good neighbor unless you piss upstream of me only works if the neighbors agree to create a system that no longer requires pissing in the stream.
    Isreal has cordoned off the people THEY deem offensive or dangerous to areas NOT served by underground or up-welling water, limited electrical grids, and of course WALLS and concertina wire. OK…so in a few generations MAYBE those cordoned off people will become submissive enough to BE peaceful so as to allow them WATER and electricity and MAYBE JOBS so that they MAY buy things…OR save enough money to GET OUT.
    So….isreal has “given” those people many options towards their lives and lively hoods. BUT…NOT SO MUCH!!!
    And isreal’s business model of survival : CREATE WARS and incursions …. ELSEWHERE…away FROM isreal…in perpetuity is now 50 YEARS OLD of murder, mayhem and false-flag endeavors….INCLUDING the intrusion into the cia AND the FBI has COST U.S. DEARLY since the attack on our Marine’s in Lebanon…which was a false flag endeavor to prove to Reagan and Schultz that Weinberger’s CONSTANT PUSH for U.S. to have BOOTS ON THE GROUND FOR isreal, that was refused BY BOTH Reagan and Schultz, was to send a terse “message” to OUR GOVERNMENT that isreal ruled Lebanon and was soon to TAKE OVER what was to be called the MIDDLE EAST REGION. THAT business model was caste then and there that WE, the People will NOW PAY for isreal’s incursion’s into ANY NATION that will not KOWTOW TO isreal.
    Before that, was the blatant assassination of Anwar Sadat televised to the WORLD…just like “our” JFK assassination. Anwar, Begin and Jimmah signed a pretty good deal for “Peace in the Middle East”. AGAIN NOT sovereign nations IN the middle east BUT, the MIDDLE EAST REGION. Sort of like the Euro-Union to come decades later BUT NOT assigned OR CHARTED as such….just called the Middle east Region through inculcation.
    BUT, isreal showed it’s TRUE nature of the false flag endeavor business model to “shoot for a better deal” with Hosni Mubarak…
    AND so it continues….with OUR monies to BOTH AIPAC AND CAIRE now into the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS every year.
    FOR WHAT!!???
    President Trump calls it the way it is. I just HOPE and PRAY he does NOT continue to kowtow to the cia/mossad collusion rife in OUR GOVERNMENT!
    The firing of COMEY WAS CORRECT and proactive. I’m not so sure Pres. Trump can actually CLEAN or PURGE the cia/mossad connection without pissing off BOTH AIPAC and CAIRE….to a nationally televised “offing” of Pres. Trump!!!
    AND…I TOO aspire to “NEVER FORGET”
    NEVER FORGET: Lenin, Stalin, Mao….all jews,
    the JFK assassination,
    the MLK assassination,
    the RFK assassination allegedly by a muslim “radical”…more like a mossad drugged agent who will NEVER see the light of day,
    the Ford assassination attempt, he too pissed of the cia/mossad connection AND was on the Warren Commission…DON’T plan on writing too much in your Biography Gerald…it could get you OFFED,
    The assassination attempt on Reagan…another cia/mossad drug indoctrinated stooge who DOES get to “walk the streets” because Reagan’s “people” would NOT hand Hinckley over to the cia…his handlers…Reagan’s revenge….lol
    911…and on and on and on….
    The USS LIBERTY,………I could go on…………

  • ABBAsFernando


  • barbarakelly

    What obama wanted as we soon realized –he wanted to wipe out Israel by even sticking his nose in the Israel election. —He was a liar from the start.

  • Debi Seiveno

    And yet the demo’s are still trying to impeach President Trump. Could they be afraid that with all President Trump has done for our Country. Is only putting their demon party to shame. And they are trying everything they know to do, to stop it. Even by using this new ( Kathy Griffin crap. And turning it around. Making President Trump out to be the bully. ) The hateful, we will not stop, until we really do have Trumps head. Demons.

  • Peggy Cantley

    that’s my President trying to straightening out the crap the dim-o–craps have been doing for all these years & keep us a Nation not involved with the NWO

  • donl

    The PLO can LIE as good as the Demo-Commies, and Trump is onto it, unlike Obie.

  • Vincent Fisher

    The Palestinian/Arab neighbors of Israel do not want peace but the total destruction of Israel. This is the truth and no U.S. administration can change this dilemma.