New House Immigration Reform Bill Gets Trump’s Support

After inviting Democrats and Republicans of the House and Senate to compromise on a deal, President Trump decided to endorse the House GOP’s immigration reform bill.

The White House stated:

President Donald J. Trump is grateful to Chairman [Bob] Goodlatte, Chairman [Mike] McCaul, Congressman [Raul] Labrador, and Congresswoman [Martha] McSally for introducing immigration legislation that would accomplish the President’s core priorities for the American people. The President looks forward to advancing legislation that secures the border, ends chain migration, cancels the visa lottery, and addresses the status of the DACA population in a responsible fashion.

  • Steven Spafford

    About time !

  • lindatynan

    We need this to start happening quickly. Dreamers were not just children, as obama well knew. They are grown people that do not need us any more. Trump brought in more christian muslims than anything which is good since they are being killed all over the world. I need Trump also to BAN THE QURAN out of America..We have laws protecting us from stuff like this that calls for the killing of Americans who are not muslims. We need to take away all these benefits you give them and give it to our poor and vets and seniors. Our seniors get LESS than what obama gave his refugees. Time to hurry up and get this started. Any country here cause of a hurricane or disaster, and it is solved, should go home. Some people have been here for 19 years cause a storm took out their roads..The roads are built and now they want to stay…THIS IS OUR COUNTRY…time to go home.

    • Steven Earle

      Unsure what you mean saying Christians Muslims? Did you mean more Christians THEN Muslims? Don’t think we can ban the Quran (free speech and religion) but some of us are activity going around exposing the true ideology involved. Meeting lots of resistance from of all things Christian churches.

      • lindatynan

        There are muslims that have converted to christanity. The muslims that Trump has been bringing in are christians, mostly. For what I have been told. The Quran is not a religious book but an idealoligy . So, yes, we can get rid of it and check out the “orders” we put out on the muslims back in about 1955. I read the Quran and I found 109 places where it says to kill anyone who does not believe in allah the butcher..

        • fcutch

          Christians from predominantly muslime nations sounds like what your talking about. Christians are persecuted and murdered in many of these nations like Syria ,Turkey , Iraq , Iran , Indonesia ect…… You are absolutely correct. These animals are totally incompatible with our way of life.

        • Steven Earle

          Your confusing Islam with a race. Once they convert out of Islam that can not be describes as Muslims. They may be Arab Chriatians or something else though I know what your saying now. But again our freedom of speach does not allow books to be banned just because we don’t like or agree with what they say. We must become proactive and expose the fact that Muhommad was not a prophet of God. The Quran itself give all the evidence of that in Muhammad’s own words and commands. Also the Reliance of the Traveler, Milestones and many other Muslim books that tell the truth in their own writings. Americans must be exposed to these truths. They are a dangerous anti human rights, anti Constitutional, totalitarian theocracy..

          • Raquel Salientes

            It also depends on which version of the Koran you’ve read. Radical translations are what cause problems. Decades ago, I was given a copy of the Koran by a friend. and I read it. I saw no passages that fomented killing of “infidels”. There was a lot more peace in the attitude towards non-believers. although there was also a lot of advice on how to stay pure in the belief of Islam.

          • Steven Earle

            Then it wasn’t the Quran. I’ve never read on as you describe.

      • John Stevens

        I believe he meant Christians in the Middle East and the Levant who have been especially endangered by ISIS and other radical Islamist (note, not Islamic) groups.

        • Steven Earle

          Yes John.That’s what I was thinking too but wanted to be clear.I addressed that with him below. Check it out.

    • Robert Leon Harke

      only allow daca normalization process for those who have gotten educated and have applied for citizenship, their dream was to get everything for free including a green card. that is a fact

    • Gina Klempel

      When the original immigrants entered America they respected this country and wanted to live the dream these guys want to destroy this country OUR COUNTRY they have a country go home. They are bringing in diseases and microbes we cannot control and have no counter attacks on and no physical exams when they flood us. It MUST stop.

  • regulus30

    America needs highly skilled immigrants since most of American universities are cranking out morons who can not master the high tech skills. These millennials get degrees in non-existent professions

    • David Kledzik

      Unfortunately most of the illegal aliens coming here are not highly skilled. As far as the millennials go, they think they are entitled, but funny how reality bitch slaps people back into place.

  • Rodney

    As long as President Trump and republicans don’t fall for the standard dim ploy, like with Reagan. They get what they want first with a promise of what we want later…later… later and later never comes..

    • rivahmitch

      Remember who said “I’ll gladly give you two dollars tomorrow for a hamburger today”?

      • Rodney

        Haha, good ol’ Wimpy! That game was played very well on Reagan too.

  • robbpa

    The Republicans are more than happy to pass legislation to protect the dreamers as long as it includes measures to protect our borders, end chain migration and the visa lottery program. The Democrats, on the other hand, refuse to even consider this.

    The vast number of Americans, including legal immigrants, not only agree with Republicans but demand these matters be addressed.

    It’s time the “Party Of No”, the Democrats, remove their heads out of their posters and settle this matter.

    • Steven Earle

      Dems will sell their and our soles to establish a European style socialist nation here. The fact thay we subsidized Europe all through the cold war is lost on them as it the fact that the greatest communist state USSR failed.

  • CaptTurbo

    I think it would be insane to address DACA until the wall is finished and paid for. To do otherwise would be an exercise in stupidity. He will get swindled and a wall will never be built.

    • okierx

      We can’t afford to repeat Reagan’s mistake. You can’t trust the democrats. Build the wall first. Then we’ll consider daca.

      • CaptTurbo

        Exactly! President Reagan was a gentleman and trusted the dirt bags to keep their word.

  • RAM this bill down the Democrat and RINO’s throats and get it passed, House and Senate.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well i hope he is sticking to his guns , because graham and chonrans thing stank , it was to legalize 3million and he sent them packing , i hope this is the right one, when will congress get it , take care of your own citizens first, until every american is off the streets and has food on the table , there should be no money going to people who don’t belong here , i get sick every time i go grocery shopping , illegals with heeping grocery carts full and whip[ out their debit food stamp cards to pay for it , while i have to count every penny i spend

  • Deadeye

    Illegal is Illegal, period!!! these idiots don’t love America, they love the FREE chit the dem/libs promise to Give them for a vote in return!!! This whole thing is just BULLCHIT!!!

  • Dodie1990

    Giving anything to any illegals is 100% against what we elected Trump to do. Close the border, build the wall ,deport all illegals that includes Dreamers who have been here for years and made no attempt to become legal thinking someone would give them a free pass. Why Republicans think any Dreamer would vote for them is beyond me.Every immigrant legal or illegal is a potential Democrat voter who loves all the free benefits of America.

    • Dee Ward

      Votes are the only reason Dems support illegal immigration. They know with mass amnesty (plus illegal votes) they can take total control of the nation just as they have in Ca. Then the whole nation can suffer from high taxes, high poverty, high regulations, poor infrastructure, failing schools and higher crime.

    • Beverly Parrott

      Exactly. No bargains No deals. End DACA now

  • Jani M Neugebauer

    Boy I don’t understand how Obummer made a law in 2010. Now these CHILDREN are on college or have graduated. HOW old were they when they came across??? NOT the little babies the dems would have us believe. They need to go back and work on their own countries. CLOSE THE TAP!!

  • It would be great to stuff it up the rears of Dems and Rinos after their attempt to smear the President with the alleged private “sh*thole” comment. Turbin Durbin couldn’t wait to run out and tell the media. Does anyone think we would have heard any of it if Trump had accepted the Dems proposal. Most likely not ! The Dems leaked this because they didn’t get what they wanted. We just have to keep fighting fire with fire, every time they try to embarrass President Trump with comments we should dig up dirt on them and expose them. There is plenty of it out there.

  • John R Fleming

    1 register the 800,000 2. mark the ones with any criminal activity 3.Mark the chronically unemployed.4. Mark the public charges. Remove 1,2,3,4.let the rest stay-under certain conditions- Mine would be mandatory recoeding their votes as Republican for 10 years

  • metheoldsarge

    Who says crime doesn’t pay? Seems to be paying big time for the illegals.

  • freethinker4

    The democrats stand for DACA is based on the fact that they have been here illegally by no fault of there own and that is true to a point but why weren’t these people deported right from the start?. And what legislation is going to be implemented to prevent illegal immigration and criminal behavior of the past of our own government from happening in the future? President Trump needs to secure our border deport all illegals. We also need a rock solid irrefutable immigration policy that allows no one period into this country illegally and in times of high unemployment cut immigration off 100%. There is no common sense reason for this country to allow immigration if our unemployment rate is above 1% other than for the control of wages. And the DACA dreamers make an exception to only self supporting individuals with no criminal record. If they are on welfare or any free ride including collage that the average american cant receive require them to pay it back or loose citizenship period.

  • dolittle

    i agree with youlindatynan we need to take back the places in america that are no go zones due to the unlawful sharia lw that obozo let flurish in america

  • jim jones

    What the fuck happened to the campaign promises, deport ALL illegals!

  • Kenny Albert

    The democrats will never agree to a wall. They want illegals pouring over the border so they can whine about giving them all amnesty every few years. We need this ended. If they ever agree to a wall they will block it from ever getting built and the illegal problem will multiply which is what the democrats want. Millions of voters to put them in power forever.