Trump surprises White House tour group

President Trump on Tuesday surprised the first group to take a tour of the White House during his presidency.

The crowd of people burst into cheers at the sight of Trump, who gestured for them to come toward him.

The tours resumed Tuesday morning after a nearly seven-week absence.

The White House Visitors Office, which is traditionally overseen by the first lady, is typically closed during the presidential transition as the new staff gets in place.

But tours usually resume much more quickly. The delay caused some frustration among members of Congress, whose offices are responsible for scheduling tours for their constituents.

“Whoever monitors twitter at WH for businessman president Trump ‘when is WH going to be opened for public tours?’ Mrs G wants to know,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) tweeted last month.

Tours are self-guided and last approximately 45 minutes, according to the White House.


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  • pmbalele

    Trumps looks a sad human being. I believe because of Repubs and TPs in Congress who are anti-Trump. Now they have developed a Ryancare which will kill all poor Whites, women, Blacks and the elderly. He must be careful with these morons-they are sneaky and therefore cannot be trusted.

    • deerflyguy

      If you were Trump, and taking the undeserved rhetoric that he so obviously is taking, would you be happy? He is a strong man that, if he is to succeed for all of us, needs our support, not our hindrance! If he fails to succeed, it will not be a victory for his political enemies, but instead, a failure against the entire nation. Those who would work against him, and who would cheer when he stumbles are in effect working against their own survival and ultimate betterment. Most of us can’t do much to help Mr.Trump, but we can pray for him, and that might make all the difference?

      • pmbalele

        What did you say -“those who cheer when Trump stumbles are in effect working against their own survival? I, like many Democrats, want Trump to succeed and you’re right for our survival. But do you remember what Paul Ryan, McConnell and Boehner said about President Obama? These wanted Obama to fail. Also do you remember how GOPers treated Bill Clinton. GOPers tried to impeach Clinton. That tells you the difference between Democrats and Repubs. We Democrats wish all our presidents to succeed. But GOP and TPs are against Democratic Presidents.

        • deerflyguy

          I stand by my words! As for Ryan, McConnell and Boehner, you have mentioned the names of despicable RINOs that utterly disgust me! Minions of the deep state! Traitors all! You bad mouth those who side with you on issues that “progressive” democrats make policy and platform! You are so warped in your beliefs that you don’t even know your own position! I can’t stop laughing at your statement that you democrats want all your Presidents to succeed! Have you even read one of your own media rag sheets lately, or listened to the nightly news? What you really mean to say is that you want all your DEMOCRAT Presidents to succeed! Your thinking plays right into the hands of the NWO elites! May you never succeed in electing another POTUS who believes as you do!

          • ch

            I have had this Bitch blocked as she has her head buried so far up the progressive ass, she can no longer think for herself. She is just another sheeple with no original thoughts

        • LiberalFascist

          Clinton deserved to be impeached. That he brought on himself