Trump Tweets: Democrats Help MS-13, Heroin Smugglers

Drug smugglers are being helped by the Democratic leaders in Congress who are trying to block funding for a border wall, says President Donald Trump.

He is using Twitter to hit the Democrats as enablers for the criminal gangs that are smuggling deadly drugs into American cities and towns around the nation, and which are sending murderous MS-13 gang members into Americans’ neighborhoods.

The strategy makes sense because it is true, and because many of the Americans who will vote in 2018 are increasingly concerned about the rising death toll from Mexican-supplied heroin and other drugs. In July 2016, Breitbart News reported:

Voters want safer communities as they see crime rates rising. The Opinion Research Corporation found that 58 percent of voters think politicians aren’t doing enough to keep drug traffickers off the streets, but only 30 percent thought we lock up drug traffickers for too long, a 2-to-1 margin.

Remarkably, female respondents expressed much more support for stronger enforcement than men, with 62 percent of women (mothers, daughters, wives) saying not enough is done to keep traffickers far from their families — indicating a law and order agenda is an issue that can win over significant numbers of women voters.

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Middle and lower-class Americans’ crime worries have dramatically increased since Obama launched his “stigmatize-and-federalize” cops campaign: 68 percent of nonwhite respondents in a Gallup poll said they worried “a great deal” about crime, along with 53 percent of political independents. Cutting sentences for federal inmates is a bipartisan priority only in the Beltway — back in middle America, cracking down on crime unites diverse constituencies.

Other polls also show a growing public concern about drugs and crime.

In response, Democrats are saying Trump should get the Mexican government to pay for the wall up-front. Trump counters by saying Mexico will pay for the wall, but he will not delay construction of the wall until Mexico starts paying.

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