Trump’s Generous Offer Shot Down By Pelosi

With two bills presented to the Senate failing back to back, Trump is still searching for common ground to work things out with increasingly obstinate Democrats.

Unfortunately for the president, even his most generous offers haven’t swayed the lead headed opposition.

“One of the ideas suggested is they open it, they pay a sort of prorated down payment for the wall which, I think, people agree that you need. You need the wall. In fact, I see a lot of the Democrats, almost all of them are breaking, saying, ‘Look, walls are good. Walls are good,’” Trump spoke of possible solutions.

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Yet power drunk Pelosi still rejected the idea saying, “That is not a reasonable agreement.”

Trump has also expressed to White Housereporters that, “If they [Democrats] come to a reasonable agreement, I would support it, yes.” 

As Trump didn’t elaborate on what a “reasonable agreement” might be, Pelosi once again turned to attack that idea as well cynically declaring, “The president just said that if they come to a reasonable agreement he would support it. I hope that that doesn’t mean some big down payment for the wall.” 

It seems Democrats are happy to allow the shutdown to continue indefinitely as they refuse Trump’s every offer.

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