Tucker Carlson Destroys Russia Rumors

Tucker Carlson spoke his mind on the “irrational” belief propagated by democrats that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections.

Transcript as follows:

We’re coming to you this Thursday unfortunately from a very sick city, a place where many of the people in charge aren’t just wrong, but increasingly are irrational.

Washington is in the grip of unprecedented mass hysteria over Russia. Yes, Russia. Take three steps back. It’s a freezing, poor country on the other side of the globe where the average life expectancy is lower than that in Bangladesh.

Russia’s is a place whose economy is smaller than the economy of Texas. It’s a country that could barely produce a working escalator or non-poisonous vodka.

And yet, that country which is regarded by sober people as sad and increasingly irrelevant is, according to Democrats in Washington, in virtually complete control of the workings of the U.S. government.

They tell us that every day and they’re starting to seem like they believe it. That’s demented.

The most striking example comes from former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper. In an interview just yesterday, Clapper claimed that Russia flipped the results of the 2016 election, got Trump elected over Hillary.

As for evidence of that, Clapper admitted he didn’t have any because, of course, he doesn’t have any. Nobody else has any either. There is no evidence that any foreign country changed a single American vote in 2016.

And by the way, that was Clapper’s position just two years ago when it was the position of the Obama administration that vote tampering by a foreign power was completely irresponsible and impossible to contemplate.

Now that Trump is in office, of course, Clapper and other Democrats are warning that Russia will try to subvert this year’s midterms as well. They have no evidence of that either.

Now, keep in mind that Jim Clapper is not some fringe radio show host or backbencher in Congress. For years, he held one of the top intelligence posts in the country, yet he’s delusional. That’s terrifying.

And he’s not the only delusional one. The CIA operative spying on the Trump campaign also sounds like he’s unbalanced. Report today from The Daily Caller finds that that man once falsely accused a Russian academic at Cambridge University of being a Russian infiltrator and said an entire intelligence seminar was compromised by Russian agents, like Kim Philby were still alive.

This afternoon, congressional leaders received a classified briefing from DOJ and intel officials about actual spying that took place in 2016, not spying from spooky Russian agents sent from the Kremlin, but from the Obama FBI. And that might put some of this in perspective.

  • Rodney

    A self avowed Communist (Brennen) made it to CIA Director, Clapper an arrogant narcissist know-it-all and Comey another arrogant narcissist all contradicting each other, constantly moving narratives all followed by delusional liberal politicians still angry that their entitled alcoholic hack Hitlrey was rejected. To make sense in their disarranged minds have to find an excuse why the voters rejected their rainbow unicorn vision of where the US should be. They cannot understand why the voters of our nation have chosen a America first direction over the globalist political correct mumbo-gumbo ideology they envision.

  • Ron C

    And the democrat party hack news media, put this mental illness of Clapper’s out as gospel truth…how the use idiot’s & indoctrinated, can’t see this clap-trap for what it is …is certainly another mystery for the ages…wow!

  • nokabosh

    Dem pundits now saying it is standard procedure for FBI to spy on campaigns. Geeze. They didn’t spy on Hillary! And they even gave her a heads- up that the Russies were meddling. No similar brief to Trump’s campaign. The gov’t shouldn’t be spying on anyone’s campaign. This is Watergate again- only much worse. Many departments of the Executive branch under Obama (who asked to be kept informed) colluding to destroy a duly elected president. Then there’s the meeting in the WH with Obama and his perps whom he told to “do it by the book” (now). A CYA meeting if there ever was one.

    • wil22

      If they spied on Killary, they’d have those lost emails, wait maybe the do.

  • W. Coyote

    Tucker Carlson didn’t “destroy” anything- least of all James Clapper’s assessment. He calls the concern over Russia’s interference “mass hysteria”. Really Tucker? An attack by a hostile foreign power is “hysteria”? He calls Washington ” a very sick city”. His weak attempt to distract our citizens from an accounting of the attack on our election is truly “very sick”.

  • Craig

    More Lib disfunction in obvious hatred for the man that outdid them in the 2016 Presidential Election. The harder you people try to get Trump the more desperately stupid you get.

  • Helga miller

    Unbelievable! You couldn’t write a non-fiction about this and have people believe it! The Libs and Dems make all these outrageous claims with the hope that people believe it! Remember, if Hillary would have won, we would have never heard any of it! Now we think that there is a lot of mental illness and drug addiction going on in DC and other parts of the Country! We will be working with all our energy to get good people elected in the Midterms and prevent this Blue Wave they are so hopeful of! Drain the Swamp and MAGA!!!

  • FreemenRtrue

    Clapper is hardly delusional – a pernicious fraud and a proven liar he most assuredly is. Crapper is trying to throw up enough horse $hite to shield OlBlame-0 from a true accounting. He has to feed the malign press enough crap to create serial frenzies while ol’ big ears hides in the shadows as the Invisible Man.

  • Poor widdle communists/socialists/dumbocraps/libbys… just can’t seem to get their stories all synchronized… failing all over the place… Losers.. and its coming to a head… soon a few of them will exchange white collars for orange jumpsuits.