U.S.-Mexico Border Needs More Planning

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) stated on Fox News that there is a “mathematical need” for the President’s plan in regards to sending National Guard troops to ensure the protection of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Abbott stated, “I have got to tell you, the people of Texas are very appreciative the president of the United States has recognized this is a problem. He made a commitment when he ran for president, and he has been adamant that he wanted to do everything he can to secure the border. Texas wants to ensure that we secure the border. You need to understand that there is a mathematical need for this because the people coming across the border have increased dramatically, more than 200 percent month on month in the month of March, of what it was the year before.”

“What we have seen in the past is, when we do add these National Guard, it has a meaningful impact in reducing the flow of people coming across the border. Let me tell you why, because this is something that has not been discussed. What is going on is people don’t just happen to come into the United States. They get here by the drug cartels and by the coyotes who bring them across. Every time we have increased the forces on the ground, there has been a decrease of the cartel activity and coyote activity because they realize they will be losing money. Part of our job is to put these cartels and coyotes out of business. Whenever we are able to ramp up the support on the ground, it puts them out of business, and it’s going to make the border a far more secure place.”

  • Gy/Sgt. Lew Souder

    Finally – someone making sense – how many Troops is Gov. Greg Abbott sending to help at the Border in helping the President??

    • JC

      a hell of a lot more then the other States—the communist State of California will send ZERO -0-

  • John Dobbs

    Oh, Jerry (moon beam) Brown has agreed to send a couple of hundred National Guard to the Border! But, he said they weren’t allowed to make arrests or detain anyone? SOOoo, why are you sending them then?

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    The only way some of these liberals will comply is when it affects them personally.
    Maybe the rape/torture/murder of their women and children will change their minds.
    Nothing has happened to them YET!

  • Mott Dorn

    Yes, There IS a need to cover our borders and it is to large of an area for BP to cover. The NG could do these in 2 week shifts, Put a few ARMED drones in the air too. These people want to come for “Better life” we as a whole could buy more goods from them to help their economy rather than getting things from China.