Weiner Officially Goes To Prision

Former congressman Anthony Weiner is behind bars.

Former NY Democrat Anthony Weiner has finally checked himself into a federal penitentiary for being found guilty of sexting a minor. Disgusting I know. What’s even more disgusting is that he is only facing 21-27 months! Regardless, we will take it.

Weiner spent his last moments as a free man with his father at the local New York Starbucks. He will be placed in a medium-security facility called the Devens Prison that predominately serves inmates with psychological issues. He will continue receiving sex addiction therapy.

  • Connie Mays

    The inmates will have a good time with “Weiner”

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      HE will be going to a Mexican “PRISION” kids under 12

    • John Fucile

      I really hope that the inmates give him the weiner.

    • Bruce Kellar

      A weiner for Weiner? He can eat em and stuff em as much as he wants.

  • donl

    Put him in a cell with Bill & Hillary, Dynomite!!

    • Bruce Kellar

      Hillary would hurt him with that schlong she is packin.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Another Pedophlie Democrat. Seems to be their favorite crime. Slick Willie and Hitlery started by going to Epstein’s island and now it seems as every Democrat is getting into it. We know one was Arrested not long ago and with all the Hollywood Criminals being exposed we find even more of the SLIME BAG PEDOPHILES.

    • Vicki M

      Thanks to President Trump’s agressive stance against pedophilia.

    • ward

      Lying is the dems worst crime that leads them astray to their own created demise …. !

  • Joseph R Greco


  • mike

    I think his parents shouldd have named him Tiny ? Who would go into a profession dealing with the public
    with the last name of Weiner ? When I was in high school the guys with cars wouldd name them, I guess his would be “The Weiner Wagon” !

    • Joe Williams

      Hmm, sadly your joke does not work because of a linguistic oversight. i wish, it did though…
      It is a common error to mis-spell Wien (Vienna), the Austrian capital
      The small sausages are named after that city. Conversely Weiner is originated either from the alcoholic drink wine (Wein in German) or from the German verb “weinen”, which means to weep or cry. But this would lend itself to another joke… 😉

      • mike

        He’s a joke without the name !

  • jackcandobutwont

    hopefully ole carlos danger gets the help he desperately needs…cause the perv is not right in the head!!

    • ward

      Neither are muslims but they still exist … !

      • jackcandobutwont

        There are a lot of examples on the planet of what is not right…..just look at most liberals and almost all dems!! Can anyone say they would want to be wasserpoodle, carlos danger, maxi pad waters or alan grayson or heck even fredricka wilson?? HELL NO!!

        Most are disgusting, lying, amoral, racist POS pigs. And some on that list are even much worse that the aforementioned and deserve a special place in hell!! Yes I am speaking the bill the serial rapist and the hildabeast!! and lets not forget the first gay 1/2 black moosie POTUS!!

        • ward

          The damn dems have pushed socialism for the past 30+years but after 8 years of bo’s treason they have become a #1 enemy against U.S. Fundamental Freedom .. ! With all their negative destruction to internally destroy the U.S. Constitution & create their bo type dictatorship the dems have made themselves a stench of deceitful acts for crime to violate U.S. Laws & over throw U.S.Government which is treason …! The new DOJ-AG ignores the hilary & bo treason that is a instigating crime & when eliminated the Patriots can “Make The U.S.A. Great Again” ! Eliminate the stench !

          • jackcandobutwont

            Thomas Jefferson said something about a tree of liberty needing to be refreshed…..this may be that time!!

  • jackcandobutwont

    why is it that soooo many Dems are sexual deviants, predators, and all alround aholes??

    • ward

      Quite obvious with their logo being an ass which gives them the stench & acts of an ass hole … !

  • Deputy53

    Well, it’s only less than 2 years, but we must be glad the Liberal court system gave him ANY jail time at all.
    Yet the real Democratic CRIMINALS, (like Hillary, Bill, and Obama,) still walk the streets as FREE people! Like my Dad taught me…”life isn’t always fair.”
    Of all the criminals I have dealt with, or have read about. I STILL can’t believe Hillary isn’t in jail!

    • John Fucile

      She can’t go to jail. She’s The TEFLON BITCH, and too slimy and slippery to be held on to. She is the female rendition of John Gotti!

      • ward

        She is sliding her treasonous ass into oblivion with bo & other criminal dem cronies !

    • Bruce Kellar

      I was surprised they didn’t give him the purple penis award for his distasteful and liberal acts.

  • Hans

    Hey Danger ! Don’t drop the soap !

  • rick meek

    Big Whoop —- He gets to feed the ducks all day while sitting in the sun…..

    • ward

      AND U.S. Tax Payers pay for his perverted fun … ! No Justice again … !

      • rick meek

        someone in there might pervert him but knowing him —— He’ll enjoy it and ask for more…

  • Bruce Kellar

    A Weiner in prison? Sounds like he will be happy being around so many weiners. Medium security means they can switch cells/change partners.

  • teachersaide

    What is REALLY disgusting, is that it took HOW many screw ups, and HOW LONG for this pervert to Finally go to Prison!

  • william bailey

    You think his wife may have a “Tape Too” ???

    • ward

      She is the tape; like a tape worm of hilary’s stench … !

  • Thomas Henry Murphy

    He should rot in prison..

    • ward

      IN a prison out of the U.S.A. like N.K. or iran … ! iran would cut his head of at both ends … !

  • ward

    Too bad the U.S.Tax Payers have to feed his ass when he should be deported to a muslim country with his old lady of hilary’s stench along with islam bo and all his treasonous cronies from hell … !

  • Ken says

    One down!! When will Huma be locked up (or standing on the gallows) – then of course there is her playmate Hillary and their co conspirator Comey and last but not least Bobo and Mikey Obama.