White House To Dismiss Secretary of State

The President is considering removing Rex Tillerson from his appointed position as the Secretary of State of the United States.

White House chief of staff, John Kelly, has since developed a plan to replace Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

According to The Daily Wire:

Tillerson’s reputation has shifted since he first took the position of Secretary of State, as he struggled to maintain a relationship with the president. Career diplomats and journalists openly criticized him for “gutting” the State Department.

It is also noteworthy to mention that earlier, Tillerson called Trump a “fu*king moron.”

  • Gerry Costa

    Being in business and being in government are 2 completely different environments. I think Pres. Trump has adapted pretty well but maybe Tillerson can’t make the change. Better to replace him now rather than later if it has to be done.

    • ward

      Business & Government are the same & outcome to success is controlled by a leaders integrity.

  • dcartmill

    Who is the F**king moron here…You wish to remain in politics and on the staff of the POTUS ,and you call him a f**king moron. If you can make that sort of mistake in internal USA administrative politics , I don’t think I want you representing our country when dealing with foreign countries.

    • bob

      I guess YOU have NEVER said something that wasn’t nice about a friend or anyone else you may have had a disagreement with on any subject.
      I’ve called many of my liberal friends ” fucking assholes ” when we disagree on political issues, & they call me the same thing sometimes, BUT we golf & go for drinks afterward each & every week.

      • dcartmill

        If i were in a high government position and the POTUS was under fire from every direction and the MSM put a negative spin on everything out of his or the mouth of anyone else . I don’t care how much I might josh and call him a name face to face in private conversation I wouldn’t be calling him a f**king moron to the MSM or to any media personnel.

        • bob

          Has it ever been confirmed by direct confirmation by a variety of people he called him that, or is the Lame Stream Media using 2nd or 3rd hand information as to what Tillerson
          If he said it, let the LSM give the names publicly of who confirmed it.

  • JimZimmerman

    John Bolton should be the replacement.
    Come on President Trump.

    • regulus30


  • bobs33hotrod

    If you don’t want to work with the Republicans.. and President TRUMP…its time to GO. “NOW”
    BOBBY ~!~

    • ward

      Anything that has any dem stench of bo’s 8 years doing treasonous acts has to “GO” …. !

  • rick meek

    SO WHAT – that’s between trump and tillerson……and it should be bolton in there…..but that means the senate hold up like they shoot down everything the guy does….

    • Ken

      #We need to get senators and congressman/women in office and get rid of Traitor John McCain,McConnell any Republican who is holding Our duly elected President hostage.

      • PPTA

        You certainly called t right with the word Traitors. Thank you. my seatmates also.


    I’d have Bolton as the new SoS. As far as gutting the state dept. goes- F***ING DO IT!!!

    • PPTA

      Get rid of all the Globalist trash.

  • Jim Chett

    I fear that we have too many “F**king morons” in our government! Also voters who elect and re-elect them!
    Furthermore, their presence ensure that our enemies get a good night’s sleep!

    • ward

      Your fear of morons is fact & 97% are bo’s appointed cronies for 8 years of his treason !

  • Kathleen Shipley

    The President made a statement just yesterday that this was fake news.

    • ward

      SOOO most soroos bought & paid for media is fake news so what fake news is ever fact ?

  • frankstclair

    Wait a minute. Just YESTERDAY both Trump and Tillerson said this was not true, Trump called it “fake news.” Is CA publishing rumors now?

    • ward

      What was not true & what was fake news …. ?

    • bob

      CA is trying to outdo CNN in fake bullshit news. That’s the only way anyone will pay attention to them.

  • ROB

    Dem democrats would have a hissy fit if he appointed Bolton. Once again they are against him because he is PRO AMERICAN.

    • ward

      The dems have proven in 8 years they are pro bo & anti – everything that benefits the U.S.A. ! All dems have shit their own nest & have to die with a libtard stench of their own deceitful treason !

  • bob

    What a crock of bullshit. Trump announced today ( Dec. 2 ) Tillerson was going NOWHERE.

  • DaveyJ

    RexTillerson should stay. It was HRC who was the idiot in the State Department!

  • DaveyJ

    RexTillerson has also represented this country very well by not appointing a new lot of WORTHLESS bureaucrats to high level positions in the Department! Unlike HRC Tillerson has done spectacular!

  • Seth

    they need to get rid of Jeffy Sessions too!!!

  • James Clooney

    Trump has already said that Tillerson is not going anywhere–so this must be fake news on this site

  • Robert Kahlcke

    FAKE NEWS headline.

  • patriotazdes

    The state dept was full of liberals and Obama people and needed gutting. In the world we live in we need tough people in our government.

  • gypsyj


  • Ken

    Not a fucking CIA director. We can not trust the CIA or FBI higher ups. Bolton should be considered. Hell I might do better than a career politician, CIA or FBI director.

  • PPTA

    The State Department has needed a DARN GOOD CLEANING, since President Kenedy was in office and they told him BS about Cuba. they were extreme leftist then and still are. Start with al the Traitors Obama and Hillary appointed.