Why Dems Truly Want Control

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Fox News that Democrats want to gain control of government because they plan to impeach the president, raise taxes, and prevent legislation from passing.

McCarthy stated, “I’m going to tell you this, people can underestimate us. They’ve done that before. And this is the same thing Nancy Pelosi said in the time before. All they want to do is capture this government to try to impeach this president or stop anything from happening or raising your taxes. I think the American public is too smart for that. They’ve watched having unemployment the lowest it’s been in 18 years. They’ve watched the world become safer. And there’s so much more we can do to make this country greater.”

  • Ralph Nettles Sr

    What I don’t understand is why they can’t see the harm they are doing to our country.

    • Vicki M

      The harm is on purpose. The Dems are fighting for their wallets, power, and control, but it is over. “We the People” are awake.

      • Greg Dennis

        You hit the nail on the head. The damage they are creating is all intentional. It is their intent to turn our free society into a socialist hellhole. They need the power to control every aspect of our lives. They are willing to do anything they can to get that done.
        Look at illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, look at our education system, cranking out America hating Anti Constitution rabid little socialists, they have a plan for this country and it is not a good one. Can’t see how anyone with half a functioning brain could possibly vote for anyone of them.

    • Michael H

      They want this country to become part of the UN alliance, a new world order of sorts. Throw the constitution out, all middle class and poor into the slums and they rule as kings did before. However, don’t kid yourself, the republicans aren’t much better.

    • Medic RN

      They can. The world is their country. Therefore, no borders. Listen to John Lennons “imagine”. No heaven. Nothing to live or die for. Everyone can live as one…or they’ll be slaughtered wholesale.

    • Free America

      They are globalists. Their mission is a “One world Order”. Our constitution and Trump is in the way which is why they are trying to destroy it both.

      • Dasgeiss

        Yes, they are George Soros acolytes!

      • phenry

        You are right. Also, the second amendment is in their way. Otherwise, the leftist communists would take over like Hitler.

        • Free America

          Just think if Hillary was president we would all be speaking Russian.

    • raymond

      The democrats DO NOT care about you , me or this country…all they care about is having total control over the lives of every person in this country….why do you think they are so intent on gun confinsication ???? without any means of defending yourself , you are at the mercy of those in power…guns and the people who own them are the only deterant to the liberal democrats ideology…..when this country becomes controlled by the democrats, there will be NO more freedoms…NONE……so anyone who thinks they are bettering themselves by voting Democrat , better think twice…all they want is your vote, then YOU will be no different than consertative thinking people…….

    • Dasgeiss

      To the country but not to them…..they think. Well not think…feel. They don’t think!

  • Vicki M

    …The awakening of the American people. We are in charge and We are going to help President Trump MAGA.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    They have no platform (other than helping illegals)
    They offer no solutions to our problems.
    They stand for nothing.
    What good are they?
    They go to the office, talk to their friends, smear the President, go to lunch,
    talk to some more friends, smear the President, take a break, then go home.
    Then they collect a huge paycheck, go on vacations, spend money wining and dining
    lobbiests, then they retire one minute prior to their death, get a huge pension for all
    their hard work. So, they are fighting to keep their perks, money , and power.

    • Dasgeiss

      The Dems are a worthless bunch of connivers and that IS ALL THEY ARE GOOD FOR. By now that should be obvious to anyone with even a half a brain to use.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Other than smearing our President, who is doing a great job, they do nothing!!!

  • doc suske

    I hope the US public has wised up- but fear many haven’t. Hope enough have.

  • rick meek

    They want the US to be absorbed into the NWO – maintain control of a controlled population of ANTS —– all while squirreling away money…..

  • rick meek

    Hmmm – with all the B&D Clubs and S&M clubs in NY and other states —– All the adult papers-books and advertising by personals – The NUT couldn’t FIND others to share so he went out and did uncooperative women…….WAY TO GO MORON…..
    Yep – need the money – needed the votes – needed the support and then trashed everyone………TYPICAL…..but the good part is coumo and others KNEW and still kept him around until the story and facts came out and then they dumped him….NYers are NUTS along with a bunch of others…..
    Yet – I love seeing the trash LINE UP and be IDENTIFIED…..

    • Dasgeiss


      • rick meek

        Sooooo True…….

  • Dasgeiss

    I think impeachment will mean a civil war!

  • donl

    The Dems have changed, they are not the same Dems I grew up with, they have changed for the worse, it’s like they are now Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Progressives, etc. It’s as if they want full control over our lives, they want to “direct” our lives, that is not being free.

  • generalJed

    Democrats (communists) are nothing but human “gremlins”. They know how to destroy things that other people build. They are full of rage , greed, and envy, and capable of doing everything that the Ten Commandments tell them not to do! They believe in outrageous salaries for themselves; none for their “subjects”.