Will Domestic Abuser Avenatti Get Kavanaugh Treatment?

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity believes that in light of the domestic violence accusations against Michael Avenatti, he should be presumed innocent and wondered whether he should hold himself to the same standard to which he applied upon then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Hannity stated, “I will be consistent on the issues of due process and the presumption of innocence. But one can only wonder if now maybe Michael Avenatti would apply the same standard to himself that he applied to Justice Kavanaugh, or maybe tonight he would prefer that the country give him due process and the presumption of innocence. Or will you lock yourself up and just throw away the key? I believe he deserves presumption of innocence, due process. Let the legal system do their job, and hope and pray that the right justice and answer comes through.”

  • Priam Figs

    Not a chance. The Democrats will rally around and defend him like they do to all other high profile Democrats accused of similar behavior. They are hypocrites and they will never change. And they are so arrogant and narcissistic they don’t care who knows it.

    • kat_scratch

      The hypocrite is you for not reading the updates so stay off the Dems, Libtards etc. and do some checking!!!

      • Grant1959

        What updates are you talking about? Or are you referring to Avenatti’s accusation of Jacob Wohl, which is just that, an accusation by the accused. I think we need to wait for the LAPD to do it’s investigation. after all, the LAPD felt they had sufficient cause to arrest and charge him and as far as I have been able to determine, the charges have not been withdrawn, dropped or dismissed by any party, like the LAPD, the “victim” (alleged) or the DA.

  • soupy264

    Americans DO know the definition of “IS”. That class was taught by Bill Clinton

  • John R. Bloxson Jr.

    Correct the darling boys will not e troubled Avanatti nor that canker sore that is Jim Acosta which fits him to a tee acost the White House Aid acost the Press Secratary acost the President acost the first child he probably Acost himself in the mirror. DamnoCrats have stolen the election and Obama Apppinted Weaponized Judges are allowing it!

    • kat_scratch


    • kat_scratch

      Stupidity at it’s finest I must say as the Press Secretary posted a bad picture and got caught so she’s retiring at end of year!! Acosta did nothing wrong because if he had have done so he’d never be back in!! You sound like a total freak that doesn’t watch or listen to news very well!!!

  • ny2223jv

    Not with the libtard dirtbags we have in the media

  • kat_scratch

    He’s not guilty as Jacob Wohl was the one who did the beating just like he accused Mueller of things which weren’t true and where have you people been as the news is all over that Avenatti didn’t do anything!!

  • Grant1959

    How tempting it is to hope for the spectacle of this man being surrounded and hounded by a mob screaming “We Believe Survivors” and various publicity seeking politicians and pundits advocating for his accuser to be believed, that she deserves the right to share her truth with the world and she deserves to believed, that all men should just shut up and do the right thing. However, tempting that may be and however distasteful I may find Mr. Avenatti, it would mean abandoning a foundational principle of our society, that being the presumption of innocence before the law, innocent until proven guilty. I wonder if some other opportunistic lawyer with questionable ethics and bona fides will come forth with yet another “witness” and sworn affidavits against Mr. Avanatti. Some how, I don’t think that will happen.

  • goodnessalwayswins

    Guess what, a LEGITIMATE AND THOROUGH investigation needs to be done of Avenatti, just like one should be done for EVERYONE who has accusers who is in politics or in charge anywhere. When you start treating Dems different than Repubs you are very very wrong. Legitimate investigations have not been being done. Not of the congresspeople who used taxpayer dollars to pay off accusers – we STILL don’t know who payed people off and some of them are probably still in office being protected by both Dems and Repubs, while most of the public and the media are sitting there playing sickening partisan games, while no one cares that we don’t even know who payed anyone off. Some of them probably will be running in the future and we will never know they had accusers. There was never a legit investigation of Clintons rape case, Ellison, never any investigation of Trump’s behaviors and never a legit investigation of Kavanaugh and you can bet that even if Avenatti runs for President there will never be a legit investigation of him.

    It’s sickening how all everyone does is play childish idiotic partisan games while no one cares that we have sexual perpetrators in office. WHY DON’T YOU ALL GROW UP.