Will Immigration Debate Hit House Floor?

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) believes every single Democrat is willing to sign to force an immigration-related debate on the House floor.

“[S]omething we were talking about earlier in the show with your colleague Congressman Curbelo, who was one of the signatories to the discharge petition that would essentially create a king of the hill spectacle on the House floor, if you will, with immigration-related legislation, including fixes for Dreamers. Republicans would need 25 signatories on that. But that, of course, assumes that all Democrats would sign this discharge petition. Do you believe that that’s an assumption that can be made? Have you talked about it in the Democratic caucus? And do you think that all Democrats will sign the discharge petition?” MSNBC host Kasie Hunt questioned.

“I think the answer will be yes,” Castro responded. “We have had many conversations about it. And it’s always tough to get every single person to sign on to something, even within your caucus or conference, but I think that we can get there.”