Will Immigration Debate Hit House Floor?

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) believes every single Democrat is willing to sign to force an immigration-related debate on the House floor.

“[S]omething we were talking about earlier in the show with your colleague Congressman Curbelo, who was one of the signatories to the discharge petition that would essentially create a king of the hill spectacle on the House floor, if you will, with immigration-related legislation, including fixes for Dreamers. Republicans would need 25 signatories on that. But that, of course, assumes that all Democrats would sign this discharge petition. Do you believe that that’s an assumption that can be made? Have you talked about it in the Democratic caucus? And do you think that all Democrats will sign the discharge petition?” MSNBC host Kasie Hunt questioned.

“I think the answer will be yes,” Castro responded. “We have had many conversations about it. And it’s always tough to get every single person to sign on to something, even within your caucus or conference, but I think that we can get there.”

  • Dodie1990

    THis guy looks like an arrogant spoiled little bas…d. Not to sound prejudiced, but look at his name. Why the infatuation with illegals/ Take care of American citizens.

    • Craig Willis


    • GomeznSA

      I think you spelled ‘brat’ incorrectly. He (and his twin brother) has always gotten his way based on the implied threat of crying racism if he didn’t. As to whether he is illegitimate or not, I don’t believe that his father was allowed to marry his mother…………………..and she is a piece of work on her own.
      I would like to see open public debate about the immigration issue – put him and all his democRAT cronies on open public record as favoring illegals over law abiding Citizens. Period.

      • Dodie1990

        I was being polite I spelled ” bastard”

  • Kay

    Why bother, the President offered them a deal , they declined so he will veto this mess as he should?

    • Craig Willis


    • rick meek

      Just another position of theirs to bring down the US…

  • John Dobbs

    I don’t know what they can come up with that all the Democrats would be in favor of, that hasn’t been offered to them before? I think everyone heard loud and clear, “NO WALL NO DACA”!! We’ll just wait and see how this plays out*!

  • off the hook

    Just listen to Jauquine rant 1 time, and you will see why The U.S. does not need anymore immigrants from anywhere !

  • xingqin

    There is nothing here to debate—Illegal is illegal and all illegals should be deported (no exceptions) If they want to return to the USA or want to be part of this country, they need to petition our government and go through the immigration channels. No one should be given amnesty or a free ride. Simple, follow the law, nothing to discuss, just enforce the law, follow the Constitution, and quit trying to use illegals to reinforce a failing party.

    • rick meek

      Hey – they are UNREGISTERED Voters…..NOT illegals…..

    • 10804

      Baloney! That is a patently ridiculous statement. Legal or illegal should have nothing to do with weather you have a piece of paper…and have everything to do with …the person you are…and what you contribute. Our immigration laws are made to be broken. Did you ever do 65 in a 55mph zone…if you have your illegal…you should be deported…ridiculous. The only real American citizens are Native American’s and we were really nice to them ,murdering them and kicking them off their land. Please…we are all illegal immigrants. We all should be deported with that logic. We are all people…weather your born here or not should not decide if you can live here or not…C’mon now!

  • rick meek

    Yep – they will destroy what’s left of this country – absorb it into the NWO and then the attacks will begin….

  • Owen Wolf Jr.

    All non citizens need to go through the required steps and background checks to become Citizens. The very term Illegal alien defines, you should not be here until you meet this country’s entry requirements. Its not a hate issue, its a protect our citizens issue.

  • jim jones

    Just keep the damned promise and deport ALL illegals. ALL, every last one!

  • TAM44

    Democrats care nothing about the military or our citizens, they will aide terrorist and pay them ransom and love open borders to let in more terrorist and law breaking illegals putting American citizens live in harm’s way. Not only to they bring themselves, they also bring in weapons and drugs and diseases that they are on to happy to pass on to your children and us too. NO DACA, Build the wall and keep America safe from our number one enemy AKA DEMOCRATS.